Anamika 29th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 29th January 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 29th January 2013 Written Update

Jeet’s coach question as to why he didnt come to Delhi when he had already started from home and tells him not to repeat the same mistake.Coach also says credit goes to Rano who convinced me to forgive you & give another chance. Jeet feels very happy and hugs Rano.They go & have roadside chat & tea and Jeet says without her his life would have been nothing and holds her face and apologises for coming late to Roka. Rano says no problem.

Jeet’s friend meet him and wishes him & asks for treat. He says this time Jeet should play a good guitar not like last time. Jeet doesnt remember getting Anamika’s guitar repaired and says he doesnt know anything. Jeet’s friend Bunty is adamant and says how come Jeet is lying so much and forgetting when only few days back he came with an antique guitar to get its strings repaired. They start an arguement and Jeet scolds him when Bunty leaves in anger. Rano says whats the matter, Jeet says he doesnt remember and Rano gets worried.

Anamika in her house holding the guitar and says Jeet will remember only her when he is with her and the moment he leaves her he will forget everything.

Biji summons her panditji and says she wants a puja done for Jeet & Rano’s wellbeing.Panditji looks at a room & asks if its Jeet’s. Biji asks everyone to stay at home today.Bebe doesnt join the puja and panditji asks if she has no faith in god. Bebe says she has faith but not blind faith.Panditji says this puja is for all your wellbeing.

Rano’s mother is worried about what Biji said regarding bad omens.Jeet gives her confidence that nothing bad will happen and no one in his house believes Biji’s words. Rano’s mom is relieved.

Rano’s family & Jeet reach his home when Panditji looks at them Jeet and asks him to sit in puja with Rano.Panditji keeps looking at Jeet and makes him to offer little water in the haven which burns and Panditji seeing the black ashes thinks Jeet is under someone’s bad eyes.

Precap – Anamika tells Jeet that you always promise never to leave me and go.

Update Credit to: arti

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