Anamika 10th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 10th May 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 10th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the precap scene, Jeet and Chavi bumbs into each other and she lands into his arms. As background music we got « kuch kuch hota hai tune ». She says sorry and he replies « what the hell ». He leaves the place and she gets irritated and says to herself « Khadus ».
Jeet goes to the office. Balraj tells him that he should take the interviews of the candidates for the new project.
Chavi presents herself at the reception for the interview. Rano starts talking to her and she replies to her. People around her starts wondering what is wrong with the girl. Rano tells her that they can help each other.
She arrives at Jeet’s cabin and gets shocked to see him so she hides her face with her file. He asks her to show her face and when she does so, he gets angry at her.

She tries to explain but he says that they should start the interview. Rano again starts talking to her and wants her to ask Jeet if he is taking his protein shake ot not and why he stopped boxing. Chavi repeats it and Jeets is shocked to hear that and gets Rano’s flashbacks. He asks her how come she knows that he was used to practice boxing. He again gets angry at her and orders her to leave the cabin. He then goes to the reception, gets angry at the receptionist and tells her to cancel all the interviews. He takes a deep breath and asks Anamika Malhotra’s number. There Balraj comes and wants to know why he is interested in Anamika when he knows very well that she is arrogant. Jeet replies that he thinks he can make her accept to work with him. His brother tells him that now they should go to the house as Salujas are preparing a shaanti pooja for Rano. Jeet refuses to go.
Chavi is walking outside in an angry mood. Rano again starts talking to her so she asks her to leave her alone.
Bebe is trying to feed Chikoo. Jasleen tells her that only Jeet can do it. Jasleen also wonders what is Jeet doing that he spends all the time at office. Bebe answers her that he is punishing himself for not taking care of Rano.
Chavi is at her house and the caretaker asks her to pay the rent or leave the house. She says that she can’t pay so she will find another house. Rano again starts talking to her. Chavi pinches herself and realises that she is not dreaming. She is really hearing and talking to a ghost.
The pooja is taking place and there Ritu comes and asks who they are to organize a pooja for her daughter. She talks angrily to the Salujas. Bebe explains her that she understands her pain but Rano was like their daughter that’s why they wanted her to get married to Jeet. Rano took all the happiness away with her so they are all suffering from the same pain. Ritu replies that Salujas have stopped considering rano as their daughter the day she started having her mental desease. She adds that even Jeet had stopped loving her because of that, that’s why only she has the rights to do the shaanti pooja. Bebe tells her that for pointing fingers at Jeet even her own daughter won’t forgive her. They are going to do shaanti pooja for their bahu.
The pooja takes place both at the Salujas and Ritu’s house.
Jeet goes to a bar (Or is it a restaurant/pub ). Anamika was sitting there and having her drink. He walks towards her and introduces himself. Anamika does the same. She seems not interested in Jeet and goes away. She is about to fall but Jeet catches her. She stops him and tells him that she can handle herself. Jeet replies « good for you » and then politely adds that he just wanted to help her. Anamika gives a smirk. Jeet tells her that he has an interesting offer for her. Anamika arrogantly replies that she is not interested. Jeet gives an angry expression.

Jeet gives an envelope to the waiter who brings it to Anamika. She opens it and sees a letter in which it’s written « I guess now you are interested, it’s only the advance. I am offering you something you can‘t refuse. See you tomorrow at 11 in the office. »

Update Credit to: TheDarkPsychoRises

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