Anamika 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 26th February 2013 Written Update

Jeet is opening doors of his house and suddenly he finds himself back to Anamika’s living room. He asks himself how he got back and Anamika tells him that she brought him back.
At Saluja’s house bebe is runnning towards the front gate crying Jeet’s name.All family following her but Jeet is not there. bebe says she saw Jeet standing there . …All start crying…Nani says she believes bebe…

bebe asks Pratap to takeout his car and they will search for Jeet…Suddenly out of nowhere Rano appears…All are happy to see Rano and bebe tells her that she saw Jeet but he disappeared. Rano consoles her.

Meanwhile in Anamika’s house She is asking Jeet how could he leave her? He himself promised to be her friend and married her. Now he cant go back on his words… Jeet is very scared and tells her that he saw dead bodies in a room. Anamika says those 16 dead bodies are of her exhusbands and they all died because they all tried to leave her after knowing her truth.
She says she loves Jeet too.

She takes him in her arms but he pushes her away.. She tells his that she is 350 years old and a pyasi atma.
In Saluja’s house Pratap phones police to search for jeet.

Anamika continues her story and tells him that 350 years ago she and king Ranvijay fell in love…Anamika’s name was Chandralekha and she was a dancer in his court…But a dasi informed the queen about their love…Queen got jealous and decided to kill Chandraleka.

Next night when Chandralekha went to meet King , the queen came and ordered the soldiers to throw Chandralekha in the lake and tie a big stone to her body. She cursed Chandraleka that she will always be thirsty for love and will never get it.

Anamika says she is still living under that curse…

Update Credit to: kushalkidewaani

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