Anamika 10th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 10th January 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 10th January 2013 Written Update

Jeet continues picking up the glass pieces & says how he listens to her always. He keeps on talking & during these talks cuts his finger on a piece of glass. Anamika sees the oozing blood which tempts her & she starts loosing her usual self control. A drop of blood is about to fall on the carpet but Jeet catches it in his other hand. Anamika pretends to cover her temptations by getting angry. She sends Jeet away to dress his wound. When he leaves she sees the blood stained broken piece of glass. She is extremely tempted seeing the blood. She is holding the glass in her burnt hand & is about to lick it when she hears the door creak. She stops & asks Jeet to come in. When Jeet is back the medicines are right in the room. He is puzzled that she sent him away for the meds but they were in her room. He says she is like a puzzle for him & when she tries to reply he closes her mouth with his finger. He asks her to be quite or else once more he would be lost in her talks. Seeing him dressing his wound Anamika is extremely tempted but does her best to control herself. She asks him to leave immediately…says if it rains he wont be able to go. Jeet tries to joke about rains in January but stops when he sees her angry look. He also sees some of the blood from his finger is on her lip. He tries to wipe it off with his handkerchief but she stops him. She takes the hanky from him with a shaky hand which again Jeet notices & is a bit surprised. After he leaves she tries to battle against her urge to lick off that blood drop from her upper lip. But she finally gives in to the urge & swallows the blood drop. The blood drop travels down in throat (we can see the blood actually travelling ) & reaches her burnt right arm…and slowly the arm is healed & looks normal & healthy. Anamika is feeling extremely pleased & satiated (a little cruel & horrific smile!)

Jeet is just leaving Anamikas home when he hears thunder. He is surprised that everything Anamika says turns out to be true eventually. He goes to his car but the car doesnt start. While he is struggling with the car he glances in the side mirror & is surprised to see Anamika getting wet in the rain.

Rano is waiting impatiently for Jeet to come back & give his reply to Pratap. Bebe & Jasleen tease her a bit & Bebe assures her that Jeet will definitely say yes.
Precap: Anamika beckons Jeet to come towards her & they hug!

Update Credit to: iolahardy

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