Anamika 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 13th May 2013 Written Update

the episode begins with the same club scene where Jeet sends a high value signing amount cheque to Anamika and asks her to meet at the shoot on time as he does not like late comers – through a letter. Rano continues to beg Chavvi to help her, but she refuses. The family is worried at Jeet’s condition and his attitude in everything. Jeet sees that Cheeku is waiting for him to feed him, he gets upset at him. but then after a few minutes, asks him to eat. Cheeku starts barking seeing Rano’s picture. Jeet is upset too. Guddi us upset too. Rano sees them and is crying herself.
Rano again comes to haunt Chavvi and says that she has a deal for her, Chavvi shouts at her to leave, but her landlady arrives at that very instant and thinks that Chavvi was shouting at her and asks her to vacate the house immediately. Chavvi is upset with Rano, but she asks her to trust her once, and let her help her. Chavvi agrees to gives her one chance.
Jeet arrives at his office and sees his receptionist chatting on phone and gets furious at her.
Chavvi arrives at Rano’s mom’s house and asks if she was looking for some Paying Guest. She says she does not know her so how can she keep her a PG. Chavvi says that she is an orphan who has come to this city to look after her younger brother who is studying in the same city. She requests her to help her, but Ritu says that she can’t keep a stranger as a PG. She beings to leave, when Guddi holds her hand; Chavvi says she is just like her brother, Ritu melts hearing that and asks her to stay.
Jeet enters his cabin thinking that Anamika should be coming in an hour’s time, but when he switches on the light, he finds her already there. She tears the cheque in front of him and says that she is not interested, and there is no one in this world, who can make her do what she does not want to do.

Precap: Ritu comes to office and announces Chavvi as the new marketing head, when Balraj says that jeet has already rejected her, Ritu replies rudely that she needs to remind everyone here that she is the 50% stake holder in this company.

Update Credit to: dishu

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