Anamika 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 30th May 2013 Written Update

As Rano departs, Anamika comes at the exact spot. Jeet thanks her for coming at such a short notice. Jeet introduces her to his family and Jeet says that she is a nice girl unlike she had heard. Anamika says that his house and family are very nice and then asks the reason for Puja and Jeet replies that it was for the peace of his wife’s soul. Anamika feels sad that she died at such a young age and prays for her. Nani comes and gives Prasad to Anamika and then gives her weird looks behind her back. Jasleen is impressed with her. Anamika leaves and chiku runs towards her. She lifts Chiku in her lap and Chiku ends up eating the Prasada

At house Bebe is also saying that Jeet’s choice for model is really good, while Nani says that she seems strange to her and then more family drama goes on and Chhavi goes to fetch Jeet for lunch. Jeet makes fun of her and then laughs loudly. Bebe and Nani are happy while Ritu feels a twinge.

The family has fun while having lunch. and Chhavi starts giving goo goo eyes to Jeet which Bebe notices

Jeet sees that Anamika has left her handkerchief there and calls her up and they have a nice tete tete about future, dreams etc. Jeet asks what she is doing alone in that big house, and Anamika says she has Moon, Paintings around her so how is she alone. Jeet asks her about her family, but Anamika avoids the question smartly.

Suddenly weird howling noises are heard outside Saluja house and a shadow starts walking inside wrapped in shawls. He/She starts diffing up the ground and then finds a lemon there. The shadow then does some voodoo over it by inserting pins in the lemon. Chiky comes and starts barking at the shadow, but the shadow does not stop. After the vooddo, the shadow buries the lemon in the ground.

Precap: Anamika calls Jeet and asks him to come to her house immediately as she is feeling extremely scared of something..…

Update Credit to: dishu

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