Anamika 17th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 17th May 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 17th May 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Anamika driving Jeet home in her car. They both have some chat on the way. Jeet asks from when she started her modeling career. Anamika gives some vague answers to Jeet’s questions, and frankly avoiding. Jeet asks where she is heading him to. Jeet tries to make her stop the car. So Anamika ends up thinking of a scared Jeet. Saying this, Anamika turns off the headlights of the car.

They almost have a close shave from having an accident with other cross country jeep. Their car gets bumped into a tree almost while anamika keeps laughing on the fun. Jeet is a bit scared.
Jeet and Anamika get out of the car and talk for a while. Anamika opines with Jeet saying driving you according to the path of the life on your own norms is called life in real sense. She also thanks

Jeet for saving her life on the shoot and promises to ever be grateful to him.
Saying this, they head into their car and leave.

Chavi is waiting outside the house for rikshaw and the watchman to bring one. This moment, when Jeet returns and sees Chavi standing there. He asks why she is standing there to which she replies that she didn’t know what to do, so she stayed there on the requests of Bebe and Jasleen bhabhi. All of a sudden, Jeet’s eye starts pricking, and Chavi helps him out by rubbing his eye with her duppatta.
Chavi deides to walk home and Jeet deides to accompany her. On the way Chavi asks Jeet about Rano and also tells him that she is an orphan. Jeet comes to know that Chavi lives in the same house where Rano used to live and gets surprised.

Jeet enters the house with an intention to talk to Ritu and solve the matter between them. Jeet’s intentions turn wrong when Ritu gets frustrated on seeing Jeet and orders him to leave the house.
Jeet tries to console Ritu by calling her mummyji. But Ritu regrets this and asks jeet to leave at the very moment. After that Jeet meets Guddi and advices her to take care of herself.
Ritu bursts into tears seeeing Rano’s photo, after Jeet has left. sJeet is sitting alone in his room repeatedly remembering Ritu’s harsh and rude words.
Chavi is not able to sleep properly and constantly thinking about Rano. In the middle of the night, she wakes up with a sigh and is again able to hear Rano’s wailing voice.
Rano tries to explain that the house in which she is living is actually Rano’s house.
Rano appears with flash in Chavi’s room and Chavi is able to see her.
Now Rano starts speaking to her and explains that she is the daughter- in- law of Salujas and daughter of Walias.
She tells that she cannot see her two families part ways and getting separated from each other and the most she cannot see Jeet in pain.
Rano starts explaining her life story to Chavi and all about the evil spirit.

PRECAP: She pleads to Chavi to help her get out of the problems.

Update Credit to: CouchPotatoes

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