Anamika 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 31st January 2013 Written Update

Rano meets the same old man whom Jeet had met when he had first heard Anamika cry in the woods. He tells her that a girl shouldn’t go alone into these woods for they say once someone goes in they get lost. He also tells her that some days back a boy had heard a woman crying here.

As Jeet is about to knot the string of Anamikas blouse she turns around and tells him that a guy shouldn’t come into a girls room in this manner. She says the society doesn’t approve of such relationships, hence he should think of giving their relations some sort of a name….a name which is recognized by the society.

Ranos mother calls her & Rano lies to her that she & Jeet have come to meet a friend. The camera zooms in on Guddi.
Rano goes to Jeets home but decides to wait for him outside so that she doesn’t have to answer everyone’s questions.
Panditji is lost in meditation when he gets up suddenly & tries to walk away. When Nani questions him he says right now he can’t say much. He says keep a close eye on Jeet and if you see any black mark on his body let me know.

Jeet drives back home. When Rano hugs him he comes out of the trance. But when she asks him where he was he is once again lost & confused. He sees Chiku but when he bends to pick him up Chiku runs away. Jeet complains of a severe headache. The Pandit senses something when he sees Jeet car outside but leaves in haste.
Jeet goes to his room to change his clothes. His right shoulder has a black spot on it. Rano asks him why does he appear so lost these days? He avoids the topic first by joking about it & then saying he is tired & needs to sleep.

Bebe, Pushpa & Jasleen are going out stealthily to shop for the upcoming wedding so that Nani doesn’t catch them. Bebe in order to avoid her asks her to give aarti to Jeet. Nani goes to give the aarti to him. Under this pretext she examines his face thoroughly. She even asks him to lift his shirt. Jeet tries to escape from this strange “aarti” but then has to do as Nani asks. Jeet is about to lift his shirt completely when Bebe comes & intereferes & says Rano is waiting for you….Jeet escapes.

Precap: Jeet says I love you to Anamika. Jeet is confused as to how doesn’t he remember what happens to him & where does he go? Rano asks him to relax and says you are all sweaty ….why don’t you change? Jeet removes his T shirt. She sees the black spot on his shoulder.

Update Credit to: iolahardy

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