Anamika 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 16th May 2013 Written Update

Chavvi arrives at Saluja House on Jeet’s orders and someone from office calls and informs that Anamika is refusing to shoot till he is not here, Jeet is unable to go and Chavvi comments “Kya Aafat Hai” which Jeet does not like.
Chavvi gets judgemental about Jeet being so arrogant despite his family being so loving. She gets friendly with Cheeku too which bebe sees and really likes (uff ab lagta hai phir se match making shuru ho jayegi bebe ki.) But, Jeet on the other hand is furious and upset to see that and he remembers Rano.
Some family drama between Chavvi and Bebe ensues while Jeet goes out of the house and calls up his office to inquire about shoot and when he learns that Anamika is refusing to shoot without him, he immediately leaves without having lunch, and Bebe and Jasleen convince

Chavvi to have lunch with them and typical family dialogues start and Bebe again becomes hopeful (pls Bebe at least iss time zabardasti ki shaadi ka torture mat karna Jeet aur hum audience pe)
Jeet arrives at the shoot and Anamika says that he needs to be here to supervise everything as this is his product. She asks for some changes and Jeet gets them done. Anamika likes the changes and says that it seems their choices match at which Jeet gives her a smile . The shoot begins with Anamika looking sizzling hot in a red saree. Jeet notices that the light is about to fall on Anamika and he rushes to save her and falls on her on the couch and share an eye lock (haye after such a long time CVs we got a Jeeka eye lock and once again I was reminded of why I would always ship for Jeeka)

Chavvi is cribbing about how Delhi’s pollution forces one to do make-up both before setting out of house and after returning home (really?? That’s a news to me. I have been living in Delhi for all my life, but have never ever done make up unless for some wedding )

Pratap arrives and Chavvi gets a call from office about the accident at shoot, Chavvi informs this to Pratap and starts leaving Saluja house. (Finally mujhe to laga tha abhi se yahin bas jayegi.) She sees Rano’s photo and wonders something. Bebe comes and tells her about her and how Jeet has changed after her death. Chavvi then leaves and Jasleen and Bebe start talking about how similar she is to Rano.

Anamika and Jeet are driving back together and Jeet asks her about herself like from where she is and when she started modelling, but Anamika remains quiet.

Precap: Anamika telling Jeet that she would like to show the true fun of life and she speeds the car.

Update Credit to: dishu

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