Anamika 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 24th January 2013 Written Update

Nani sprinkles gangaajal all over the house. Bebe taunts her on this…in return nani asks bebe to concentrate on things other than computers & friendbooks so she can see what all is going on around the house. When nani says she will nazar utarofy of jeet bebe gets angry that she will make jeet superstitious with all this stuff.

nani utarofys jeets nazar & goes away. kranti sir calls him & asks him to come to delhi immediately. jeet tells him that today is his roka…but kranti sir says there is an important tournament & i want u to sign some papers & also get some tests done…he asks jeet to come to delhi & he can go back by evening for the roka.

nani is burning away the red chillies. nani says that when u burn red chillies usually they emit a lot of smoke…but here there is no smoke…this is proof enough that jeet ko nazar lagi hai. at that time jeet comes to tell them that he is leaving for delhi. nani panics and tries to stop him but nobody listens to her & with prataps & bebes permission he leaves for delhi. chiku is watching him leave

rano is getting ready for the roka with her friend babbli. that is when jeet calls rano. rano asks babbli to see who is calling. babbli sees its jeet …and then seeing its jeet she picks up the call…and asks rano what will she give jeet at the roka…rano says that since jeet likes it i will leave my hair open as a gift for jeet. jeet teases her and says u better tie ur hair. rano wonders how did she hear jeets voice? she understands babblis prank & taking the phone from her talks to jeet. Jeet tells her he is going to Delhi. She jokes about the importance of boxing in his life & calls it her soutan. She says she is ready to tolerate this soutan but if he gets any other soutan for her she will put on her own boxing gloves. She asks him to come back soon.

Jeet is driving to Delhi when in the side mirror he sees Anamika standing by the side of the road. when he stops the car & turns back to see she is no longer there. He wonders what she is doing in Delhi. When he turns to face ahead he sees her walking in front of his car. He runs to her & catches her hands & says I know i have hurt u. She looks at him then & he is lost once again in her gaze.

At home everyone is waiting for Jeet. Rano and her family come to Jeets place. Rano is tensed on not finding Jeet there.

Jeet follows Anamika to a dilapidated old mansion. He apologizes to her for his behaviour & promises he wont repeat his mistake & wont give her any more cause for pain. Anamika gets all emotional & asks who am I to forgive u? what importance do I have in ur life anyways?

At Jeets home the pandit asks them to hurry up as the shubh muhurat is getting over. Nani creates a scene & tells once the muhurat is over amavasya will start & then u cant do any good work as the time then is inauspicious.

Precap: Jeet promises Anamika that whatever happens he will never leave her alone. Like before this time too Anamika holds out her hand to him…

Update Credit to: iolahardy

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