Anamika 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 16th July 2013 Written Update

Chhavi continues to ask Jeet and Anamika overhearing this twists the thread on her wrist. Her eyes turn red and Jeet is tongue tied. He then lies to her that it was an office colleague he was going with for some office work and they had met with an accident, and her brother had misunderstood the things. He then says that if she wants to doubt him, she can, he does not consider it necessary to give her any explanation.

Anamika then asks Jeet if everything is ok and then leaves. She finds Monty on the door step and asks why he hasn’t gone to school and Jasleen tells her that he was scared. Anamika says she will talk to him and Monty tells her that his doll is scaring him. Anamika asks to talk to his doll once and maybe it will stop disturbing it.

Monty is drawing some drawing and he sees

that the doll’s eyes in the drawing have turned red. He fells from the bed and the doll comes to him and says not to tell the name to anyone and remain quiet. He starts screaming in sleep that he won’t tell anything to anyone and Chhavi wakes him up and beats the doll to pacify Monty.

When Abhay Singh returns home, Patalika and Anamika are already there (ok Patalika ka samajh aata hai, but how can human Anamika remain invisible to him Confused) They both do some black magic in the house, mixing some powder in water, voodoo on potato, etc. etc. Sleepy and then leave. and then Abhay Singh feels some presence in the house. He is about to drink the bewitched water but just then he gets a call from Saluja house, where he has placed one of his inspectors; telling him that Jeet has just left the house. He is about to leave the house but hears some ghungroo sound and he turns back and sees the voodooed potato. He picks it up and throws it into the dustbin. Patalika gets angry that he did not take any of the bewitched things. Anamika says she will make sure to trap him somehow. Patalika asks Anamika to first take Jeet to Sangrur to finish her unfinished work.

Bebe sees Chhavi upset and asks about Jeet, when she tells he is not there, Bebe recalls how Jeet had told her that he does not love Chhavi. (finally Bebe ko apni galti realize hui ki nahin. Honestly I hate her more than Jeet.) Jeet and Anamika are sitting in a restaurant and Jeet says that he is tired of lying and that he is ties up with circumstances. Anamika then says that the circumstances seem to be created and she points out how Chhavi reached Ritu aunty and how come she got married to him in the same one month when she went missing. How come she won over Jeet’s family and got married in such a short span and how come the moment that they started spending time together, her brother turns up that too in Mohali. She then asks him to keep an eye on Chhavi. Just then Abhay Singh’s warning voice comes that he won’t mend his ways.

Precap: Anamika bewitching a chandelier to fall on Abhay Singh, but Jeet saving him

Update Credit to: dishu

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