Anamika 18th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 18th January 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 18th January 2013 Written Update

Chiku barks at Rano & Jeet & interrupts their romance. When everybody at home sees Chiku is barking continuously Pratap asks a servant to let Chiku outside. When the servant lets Chiku out of the house he continues barking…and the next moment he is sitting in Anamikas lap. Anamika is stroking him tenderly with loads of malice in her eyes after some time his eyes widen she lets him down & in the next instant he is back outside the Saluja home. He barks at the closed gates which open magically to him. He rushes home. And through him Anamika overhears & sees everything that is going on in the house. Anamika understands that Jeet – Ranos marriage is now fixed.

Jeets friend dials Ranos number and tells Jeet to be bold and talk to her. As soon as the line connects Jeet after his usual hesitation asks Rano to go out to dinner with him tonight…but soon discovers its Preeto on the line. Preeto assures him Rano will be ready in the evening. Preeto gives the message to Rano and asks her to be ready by 7.

Panditji says the day after tomorrow is a good day for Roka but they must do it before 7 PM as after that Amavasya will begin. Pushpa is tensed how they will arrange everything so soon but bebe assures her everything will fall into place. After the Pandit leaves both decide that they will only invite close relatives for the Roka. Bebe suggests that even Jeets nani need not be called…but Pushpa says her mother is anyways angry with them for fixing Jeets marriage w/o consulting with her first. Hence they will have to invite her at all costs. Chiku hears this & rushes into Jeets room. Jasleen tells Jeet about the Roka and he wonders why everyone is in such a hurry.

Bebe is wondering how she can stop Nani from coming for the Roka. That is when Jeet comes in to ask her why are things so awkward between him & Rano now. Hearing that his Nani is coming Jeet is happy. They both talk about how last time the Nani & Dadi had had a fight during some games.

Jeet comes back to his room. Chiku is sitting on a side table near a photo of Jeet & Rano. Out of anger the dogs nails scratch the wood When he sees Jeet his hackles rise & he jumps on Jeet & starts barking madly at him & tries to bite him. Hearing the commotion everybody rushes in. Balraj takes Chiku away from Jeet & Pratap asks him to take Chiku to a doctor. Pratap wonders how can a pet attack its master?

Precap: The doctor tells Balraj that Chiku is fine but asks him to ensure that no crackers or loud music are played in front of him. Anamika overhears this & falls into a deep thought.

Update Credit to: iolahardy

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