Anamika 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 14th May 2013 Written Update

Chavvi is wondering where Rano has disappeared, when Ritu comes and asks her about her job, when Chavvi says she does not have a job, Ritu asks for her qualification and where she has applied. Chavvi informs about her interview and rejection by Jeet, Ritu asks her to get ready and come with her.

Jeet is engrossed in Anamika’s thoughts when Balraj comes and asks if she has agreed to work with us or not. Jeet says that she will definitely do it. She will be the face of their product launch, and the more she refuses, the more confident he is that she is the right girl for this product, as they need a girl with attitude. Balraj says why he is hell bent on pursuing someone who is troubling them so much, Jeet retorts back that the ones who create trouble are remembered most, and besides there wasn’t

any other model who matched the product as much as Anamika did.

Ritu brings Chavvi to Jeet’s office and announces that Chavvi is their new marketing head and that being the 50% stake holder in the company, she knows what she is doing. She says that since Jeet rejected her without even interviewing her and knowing her qualifications, she has brought her here so that the entire board can decide whether she is fit or not. She then asks Chavvi her opinion about the product and Chavvi gives a lecture in which from a marketing and interview point of view she was actually contradicting herself, but the CVs and Salujas being completely ignorant about it, got impressed and appointed her. e.g. first she said that they shudnt launch the product with a fresh model but approach a celebrity, but in the next sentence that rather than approaching celebrities we should make our product so good that celebrities themselves approach us (which again never really happens) but in the very next sentence she also said that we should design our product keeping our target customers in mind and not the celebrities who endorse them. (solid confusion I tell you.)

Ritu then asks Jeet what are his plans for the product launch, and Jeet says he will decide the product and launch design, and he has finalized Anamika Malhotra as the model who will sign the contract soon. Chavvi says that we should not waste time over her and sign some celebrity for it. Jeet refuses point blank, but Ritu gives him at the most 24 hours to sign Anamika else they will approach some celebrity

Jeet sends a bouquet to Anamika and calls up her and requests her to meet him for 5 minutes even if for the last time. Anamika agrees to meet him for just 5 minutes. She comes to meet Anamika and Jeet says that he is willing to pay any price for signing her for this product as this product is his obsession. Anamika says that everything cannot be bought by money and he cannot give her what she wants. Jeet says he is ready. Anamika asks her to keep standing then and there till she does not ask him to move. He agrees. Anamika then gets in the car and drives towards Jeet in full speed. Jeet keeps standing there and does not move and she applies brakes at the last moment and then Jeet asks her if she is ready to sign the contract, Anamika asks that doesn’t he want to know why she did this, to which Jeet says she wanted to see if he would move away from death’s fear, but he knew that she won’t be able to do it.

Precap: Jeeka having candlelight dinner and Jeet places the contract paper in front of her.

Update Credit to: dishu

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