Anamika 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 14th January 2013 Written Update

Bebe is going to sleep when she decides to speak to Jeet who just then returns home. Bebe asks if he spoke to Rano when Jeet says he didnt say her anything & that he is confused as to what he should do…as he doesnt understand love between boy & girl.

Bebe then narrates how she fell in love with her hubby & how in small small things we can see love between a couple.Bebe says in love our happiness doesnt come first but our partner’s happiness.She tells Jeet how he felt lonely when Rano’s wedding got fixed and how she feels bad when he is in pain & advices Jeet to listen to his heart. Jeet is left wondering.

Rano remembers all her happy moments with Jeet and he too remembers his time with Rano and then remembers Anamika & Rano simultaneously which leaves him confused.

Rano looks at Jeet’s watch but it isnt having the RJ initial & thinks Jeet lost the watch and got a replacement for it.

Anamika is having a similar watch with KJ initials and we are shown that when Jeet looses his watch in 1st episode of the show in jungle it was picked by none other than Anamika & later she reaches his house and keeps the watch in his car.

Next day Bebe asks Jeet about his decision when he says he has to meet someone & bebe tells him to tell that person frankly what he has in his mind.

Anamika comes to the same misty room where she has kept the violin. There is a shadow on the wall to which she says that finally the day has come for which she has been waiting. She leaves the room and the door closes by itself.

Anamika then lights the candles in the house by just looking at them the candles start to burn. She is waiting when Jeet comes & the main door opens itself shocking him.

Jeet looks around for her when Anamika says she was waiting for him. Anamika plays a music record while Jeet says he thought a lot last night and now he can see his destination well so he has come to a decision. Anamika smiles hearing it.

Update Credit to: ash_arti

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