Anamika 1st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 1st February 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 1st February 2013 Written Update

Bebe fakes stomach ache to avoid going shopping with Nani. When they leave she tells Pratap Nani bargains in malls which can be pretty embarrassing.
Rano is with Jeet keeping track of time as he jogs. Rano suggests maybe they should go to a doctor as these past days he has been acting weird, he forgets things, etc. She asks him to change his clothes as he is sweating. When he takes off his shirt she sees the black spot on his right shoulder. She wonders about the mark as she had never seen it before.
Pushpa & Jasleen tell Bebe that when they were out shopping Nani did not trouble them at all. She just bought a T shirt for Jeet. Bebe says she thinks she just acts weirdly to irritate her, hence she will make sure that Jeet doesn’t wear the T shirt. She sees Jeet come & asks him to try the T shirt on. He wears it but Nani fails to see the black dot as Bebe calls Jeet & Nani gets distracted. Seeing Jeet disturbed Bebe calls Rano & asks her about it. She says she will call & find out. Kranti Sir notices Jeets half hearted efforts at the punching bag as well. When he points this out Jeet promises to give his 100% When Rano reaches the gym Kranti sir mentions Jeets lack of concentration to Rano as well.
Nani is talking to Panditji on the phone that she did not see any mark on Jeets body when Rano overhears her. Rano asks her to whom was she talking & about what? Nani tells her about what the Panditji had said about the black spot. Rano asks her what does the black spot mean. She tells her that Panditji said that people who are under the influence of evil have such a black spot on them.
Jeet comes to meet Anamika. She reminds her that till he decides to give a name to their relation she will like to maintain her distances from him. He admits that when he is with her he forgets everything & if this is love then he loves her.

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