Anamika 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 14th February 2013 Written Update

Jeet & Anamika enter the wedding venue. While Jeets footprints on the stairs are straight, anamikas are upside down. They garland each other. The Pandit does their gatbandhan & they start with the 7 pheras.

Rano is searching for Jeeet with Chikus help. At a point Chiku starts barking & starts running…rano follows him. They come across Jeets car. Rano sees ahead of her a graveyard where Jeet is taking pheras round a burning funeral pyre. She is shocked to see this. She calls out to him…when he doesnt listen she starts running towards him but the gates of the graveyard close. Rano watches as the moon is going under eclipse.

It gets stormy in Mohali at Jeets place. The electricity goes off. Someone informs the inspector who is at Jeets place that they have found Jeets

car near a highway. Pratap & Balraj leave with the inspector to get Jeet & Rano back.

Rano is screaming herself hoarse but Jeet cannot hear her and continues with the pheras which he is taking with anamika. Rano tries to open the gate but it doesnt budge. She starts praying to matarani & begins chants Jai Mata Di…AND…the gate budges a little & she slips in she keeps shouting jeets name but he doesnt listen…and in all this she loses Mataranis photo. As she continues to move ahead she falls in a pool of water…and at home because of the storm the windows open & the diya in front of matarani starts flickering. Nani saves it from extinguishing & bebe helps her do it!

The inspector along with Pratap & Balraj reach the place where Jeets car is. Chiku comes running up to them & leads them to Rano.

With great difficulty Rano pulls herself out of the pool. She sees that the moon has turned bright red & is almost entirely under eclipse. She starts running towards Jeet again but stumbles on a sharp stone because of which her leg is injured & she cannot run. Limping she reaches up to the pyre where Jeet is taking pheras when a thick smoke comes out of nowhere. When the smoke clears Jeet has vanished & only the burning pyre is left. Rano is left screaming his name & wondering where could he have gone.

Precap: Its day! The inspector finds a set of footprints going towards the jungle from near the funeral pyre. Anamika says her long wait is finally over…and today Jeet will finally be a part of her world.

Update Credit to: iolahardy

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