Anamika 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 18th July 2013 Written Update

Chhavi sees that Jeet’s injury has healed by itself and she is confused how it happened.
At breakfast table, Chhavi is telling Pratap about her Rakhi brother Abhay Singh when they see Anamika helping Jeet to the breakfast table. Anamika says that Jeet was getting bored, so she brought him to have breakfast with everyone. She sits next to Jeet and then pretends to Chhavi that she should sit here, but Chhavi sits at the opposite end. Anamika challenges Naniji that one day she will feed her such nice food that she would never forget her. Nani is planning a puja to ward off the bad times, and Anamika says that apart from Puja, one should also keep one’s eyes open else you never know when bad times strike. Just then Abhay Singh comes there with a sketch artist to get info from Monty about how the

murderer looked. He then points towards Anamika and asks who is she, and Bebe replies that she is Anamika, a model in their company and now a part of their family.

Chhavi sees Anamika standing outside Monty’s room and asks what she is doing here, and Anamika says that she is worried how will this kind of repeated questioning effect Monty. Monty starts telling about the woman he saw, and just then Anamika makes the doll come and speak to him to not tell anything. Monty gets scared and stops telling anything.

Abhay Singh then goes to Jeet and thanks him for saving his life and then asks why a good person is doing like this. He again warns that he hopes he will make everything alright soon. The family tries to cheer Monty up and he asks for noodles. Chhavi says that she would make noodles after giving medicine to Jeet, and Anamika says that Monty is hungry, so Chhavi should make noodles and she will go and give medicines to Jeet. Nani does not like it and asks Bebe for how long will she stay here in this house to which Bebe says, what is her problem if she stays her, especially since her house has been burnt. Nani leaves in irritation. She goes to light a lamp in the temple, but Anamika makes her hand burn. She apologizes to Mata Rani for any thing bad she might have said or done. Finally Panditji arrives for Puja. He looks around the whole house and Anamika sees him and gets a bit upset.

Precap: Panditji telling Jeet that his time is not good and that he is facing betrayal at every step and he should never leave his wife as only she can save him.

Update Credit to: dishu

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