Anamika 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 23rd July 2013 Written Update

Chhavi introduces her friend to the family. Then nani asks Anamika why she is standing away from everyone to which she replies that she is having a headache. Nani says that Mata Rani will set everything right. Jasleen offers flowers from Mata Rani’s feet to Anamika which she smartly takes in her pallu and then later drops them. Panditji asks Jeet to pray along with his wife and both him and Chhavi feel uncomfortable and Anamika gets upset and leaves from there. But Bebe stops her and forcibly takes her for bending at Mata Rani’s feet. The moment she touches her head to the base, she feels acute pain. She somehow composes herself and rushes to her room where she sees that a wound has appeared on her forehead. Nani starts sprinkling Ganga jal all round the house. Anamika hides behind a cupboard

just when Nani comes there but some drops fall on her hand buring it there. Nani locks the room from outside thinking noone is inside. Anamika gets restless. Abhay Singh comes to the house and sees Anamika from her window and wonders what she is doing here. He goes and opens the door and then starts calling her a disgusting woman. He forcibly starts taking her away from there. Anamika tells him he is noone to order her as she is a guest in the house. Abhay Singh again starts calling her shameless and cheap and then tells her that he does not want to see her again in this house. But Anamika is unaffected by his threats. Just then the other Panditji(the one who cannot see Anamika) comes and asks him whom he was talking to alone. He and Abhay Singh have an argument about bad spirits. He then tells her that this woman is a bad spirit and danger to this house and if he does not believe him, then he should keep an eye on her and he will realize the truth himself. But he needs to find it fast as he has very less time. Abhay Singh says that he will do that.

Abhay Singh then has an argument with Jeet and says how dare he bring her here. He then leaves from there, but Chhavi comes and asks why was her brother so angry with Jeet. Jeet does not say anything and leaves from there. Chhavi follows him but Jeet asks her to leave him alone for a while, but Chhavi is persistent with her questions. She then asks again does he have anyone else in his life, and why is he doing like this. She goes on to say that he only must have done something which has made her brother angry and that she should trust her brother and not him.

Abhay Singh is following Anamika who is once again transforming into Chandralekha and is in a hurry to reach Patalika.

Precap: Abhay Singh sees Anamika as Chandralekha and Patalika doing some magic on her which would make her all powerful.

Update Credit to: dishu

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