Anamika 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 1st July 2013 Written Update

Anamika asks Jeet and Chhavi to start for their home and just when Chhavi is about to leave, Anamika stumbles. Chhavi gets worried for her and requests Jeet to take Anamika to their house and convinces Anamika too for the same. Anamika relents and along with other things, packs her voodoo dolls.

At home, Chhavi asks Jeet if he knew who Anamika’s boyfriend was and that whoever he was did very wrong by marrying someone else while claiming to be in love with her . Jeet makes a lame excuse of maybe he might be facing some problem. But Chhavi says, that whatever be the reason, he did not the right thing. Anamika might have been rude and arrogant, but that does not mean that she won’t get hurt. She is also a human and so she wants to help her.

Nani is irritating Anamika with her evil spirits talks and teasing her that she is not scared of them as she has never faced them. Anamika replies that she herself is an evil spirit who has taken human form. Nani laughs it off and says that Anamika should also do acting along with modelling and Anamika hypnotizes Nani to sleep.

Chhavi asks Anamika to stop crying over someone who never thought twice about her and takes her to kitchen to warm milk for her. she moves to the refrigerator to bring out food, while Anamika makes the fire of the gas extinguish. Chhavi smells the gas leaking and tries to lift the hot milk utensil and burns her hand and some of the milk spills. Anamika says that she will give milk to Jeet and Chhavi can clean up and Chhavi wonders how come the utensil got hot if gas was closed. Chhavi is washing her hand, and Anamika plays with water and Chhavi ends up dropping a glass and hurting her hand more.

Jeet asks why she bothered bringing milk when Chhavi was about to bring it. Anamika apologizes that she has no right to do these things as Jeet is related to Chhavi and not her. Anamika goes and stands on the railing of the terrace. Jeet begs her to step down, but Anamika refuses and says that she made a mistake loving him.

Chhavi comes to the room but does not finds Jeet there. She comes tot he balcony and is about to move back to the room when a painting slips. She rearranges the painting and sees the terrace door open.

Precap: Saluja planning some temple visit and Jeet making excuse.

Update Credit to: dishu

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