Anamika 14th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 14th August 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 14th August 2013 Written Update

Pratap wakes up in the middle of the night feeling a cockroach under his hand. He opens his eyes and sees lots of cockroaches all across his bed, floor and even walls. He then sees a woman’s shadow near his doorstep. He ask who is there and the woman turns back and it’s Chhavi with red eyes. Pratap suddenly wakes up from his nightmare all scared. Pushpa says that this nightmare is because of the black magic done by Chhavi.
Chhavi calls up Anamika and asks that she wants to meet her for one last time. Anamika says her doors are always open for her. Chhavi disconnects the phone and hands it back to Jeet saying that he should follow her and see everything with his own eyes. She prays to Mata Rani for her success before leaving but is stopped by Pratap and Pushpa. Pratap asks why so many wrong

things are happening in the house but Chhavi says that today he will get all the answers and takes Jeet with her. Pushpa is scared at Chhavi taking Jeet with her but Pratap says how he can stop her without any proof. Chhavi asks Jeet why he did not let her tell about Anamika to the family, to which Jeet says that first she should make sure whether what she is saying is right or not. Chhavi asks Jeet to stand below Anamika’s window and listen to how she makes Anamika spill the beans.
Chhavi enters her house chanting Jai Mata Di, while Anamika is simply lighting the candles. Chhavi says to stop what she is doing and leave Jeet. Anamika asks if she is not scared of her, to which Chhavi replies that she is not scared as Mata Rani is with her and this way she cannot snatch Jeet away. Anamika says Jeet was always hers so does not need to snatch him away. Chhavi says that she is just trying to get him by black magic and she asks what is price she wants to exit from Jeet’s life, and Anamika asks if she can sacrifice her life for Jeet. Chhavi is stunned and Anamika says that this is the difference between them as she can lay her life for Jeet.
Chhavi says that she will destroy all her black magic stuff and picks up a voodoo doll and just then Jeet arrives at the doorstep. Anamika starts pretending to be scared and keeps saying why Chhavi brought this black doll to her house and what is she trying to do to her. She asks Chhavi to keep the doll away from her and asks what is her fault if she loves Jeet and he also loves her, then why is she doing this to separate them and if she wants she will go far away from Jeet. Anamika stumbles on a sofa and starts bleeding from her forehead. Jeet rushes inside to protect Chhavi and Chhavi says that Anamika is pretending and that this doll is the proof that Anamika does black magic. Jeet does not believe her and just then Anamika makes that doll disappear and Jeet falls unconscious. Chhavi starts fussing over Jeet and Anamika comes and presses her thumb on Chhavi’s forehead and she falls unconscious. Anamika then speaks to herself that Chhavi was stupid enough to think that she will reveal herself in front of Jeet secretly, but she has understood her plans the moment she has called from Jeet’s phone.
At Saluja house Balraj comes home and everyone is worried for Jeet. Nani is shouting that Pratap made a mistake sending Jeet along with Chhavi. Bebe starts fighting with her and leaves the dining table. She goes to pray to Mata Rani to clear Chhavi’s image. Chhavi regains consciousness in a dark room where a woman’s crying can be heard. She looks for a matchstick and when she lights it, she sees Patalika who comes and says that she managed to save that girl from her that day, but today noone will be able to save her. She will die today here, and there Jeet will become Anamika’s forever.

Precap: Chhavi trying to run away from Patalika


Update Credit to: Bournville

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