Anamika 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 27th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Anamika narrating her story to Jeet and how she is still in search for real love. On Jeet’s question to why she choose him, she replies that its because of his luck (takdeer) that he was on the same roadside lake that night when she was waiting for her true love and this has been continuing for 350 years. Anamika then tells Jeet if he remembers his promise to be with her all the time and asks him if he’s gonna betray her while Jeet replies that Anamika is the one who has betrayed to him and made him marry her with all the black magics and lies. He further says that they can’t be together as he loves Rano only. This makes Anamika angry and tells that she will never let it happen as Jeet is hers only. On hearing this Jeet tries to escape and break the window while Anamika

says nothing will break apart from his desires to run away. She then tells Jeet that she will come to meet him at night when he is asleep as her identity is with him. She further tells that because of the curse she has to take away the strength of her loved ones. Jeet then have flashbacks of Anamika sucking his blood through the toes and feels dizzy. Anamika then enters the same white door and Jeet looks at her helplessly.

Scene shifts to Rano where she is talkin to Jeet’s picture telling that she will never let him go and will search for him as she has full trust in MataRani.

Jeet is shown weak and dizzy. He’s sat on the bed where hebhas flashbacks of him and Rano together and also of Anamika telling him that she will be back. Rano is again shown having flashbacks of jeet. (I found the background music was funny here) Jeet telling to himself that he should stat awake and tries to escape while Anamika is shown sat in a massive chair smilling. Jeet is shown helpless, crying and goes to sleep. Anamika then comes out of the room.

Rano shown asking MataRani for help and she has flashbacks of her searching Jeet and the same deserted road and Guddi talkin abt Ghyngroo. Rano then tells everyone in the family to do something which might help them find Jeet. Others seems to be reluctant but Bebe again supports her and everyone agrees.

Scene shifts to JeeKa where Anamika tells to sleeping Jeer that it is worthless trying to escape whilst the Salujas are shown doing the Puja of Mata Rani on Rano’s lead. Everyone from Jeet’s family shown driving toward the same deserted road. On the other hand Anamika is shown talking to sleeping Jeet that he doesn’t have a escape routefrom her and keeps in touching his feet and while trying to suck the blood Anamika is shown annoyed and the eoisode ends in her annoyed face.

Precap: Saluja family doing MataRani Pooja in the Jungle while Anamika is shiwn trying to block the clouds ( I exactly don’t know what she is trying to de here).

Update Credit to: Simmy

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