Anamika 23rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 23rd May 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 23rd May 2013 Written Update

Jeet is unable to find Anamika when the hotel receptionist hands a note which reads, “Main tumhe wahin milungi jahan bichde hue log milte hain”. Jeet goes in search of her, whereas Chavvvi is furious and says that she wont let the press conference be ruined because of Anamika’s irresponsibility (excuse me, Jeet left her all alone at a road side dhaba and you are calling Jeet irresponsible. For all you know, she could have landed in bigger trouble than you were in. )

Jeet is wondering where she could be, when he sees a graveyard and thinks maybe that’s where she is. while he is looking for her, a car stops by and drops a note which reads, “Jab rasta ruke nahin aur manzil dikhe nahin to insaan kya karta hai?”

Jeet is worried what will happen to the press conference if Anamika is not found while Chavvi is trying to arrange a different model. Jeet returnd to his room in early morning dejected and is confused about Anamika’s message. (what a big failure in the name of hero CVs )

Chavvi reaches press conference and there is no clue about Anamika. Jeet decides to make Chavvi the model for the day’s show and urges her to get ready. he is angry at Anamika.
Chavvi gets ready and is about to go on stage while Jeet calls Anamika for the last time and Anamika replies, that by now you would have figured out my last puzzle, Jeet asks her where she is, and Anamika says where she should be after waiting for him for so long. Just then the MC announces the model for the new product of R&J – Anamika Malhotra and Anamika walks in with grace and poise (a real good act and scene. )

Precap: Jeet asks where she was and why she didnt pick phone 15 times, to which Anamika wittingly replies, she was waiting for his 16th call. Meanwhile Chavvi is getting upset seeing them all happy (uff kabab mein haddi, mind ur own business please)

Update Credit to: dishu

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