Anamika 11th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 11th January 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 11th January 2013 Written Update

Jeet sees Anamika dancing in the rains in his cars side view mirror. He gets down from the car and walks up to her. She beckons him forward…he moves towards her as if in a trance & hugs her.

On the other hand Rano is waiting impatiently or Jeet to come back home. Bebe tells her that when you get worried you should pray to Matarani. Rano prays before Matarani & as she bows her head down…

…we see the storm has stopped, the rain is no more & Jeet breaks away from Anamikas hug & comes to his senses. Confused as always by what has happened he walks back to his car & drives away while Anamika is giving a triumphant smile! Anamika says …you will have to come back, you will come back! Jeet once more thinks about his various meetings with Anamika & is so lost in his thoughts that he doesnt see an oncoming truck. He swerves the car to safety but gets a tiny cut on his forehead which is bleeding.

Bebe is worried for Jeet. She is wondering where he could be. That is when Jeet returns home. Bebe bombards him with questions but he is quite. She sees the cut on his forehead & asks him what is wrong…and in reply Jeet says that he cannot marry Rano. He says he will go & talk to Rano.

Ranos is day dreaming about Jeet. When she hears him park the car outside she is pretty sure that he has come to say YES!!! Ranos mother asks them to talk alone as she has to put Guddi to sleep as she isnt well. While Jeet is hesitating Rano sees the cut on his forehead & gets worried. Later she dresses up the wound. She notices a wound on his right wrist as well…removing his bracelet (friendship wala) she dresses that too. He is still hesitating & through all this Rano probably understands that he intends to say no. Hence with tears in her eyes she says your peace of mind & happiness is most important for me…you go home & stop worrying yourself. Jeet leaves …but his bracelet is left behind.

Precap: Rano sees the bracelet & is surprised to see that the bracelet doesnt have the R & J which she had had engraved on it. She assumes that this isnt the bracelet which she had given Jeet…The bracelet is with Anamika.

Update Credit to: iolahardy

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