Anamika 24th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 24th May 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 24th May 2013 Written Update

The hostess on the dais announces Anamika’s name, while Chhavi startles as she is about to enter the stage through the wing. Even Jeet gets a shock and turns around to have a glimpse. The lights go off and only a spotlight follows Anamika through the aisle. Jeet keeps thinking about Anamika’s clue and finds the answer to it by saying “when destination is unclear and no path to follow, a man has to wait till the very end.” Only to get the solution to Anamika’s question, she kept Jeet waiting till the fag end. Jeet also titles Anamika as crazy.

The press conference is conducted properly with Anamika promoting R & J clothing. Jeet asks Anamika why she didn’t show up when he had called, to which Anamika replies that she was waiting for Jeet’s 16th call. She also adds that she wanted

to trouble Jeet more his troubling to her. The conversation goes on for more few seconds.

Next, we see Chhavi in her room while she is spattering words on Jeet getting a lot more frustrated. Rano appears and sees Chhavi in an angry mood. Then Rano and Chhavi converse for a while.
Jeet and Anamika are seated in a restaurant. Anamika orders champagne while Jeet refuses saying he doesn’t drink. Anamika then shakes a leg to the tunes from the Movie Guzaarish.( I think, she tries to act Aishwarya Bachchan). Jeet then holds Anamika’s hand. Anamika refuses to do so and ends up loosening her hand from Jeet’s hold. She tells that inspite of being a model, she is not that type of a girl. And also that she is really hurt by Jeet’ s sudden act.

Jeet returns to his hotel room and spends the night thinking about Anamika’s words. Then Jeet wakes up with a sigh as an attendant comes to wake up Jeet in order to check out. While in Chhavi’s room she is still angry with Jeet as till then he has not even offered a vote of thanks to her. Rano replies that Jeet will never ignore her hard work. Somebody arrives at the door to offer flowers to Chhavi on behalf of Jeet and Chhavi gets super-excited.

At the Saluja’s, Pratap receives Ritu at the door while Ritu handles him some agreement papers. Jeet comes at the reception and asks for Anamika’s checkout. Jeet thanks Chhavi when she arrives there and asks her to come over with him for breakfast. Jeet drops Chhavi at her home. Chhavi again thanks Jeet to which Jeet replies why she says thankyou for silly things. At the Walia’s Ritu is consulting her lawyer on the division of her partnership with Saluja’s while Chhavi and Rano both get a shock on hearing this.


Update Credit to: CouchPotatoes

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