Anamika 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 17th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Anamika and Jeet on conversation while Abhay comes in there. Abhay tells Jeet how he hates to repeat same things and tells how Jeet has not taken Abhay’s words seriously and threatens that he might have to take Saluja family word seriously. Anamika then with her power makes the Jhumar fall on Abhay but Jeet saves him and he gets hurt.

Scene shifts to Chavi where she gets call from Abhay and she informs the same to Bebe and decides to go hospital. Abhay orders his subordinates to start investigation on the manager of the restaurant while the doctor informs him that Jeet should be fine in few days. Abhay notices Anamika in the hospital and tells her to go away from there as Saluja’s family and chavi would be there shortly. He further adds on saying Anamika to forget Jeet.

Scene shifts to Jeet lying in hospital bed and Pratap asks Abhay about Jeet while Abhay lies saying he just saw Jeet as he was passing by the same route and brought him to hospital. Chavi adds on saying to Pratap that Jeet went on a long drive alone as she refused to go with him.

Anamika annoyed and Patalika telling her how she could do such mistakes as she is aware that its Jeet’s last re-birth. Anamika tells Patalika that she could wait no more and sets fire on the room from her powers. In the other side, Abhay is shown entering the house and locks the door but the door opens suddenly and he is shocked. Later it is shown that the water from the jug is spilled and it flows to his room where Abhay is all ready to take shower and takes off is locket of Mata Rani. He notices the lights in his room playing up as well. Abhay after shower slips on the water and his hand reaches to the locket.

The scene shifts to Saluja house where everyone wakes by the door-bell. Balraj opens it and is shocked to see Anamika where she explains about the fire in her house and she has no option biut to come here. Bebe asks Chavi to open the guest room while Nani tells about the recent happenings with the watchman, Monty and Jeet’s accident. Anamika then pretends to be shocked on hearing Jeet’s accidend and Chavi tells her that Jeet is now fine. At night, Anamika goes into Jeet’s room where he is sleeping and he suddenly wakes up. Anamika then tells Jeet that she is worried about him and though Jeet can’t come to her, she can at least be by Jeet’s side. Jeet then notices that Anamika is nowhere to be seen, Chavi wakes up and asks if he needed anything while Jeet says he is thirsty and asks her to go back to sleep. Anamika is then shown smirking from the window. While getting the glass it drops and breaks and Jeet fingers starts bleeding. Chavi when opening the medicine bottle drops it due to Anamika’s power then Chavi goes to get another bottle. At the same time, Anamika comes there and tells Jeet that she hid herself in the bathroom and is okay to take very risk just for Jeet as can’t let him be with someone else on his condition. While Anamika hugs Jeet he goes to sleep and she starts sucking blood from the finger and Chavi caomes there too. Episode ends.

Precap: Abhay taking permission from the family to question Monty and get the sketch ready for the murderer of the Watchman. He notices Anamika and asks her who she is while Bebe replies that she is Anamika and is a model by profession.

Update Credit to: simmy

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