Anamika 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 12th February 2013 Written Update

Scene1 =Jeet is sitting on a chair alone in a room and two women appear(maids probably).
They give Jeet a black shervani and red stole. They leave. Jeet is staring at the clothes and goes towards bed.

Scene 2-Pratap and his elder son are in police station lodging a complaint that Jeet is missing.Inspetor suspects kidnaping… Later Jeet’s brother asks Pratap why didn’t he tell police inspector abt Rano’s fear abt buri atma…Pratap says he doesn’t believe her story.
Two police men are searching for Jeet showing his photograph to ppl on street but no one recognise him…

Scene 3- Police inspector is at Jeets home. All Salujas are there and inspector says they had no success searching for Jeet…Nani

says of course they could not find Jeet as Jeet is under spell of bad souls… Jeet’s mom starts crying and family consoles her. Pratap says they will find Jeet. Suddenly Chiku starts barking and runs out of the room. …Rano’s mom asks Jasleen to go and see Rano who is alone upstairs . Bebe becomes nervous and says she will go to see Rano. (She knows Rano is not there).

Scene 4-Rano is in hospital with Nayantara. Nayantara wakes up. Nayantara tells Rano that she saw the same pain in Rano’s eyes which she felt. She says Anandkumar was her fiancee. Then she asks Rano who was the Jeet? Rano is Jeet was her fiancee. Nayantara says she fears for Rano. She tells her story that 35 years back ( god she remembers years even in asylum)…She and Anand Kumar were in love and got engaged. One night he didnot return . Next day he told her that he heard a woman crying in jungle…Slowely he started drifting away from Nayantara. …One day Anand kumar came home without his guitar. After few days he got a similar guitar( Rano getting flash back of bracelet)…Anand kumar kept forgetting where he had been. (Ran getting flash back again)…On the night of Chandra grahan Anand Kumar disappeared. …Some bad soul took him away…She asks Rano to save Jeet. Rano remembers that today is also Chandra Grahan . Nayantara dies.

Scene 5- Anamika is in full bridal makeup enters a room. She touches a guitar lovingly. She looks up and there is a statue of Anand Kumar’s dead body in white gown.She gets flash back of Anand Kumar playing guitar. They show that the toe of Anand kumar is tied by black thread.
…Jeet is in another room . He is wearing same sherwani which was given to him. He starts going upstairs.

Last scene-Rano is walking on the road. She tells herself that she wont let happen to her what happened to Nayantara. She will not loose Jeet.

Pre cap————–Rano in the jungle calling Jeet ,Jeet.
Meanwhile Anamika telling Jeet” barat ka waqt ho gaya hai, chale. ” She holds his hand.

Update Credit to: elasingh

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