Anamika 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 2nd May 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with the same scene as the end of last episode. Shalaka thinks she has to inform Rano and for that she first has to get out of that place, but Anamika is making her run in circles. She sits down there and starts meditating and praying to God.

Jeet Rano romance is disturbed by Pratap who is worried about his beloved Ritu and asks them to inform as soon as they reach hospital.

When Shalaka opens her eyes, its broad daylight. She starts walking out of the forest confidently and reaches outside Saluja house when Rano and Jeet are just leaving. Rano sees her outside and makes a pretension that she has forgotten her mobile. When Jeet goes to fetch the mobile, Rano rushes to meet Shalaka. Shalaka informs Rano that Anamika has escaped and has become much more powerful and dangerous and

she will take Jeet with her by this sunset. Rano asks a solution of this problem, and Shalaka informs her about Chandralekha story and says that the only way to save Jeet is to find her dead body/skeleton from inside the Lake’s depth and then perform the dutiful last rituals on it. and that they have to do it before Sunset. Rano vows that she will do that even at the cost of her own life. Shalaka tells Rano to reach the lake spot at the earliest.

Rano asks Jeet if she can go and meet her mom alone as she hasnt met her for so many days. Rano asks Jeet to trust her. and finally Jeet lets her go. They waste some more precious time in senti talks and then when Rano is about to leave, Pratap and Pushpa come to waste some more time . Bebe also decides to butt in (seems like entire Saluja family wants Anamika to win )

Rano takes everyone’s blessings and then wastes some more time asking Jasleen how she found some movie she went to watch last night. (I mean hadh hai yaar, why all this drama of worrying for Jeet’s life is she can afford to waste precious time over such idle talks ). If that wasn’t enough, she then talks to Guddi too about the masti they will do once their mom gets alright. She finally comes out of the house and wastes another 5 minutes (actually the whole length of tujhse naaraaz nahin zindagi song) reminiscing about her memories associated with the Saluja house (and I thought Jeet’s life was in immense danger and it was essential to find Anamika’s skeleton before Sunset.)

Precap: Same as promo where Rano says that she is ready to even die to save Jeet. .

Update Credit to: dishu

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