Anamika 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 2nd July 2013 Written Update

Anamika says that Jeet did not give any happiness, but now wants to take away her tears too. She cannot take the pain of losing her love. Jeet begs her to stop and he won’t let anything happen to her, but Anamika questions his right to do so and jumps, but Jeet pulls her at the right time, and just then Chhavi comes there and sees Anamika in Jeet’s arms having an eye-lock. She drops the tray of fruits in shock, and Anamika covers it up saying she was about to slip but Jeet saved her and she thanks him for the same.

In the morning the family is planning a temple visit and asks Chhavi to accompany them as Jeet would be busy in photoshoot, but Jeet asks Chhavi to go to photo-shoot as he would be busy in office. Anamika overhears it and does not like this.

While Chhavi is busy getting ready for office, Anamika poisons her tea by bring out a snake like tongue from her mouth

Jeet sees Anamika waiting for Chhavi and they have some senti-talk. Meanwhile Chhavi falls unconscious in her room. Jeet decides to drop Anamika to the shoot as they were getting late.

Chiku sees Chhavi unconscious and a lose electric wore about to fall on spilled water which is close to Chhavi. He tries to stop Jeet, but he has already left. While in car, Anamika does some hocus pocus which brings a thorned tree branch in their path puncturing the car’s tyres.

Anamika says how strangely life brings on cross roads, and Jeet gets angry that he too is at cross roads and don’t know what to do and whom to be with, with his love or with his wife. He says, that it’s better he leaves from here so that every one is happy (wow great, first create mess and then run away, brilliant) But Anamika says she will herself leave, just then Balraj calls Jeet asking where Anamika is and he informs that she is with him and that their car has broken down.

Sad version of Pyyar tune kya kiya plays in the background (Oh my, hearing this song after ages, and still love it )

Another car comes and picks Jeet and Anamika, while Chhavi is now very near to danger. Just then the rest of Salujas return home and Chheku immediately alerts them. They are shocked to see Chhavi lying unconscious.

Precap: Jeet in Anamika’s house calling out for her and sees drops of blood and a broken glass piece on the floor.

Update Credit to: dishu

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