Anamika 25th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 25th January 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 25th January 2013 Written Update

Nani & bebe are as usual fighting over whether it was right to let Jeet go to Delhi. Nani says in 2hrs amavasya will start & then for next 15 days there is no muhurat for the roka. Balraj says neither Kranti sir not Jeet numbers can be reached.

Anamika asks Jeet to go away as she has & will always be lonely. Jeet promises never to leave her alone come what may. Anamika gives one of her sinister smile. Anamika once more holds out her hand asking Jeet to promise her this…and this time jeet accepts the proferred hand.

At home chiku starts howling. Everyone gets disturbed hearing this. The relatives start saying that atleast today u shudnt have let jeet go. Rano is in jeets room & says she didnt want to hear what everyone was saying down. hence she came here. rano says she is sure jeet will come back on time.

Anamika asks jeet if he has to go anywhere? jeet says no he doesnt have to go anywhere? Anamika asks him to come with her…and he says yes he will come.

Pratap & Balraj are worried about jeet. only an hour is left for the amavasya to begin.

Anamika is in jeets car and she says u have no idea how i have spent the past 48hrs. he asks her why doesnt she have any friends? she says that even u were my friend but usually all my friends ditch me. my constant companion is my loneliness…but ultimately it cannot be anybodys true companion. jeet asks her if she doesnt love anyone? she says i have married 16 times. jeet assumes she is joking…but she assures him she never jokes. but (from his expressions) it seems he doesnt believe her & still thinks she is joking. she asks him to stop in the middle of nowhere.

At the Salujas home the clock strikes seven & the pandit announces that the shubh muhurat is over. amavasya has begun & now the roka cannot take place. nani taunts everyone but also apologizes to the guests on everyones behalf. bebe says that jeets not coming has just given nani a chance to speak & spread supersitions. some guests agree that now that amavasya has begun roka cannot be done & hence they leave. bebe is glaring at nani but nani says defensively that u may not believe in things like amavasya but the world does.

kranti sir calls up rano and asks her where is jeet. she says he had gone to meet u. kranti sir says that i had called him but he never reached here…he asks her to tell jeet that he has convinced the authorities abt tests, etc and also congratulates her on her roka.

jeet reaches home. when rano calls out to him he wakes up as if from a trance and says that hope he isnt late. jeet says that i had to sign the papers n stuff…i did that & now i m back. rano is reminded of her conversation with kranti sir.

Precap: Rano asks him where was he…he didnt even come for the roka. Jeet is left feeling confused…

Update Credit to: iolahardy

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