Anamika 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 21st January 2013 Written Update

Chiku is shown to the doctor by balraj when doc says he is fine.Balraj drops chiku at Rano’s when she says chiku will have good company.Balraj says doc told chiku needs some silence and calm.Rano says she will take good care of chiku and takes him to guddi who sees it and gets scared, starts shivering. All get worried while guddi and chiku stare at each other & finally guddi walks off. Balraj says maybe guddi got scared of chiku as he was behaving weird. Just then Jeet comes and hides seeing his bro but Balraj sees him and summons him meanwhile Rano’s mom takes Chiku to a bedroom and makes him stay there & closes the door.

Balraj asks how come Jeet is here when Rano’s mom says Jeet is taking Rano out for dinner. Anamika looks on as room door opens and chiku comes out and looks at Jeet & Rano leaving.Chiku follows them but Rano closes the door behind and chiku left inside. Balraj picks him up and wonders whats wrong with him when Rano’s mom says chiku is possessive of Jeet and upset as Jeet is giving more importance to Rano.

Jeet’s nani called biji(Pushpa’s mom) comes and bebe worried seeing her huge luggage. Bebe imitates how biji acts in her room and her commanding ways. Biji is looking around for bebe who is sitting in her room when biji finally comes to her room and bebe is forced to meet her and hug her. Both samdhans dislike each other. Biji asks for Jeet when Pushpa says he will come soon…Biji wonders where he is when Bebe says Jeet has gone with Rano for dinner. Biji asks how can they go out before wedding & not follow our customs. Bebe calls her Lady Hitler.

Jeet & Rano reach a restaurant which is completely decorated with lights and by a pool.Jeet pulls out the chair for Rano and she is happy.An old couple nearby look at them and admire saying they are made for each other. Jeet & Rano blush.

Jeet says his friends forced him to take her out on a date, Rano says she is feeling weird jeet says he too but right now feeling hungry. Rano says she is getting nervous…Jeet says hota hain bade bade shehro mein aisi chote chote baatein hoti hain. The waiter serves them complimentary drinks and Jeet asks aren’t we romantic & holds Rano’s hand and she blushes.
Someone plays a guitar in the restaurant the song is thoda sa pyar hua hain thoda hain baaki. Jeet asks Rano for a dance and Rano agrees while the music plays Jeet and Rano dance.It turns out to be Rano’s dream and Jeet brings her out of her thoughts. The waiter serves them noodles & they share light romantic moments where Rano wipes Jeet’s mouth.

Jeet & Rano come out of the restaurant when Jeet opens the car door for her but the door is stuck. Rano laughs when Jeet with great difficulty opens the door and says he is acting like a gentleman. Rano laughs harder. Jeet asks her if she enjoyed the evening and keeps his hand in front of her. Rano blushes and holds his hand.

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