Anamika 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 23rd January 2013 Written Update

Chiku watches Jeet going to his room and Anamika is happy that her wait is finally over.Chiku starts making weird sounds and biji says this is another bad omen while others dont believe her.
Jeet is sleeping when Anamika moves her hand and Jeet’s dog bite injury vanishes & he wakes up with a start and hears someone crying.He gets up and starts looking around when he finds someone behind the curtains.He strains to see and finally finds Anamika smiling at him. Jeet comes near the curtains but finds no one there.He looks around the room in confusion and thinks why he is seeing Anamika everywhere when again he sees her from afar and goes behind her.Chiku stops his way not allowing him to go when Jeet picks him up & scolds him and gives him to the servant.Anamika makes him follow her and Jeet finally reaches her home.

Jeet knocks at her door and hears her voice.Jeet peeps from the window and finds anamika sitting by the fire.Anamika says he only told we will part ways then how come he is here. Jeet remembers how he had told Anamika that she is not his destination. He looks on when Anamika is behind him and Jeet suddenly senses her and turns behind but there’s no one.Anamika asks him to go away.Jeet leaves.

Balraj’s son Monty comes to biji’s room and says chiku is crying becoz she scolded him.Biji says chiku crying is a bad omen.Jasleen says chiku is unwell so crying when Monty tells Biji to ask chiku sorry for scolding him. Biji says animals can see what humans cant and by crying they alert us.

Anamika enters the same misty fog room where she has kept the guitar.She touches the guitar & looks at the wall and says just as you had come leaving all bondages Jeet too will come to me. On the guitar is a name Anand Kumar and she addresses the wall(Shadow on the wall) as Anand.

Precap – Biji in kitchen when some mirchis catch fire & burn strongly & she says this shows Jeet is suffering from bad eyes of someone.

Update Credit to: arti

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