Anamika 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 29th July 2013 Written Update

Anamika tells Patalika that now Chhavi has forgotten everything that happened after midnight and now her life will restart from that midnight. Scene shifts to Saluja house at the time when Abhay Singh had called out for Chhavi but had disappeared. Chhavi again sets out to search for Abhay Singh, but this time her car does not start. She notices Jeet returning home and asks him where he was, but he goes inside without replying anything.

Patalika says that we have to be careful that the turning of time does not turn against us. Patalika then tells her that now she will have to make Jeet hers soon to get his child as they have time only till the new moon night else she would have to wait for centuries, but Anamika says that she will make him hers tonight itself. Patalika then gives some black magic

tips to trap Jeet.

Chhavi then tells the family about hearing Abhay Singh’s voice and Bebe asks her to call him. There Abhay Singh is shown alive and confused. He decides to tell Chhavi about Anamika right away. Chhavi is unable to reach Abhay Singh’s number. Pratap starts scolding Jeet but Jeet stops him and says he wants to tell something to everyone. Just then Anamika comes and she makes Rano’s picture fall down. The family gets diverted and Anamika says that Jeet had picked her up from mid-way as her car had broken down, but Chhavi realizes that Jeet had come alone, so why has Anamika lied to save Jeet.

Just then the rooster starts cooing and birds start chirping. Bebe and Nani get confused why they are doing so in night. Jasleen sees the lamps also extinguishing and that their oil has run out. Chheeku also starts her morning routine. Anamika realizes that the turning of time has not effected animals and pavitra things.

Anamika then asks Chhavi for Cheeku’s food and then burns it with her eye power. She sees that Cheeku has dropped her bag and has eaten the flour meant for the black magic. Cheeku runs away from there. Chhavi asks Anamika why she lied, and Anamika says that till the time she is sure about what Jeet is doing, she should not tell the family as that would worry them. She asks Chhavi to trust Jeet. Chhavi says that she is worried as Jeet does not tell anything to her. Anamika says that she is sure one day Jeet will answer all her questions and she would have no questions left.

Anamika is worried how will she now call Jeet to her room, meanwhile Abhay Singh is on his way to Saluja house to tell Anamika’s truth.

Precap : Anamika doing some black magic and Abhay Singh reaching Saluja house.


Update Credit to: dishu

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