Anamika 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 18th February 2013 Written Update

Doc says guddi is fine but maybe under some fear she just needs rest and no stress.They are returning home in the car when guddi shivers and they stop the car at the same place where Jeet stopped in the 1st episode. She points her hand at someyhing, Rano gets down the car and looks around.Jeet’s dad & bro follow her when Rano says this is the place where I had searched for Jeet and today guddi too is indicating at this place means something is here. She then holds Guddi’s hand and pleads her to tell. Guddi holds her hand as if to stop her from going, Rano’s mom tells its not safe to be here. Rano wonders what to do and looks around the jungle. She calls out Jeet’s name while her mom asks them to leave from her.

Anamika in her room while Jeet is lying on the bed. Anamika looks

at him and says finally her wait is over as he will be entering her world and uniting with her.

Anamika closes in on Jeet who wakes up and smiles at her caressing her face and trying to kiss her when Anamika runs off. Jeet comes and hugs her from behind touching her waist, kissing her hairs.Jeet pulls her to him and says he cant live without her, Anamika asks him to wait for the night.Jeet says here its always dark in your house, Amaika says darkness and night is different whereas darkness is dhoka night is mysterious.

Rano is browsing online about buri aatma and how they influence others and captivate them. Rano remembers old times some 6-10 yrs back when she her mom & guddi are coming in a car & get stuck in a highway.Guddi is a baby but who is perfectly fine and playing with a ball. The ball falls off and guddi runs behind it in the forest hearing a payal sound and shouts. Rano wakes up from sleep and looks at guddi.Rano comes to guddi and questions her what she saw on the highway.Guddi starts to cry and Rano hugs her.All come and console her.Rano’s mom scolds her for stressing Guddi when rano says Guddi knows about Jeet’s condition and wants to take guddi to the same place but ehr mother scolds her. Rano pleads them all saying guddi’s condition & Jeet’s condition happened at the same place and we shpuld take guddi there to show us the way. Biji agrees with ehr but Guddi starts crying and her mom scolds Rano and dismisses her.Rano is crying.

Rano’s mom says Guddi may want to help her,Rano hugs guddi and apologises, bebe says we will go and give it a try, Jeet’s mom pleads them to bring Jeet home when Rano promises her.

Anamika talking to Anand kumar saying today again in her life a new man is coming and till now she was sharing her happiness with him but from now on she will share it with Jeet, Just then Jeet comes calling her name from the stairs. Anamika looks on while Jeet slowly approaches the mystic dooe from where white smoke is coming out.Jeet tries to open the door when Anamika comes from opposite direction and calls him to come touching his lips.Jeet is lost looking at her beauty.

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