Anamika 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 10th July 2013 Written Update

The family rushes on hearing Chhavi’s scream and find dead body of the watchman with neck completely twisted. The police is called for questioning. Chhavi says that she had gone out in the night to look out for Jeet, and watchman wasn’t on duty at that time. But Jeet lies that he was at home only. Chhavi says that he is lying and she had followed Jeet’s car and that her car had broken down and that’s why she had come in Anamika’s car and they can confirm it with her. Just then Anamika comes and tells Chhavi that she had got her car repaired and have brought it back. The Police leave on getting this fact confirmed.

Chhavi and Anamika talk and Chhavi says that Jeet is not telling her anything. Anamika suggests that she would talk to him. Anamika goes to Jeet and Jeet says that he has fallen in the eyes of his family and Chhavi. But Anamika says that they are together only because of this lie. Jeet again says that he can’t hide the truth anymore. They are hugging and Chhavi is coming towards the room.

Chhavi opens the door and Jeet and Anamika have moved away by then and Anamika is pretending to make Jeet understand that Chhavi is his wife. Chhavi thanks Anamika and Anamika says that this is a friend’s duty

Anamika is leaving but Bebe starts talking to her about the watchman’s murder. Anamika then leaves, Monty is staring at her from behind the wall and Anamika sees that.

Scene shifts to a watchman seeing Patalika and her following him to his room and killing him by twisting his neck.

Precap: Anamika asking why Patalika killed the watchman and Patalika replies that she did that to protect Jeet’s lie.:

Update Credit to: dishu

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