Anamika 15th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 15th February 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 15th February 2013 Written Update

Jeets family & the inspector reach the cemetery where they find Rano standing in front of the pyre. Rano faints on seeing them. They bring her back home…she wakes up with a scream & asks them if jeet is back. when they say no he isnt she tells them that jeet has gone forever. jeets mother panics & starts crying. rano says she will go & find jeet but everyone stops her. pratap says the police will find him but rano says the police know nothing…and goes on to tell them whatever she saw there. nani says “she” has taken him away. bebe asks who has taken him??? nani says the bad soul has taken him away. rano remembers nayantara had said that a bad soul had taken away ananad kumar. she tells the family everything that nayantara had told her in the hospital. The whole family

is shocked to hear this. rano resolves to get him back. pratap says the police will get him back. balraj n pratap leave to enquire with the police.

pratap n balraj leave with the police to investigate the place where jeets car was. nani says jeet wont be found in this way…as a buri aatma has taken him away…pratap gets angry and asks her to keep quite. he says jeet is his son and he will find him in his own manner, he doesnt need anyones help or opinion. pratap leaves with the police & nani sinks into a chair & starts crying. rano consoles her.

the police reach the cemetery. they find a set of footprints going from the pyre towards the jungle. the jungle is enveloped in a thick fog. a police inspector investigates a bit further & finds that there is a deep valley ahead. they turn back.

at home monty is refusing to eat food. however rano convinces him to eat something. as he eats he points out that nobody else has written as well. rano asks him to finish his food, the others will have it soon. rano asks everyone to eat. she sees nani & jeets mom praying before matarani. she promises nani that she will get jeet back soon.

the police wonder in what activities jeet is involved with as he says nobody will park a car in this place. the police feel that a person near to jeet must be involved in his disappearance & ask pratap to talk with jeets friends.

after the police leave balraj says maybe its high time we started believing in what rano told us.

pratap & balraj return home. the family members get worried once again when they see pratap has returned w/o jeet. rano tries to console them all. she then goes to bring guddi for lunch downstairs. pratap tells bebe that rano is the best wife jeet would have ever had.

when rano reaches guddis room she finds guddi has gone all cold & is shivering. she calls out to everyone. all the family members rush upstairs & balraj & pratap decide to take guddi to a doctor. nani & bebe are about to leave the room when nani feels a strong wind blowing in through the window. bebe closes the window. nani murmurs to herself that the air blowing in here doesnt feel right.

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