Anamika 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 21st February 2013 Written Update

Bebe supports rano and says she accepts her as jeet’s wife and is confident rano will bring him home and blesses her.Jeet’s mom too supports her saying rano has all the qualities of suhagan and does her gruhapravesh.
Jeet exercising and feels like someone would be with him earlier also… he keeps getting vague images of rano counting when he was doing push ups.Jeet wonders who she is…

Rano says she wanna visit mandir on hill top. bebe says the place is very dangerous many died enroute rano says that place is very powerful and if she does puja there jeet will surely return. The ladies try to stop but rano is adamant.Rano says she will go to any extent to bring back jeet and do this all alone. All are impressed with her.They bless her and hug her.
Jeey searching for anamika at home as he needs medicines. His head pains and he gets images of rano. Anamika comes jeet says his head pains anamika offers to press his head.
Anamika pressing jeet’s head hypnotises him puts him to sleep and looks at his toes. Rano chatting jai maata di and climbing the hill.
Her chants wakes up jeet who sees anamika at his toes and anamika unable to suck blood. Anamika says she was massaging his legs jeet not impressed.Anamika sees the coffee spilled and the wiped cloth jeet says the cup slipped and fell anamika goes to make more coffee.
Rano with great difficulty reaches the mandir. Jeet is searching for anamika in the house.

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