Hey guys …I m a reader of swasan ffs …..all the writers are awesome…..I mean mindblowing ….I m sharing some of my favorite ffs with u vote for ur favourites

1:realisation exoneration acceptance
2 tu meri mannat
3 Swasan u r mine
4 unexpected relation
5 swasan- do jism ek JAAN
Read these 5 and support them more guys…..
Well a/c to me I will rank them as follows

realisation exoneration acceptance = 10 / 10
I love the character of shona in this ff…she is too strong…so fearless ….intelligent… Sweet…
Sanskar has done wrong with her…give pain to her…but after know ing the truth he feels guilty….he loves her…but not show it…..
I love when he feels jealous about arju and shona closeness…..its just awesome yrr

Tu meri mannat= 8 /10
Both swara and Sanskar loves so but swara is not accepting it…..their joke jhok…romance …fights all are brilliant…
Swasan u rmine= 9/10
Sanskar is a powerful man….he forcely marry her but never try to hurt her…..I think there is a big reason of killing Rahul…

Unexpected relation= 8/10
This too shows the forceful relation of swasan….the way he loves her….is awesome..,..
Swasan do jism ek JAAN= 8/10
This is also nice…..I mean sanskar first sight love….and swara is a girl who never believe on love or marriage…. Bcz of her mom and dad bad relation…..but she also falls for him and about to marry but
Something happen which separate them… she hates him…..while sanskar is living in pain for his deeds…..but what happened btw them….nice suspence

Now whats ur opinion about them….
Sorry if I hurt anyone….

Credit to: jia

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  1. I think you should try reading Anus ff too. They are mind-blowing you know.
    Swasan destiny
    Swasan fix you
    Fixing broken souls.
    All three are my fav. And then there’s d3 too by Namrata. And also Srees ff. All these are worth reading!

    1. Turaifa Shafenaz

      Yea. i’m also Anu’s fan. Love her way of writing. Amezing.

  2. N also
    Swasan Mr. Maheshwari and I
    Can love happens twice?
    Curse ek paheli
    N some more

  3. Silent reader

    Even acceptance is amazing.

  4. No jia this all ff are alsi my fav…
    M die heart fan if swasan…
    Ur anlysis is very gud…
    With out any critices
    luv u for this…

  5. i totally agree with u but there r few fanfiction also that i like very much like-1.swasan destiny and i i loved her-sanskar love story
    4.swasan-it was not love a revenge(i forgot what the actual name it was)and rivals or frend (from same writer)
    5. true love never dies

  6. and there more also like swasan acceptance
    and os by maher , the curse .my list have no end

  7. Missing many ffs.

    Fix you
    Fixing broken souls (just started but its awesome)
    Mr. Maheshwari and I

    I think they are superb ?

  8. Tu meri mannat n unexpected relation … ihv read thesr two n r osm.. sply unexpected relation..

  9. guys harr chiz ko itna analysis karne ki need nai hai guys.. sirf padho fan fiction and enjoy..!

  10. True love never dies, acceptance, dr. Swara nd mr. Maheshwari leads to swasan

  11. Acceptance and dr.swara & mr.sanskar leads to swasan these two are my favte..

  12. Hey u all shayad getting me wrong ha she missed some wonderfull ff like acceptance by sree fix u destiny by anu mr maheshwari n i all swasan ff r wonderful …i m alsi fan if all ff u guz mentioned in ur ff
    Ek hanare couple swasan wonderful hai uspe mast wali story line …oh i just this all swasan fan fic jitne bhi hai u all right….

  13. Mentioned in ur comment not ff srry

  14. swasan all fiction r my fvt

  15. Dr.swara and Mr. Sanskar lead to swasan is also good story u all swasan ff reader should read

    1. Turaifa Shafenaz

      Yea i read it. it’s nice & lovely.

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