Anamika 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 22nd July 2013 Written Update

Nani informs the family that Panditji won’t be able to attend the Jagrata. Just then Anamika comes and Nani asks where she was. Anamika says that she had gone to see if her house was ready. She then goes to Jeet and informs that there will be no Jagran as Panditji won’t be able to come. Chhavi comes to fetch Jeet for dinner and just then the servant and comes and informs that Abhay Singh has come. Chhavi takes Jeet for dinner.

Abhay Singh informs that they have no fresh clue about finding the watchman’s murderer. The servant comes and calls Anamika for dinner. She causes short circuit in the electricity board while descending the stairs. Abhay Singh gets confused. He goes to meet Anamika and says her voice is familiar. Anamika says that he must have heard it in some ad (now I am confused.

Hasn’t Abhay Singh already seen Anamika in Saluja’s house? Confused)
Then Anamika makes a fake call to Abhay Singh calling him to Police Station because of an emergency and he leaves. After he leaves, electricity comes back.

Anamika is doing some black magic and just then Chhavi comes. She makes the black magic plate invisible. Chhavi asks what she was doing and Anamika says that she was praying. Chhavi then informs Anamika that Nani has called another Pandit and there will be Jagran tonight.

Anamika tries to escape from the house but just as she is about to step out, Nani stops her and pulls her inside. She then tells her that tonight they will tie the holy thread on her hand just like the rest of the family. Bebe then comes and tells Anamika that today Anamika herself will tie the red thread on everyone’s hands. Anamika says that she does not know how to do it, but Bebe says that when she has tied everyone in her love, then this is a simple thing and she should get dressed smartly for tonight. Jasleen gives Prasada to Anamika which she takes hesitantly. Just then Jeet comes and Anamika tries to go away asking Jeet to inform the family that she had to go for some reason. But Jeet says that since she has come here for his sake, so he wants her to stay for this Jagrata. Jagrata starts on a bhajan which is a parody of Subah Hone na De Sleepy (I hate such parodies. At least Bhajan makers should be careful while choosing the song to parodize.) Actor Ravi Kishen has also come for the Jagrata. Anamika is getting uncomfortable in the Jagrata. She leaves from there but Ravi Kishen stops him. He offers her a job in his company but she says no. He then warns her that she would not be able to hide her real face for long.

Precap: Bebe forcing Anamika to bend her head at Mata Rani’s feet, and she gets uncomfortable.

Update Credit to: dishu

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