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Hey everyone! Now this is a trend going on to do an analysis on writers and ffs. I think this is very necessary as it boost a writers confidence level. Each writer is best at its own place. We should not compare any writer with the other.The writers and the ffs which I am going to mention here are not the best they are my fav. Once again I repeat that EACH WRITER IS BEST AT IT OWN PLACE! ๏Š
First let me start with the ffs which I used to read at the beginning.
*Swaragini blooms again by Rini
*I am yours by Saba
*I dreamed a dream by Sindhuja
*Swaragini an angel is my love by Kashis
*A journey from revenge to love by Jyoti
*Limitless love by Sree Harini
Now let us come to the writers. I am saying it clearly that I have not ranked the writers. I have just written who came in my mind.
1. SABA: The way she writes anyone can fal in love with her writings. I am yours was a marvelous piece of ff. Shonaโ€™s character was very interesting. The way she fought back for her love was tremdous. Saba ha s an ability to pen down emotions very well. The end of I am yours when Laksh said to Ragini-will you be the mother of my child!!! LOl!! It was too funny6 and cute even.A path hate to love was the most interesting ff of hers. Sanskarโ€™s grey shade was unbelievable. His past was too horrible!! :O ๏Œ The way he transformed himself for his love was remarkable. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And this girl insipte of being hurt changed the ending just only for her readers was— Hats off to you Saba. Pain,love,sorrowness,hatred,jealousy,happiness, this girl can describe any emotion which make her truly superb.
2. KASHIS: What to say about you? Your ideas are unique. An angel is my love a very beautifully written. Each chapter was interesting. I liked its concept very much. Coming to an incomplete scrapbook it is also splendid. Sanskar as a slayer with dark past and Swara a billionaire girl who doesnot like her father. I am unable to explain itโ€ฆ Spechlesโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜‰ Then end of season 1 was awesome. The start of season 2 was good. The twist you bring, I love it. I liked that chapter! Slayer or Saviour!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Hope Sanskar will fall for Swara.
3. ANU: First of all let me say you that your dp is awesome. I love the way you describe the feelings. You also have a very good naming sense. The names of all your ffs are superb. Destiny, Fix you, Childhood sweethearts, arranged to be his all its name attracted me. Arranged to be his is my fav. Swara,a girl with dark past.A girl of 16years, how do you manage so much ffs? Always keep writing and hope to get more blockbuster novels from you.
4. JYOTII: Well also a girl of 16years, I satated reading ur ff from-a journry revenge to love. I was mad for this ff. I never missed any of ur ff or OS. I stalk you. ๐Ÿ˜† Your writings are very emotional and they directly touch heart. an incomplete love story made me cry at the end. The scenes of Swara and Kritika were truly mind blowing and thye way Kritika protected swara was emotional. The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn is the first ff on this page on feminism level without any specific pair. A girl fighting with three demons of her life in three seasons. I loved it concept. Take care of ur fractured hand dear. Post next when you feel good! :mrgreen:
5. ANJALI: I remember one day I came from college frustrated and opened TU and had read ur first chap. I liked it but I never read the next. Then again I read the 20th chapter and I was dumbstruct. How can I miss it?? ๏Œ I read again all the chaps and ufffโ€ฆ Literally they were so beautiful. your grammar is so correct. I love your writings. Hope you write endless part of this ff. It is very hard to find mistakes in ur ff.
6. EVA: I think the most junior writer of this page. I had read a few chaps of Manyata VS Ragini. It was good. Then I read Sanskar.. Zindagi meri.. I was crazy for this ff. Samjhota season 1 and 2 were damn awesome. and even u r starting season 3!! Yipeee!! M too excited. You are such a sweet writer who never lost her control. Rishton ke datsan!! No words for this!! a ff on complicated relations. Hope swasan realize their love and hope raglak unite. And the new entry Radhika wonโ€™t create any problem.
7. SREE HARINI: I have mentioned a bove that your limitless love was one of d ff I used tro read at the beginning. Then Swasan acceptance. a thrilling suspense ff. Swara,the girl whom Sanskar loved d most betrayed him and Sansky even forgave her!! His guts need to be saluted!! If I were in his place I would never had!! Really Sree your suspense keeps this ff lively and more thrilling.
8. Till now I had not read Raglak second love going to read it soon.

Well there are a ton of more ffs! Which should everyone read.

~Kucch is tarah and smile that had stolen my heart by Meher.
~Bz I loved her by Seethoty
~The curse by duggu
~The hug that changed me by Neha
~Stay away by Sujata
~Meri aashiqui by Dolly
~Swaragini(Sorry) By??
~ Broken heart by Lovely.
~Red string of fate by Azure
~WE are perfect for each other by Kritika

Guys! I have not mentioned Viniโ€™s ff as I have no words for her ff. All my words will fail to praise her.
Jyotii,Anu and Eva! You guys are my inspiration! You guys are writing brilliantly at such a small age! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Credit to: A Fan! :)

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  1. Hey dear u have not mentioned swasan You are mine! by bushra
    And Dr. Swara and Mr. Sanskar Leads To Swasan…. by Sam
    They r also good writers. Sorry if I was rude…

    1. Sorry dear to break ur heart but bushra is copying someone else story….I know u will not believe me but just download wattpad app n search YOU ARE MINE BY LEILA MEHTAAB….its actually a Muslim love story…she has completed the story in Feb ….bushra is just changing the name n copying n pasting her work….if at all she likes the story so much that she wants to share it then she should not take the appreciations…n claim it as her work…she can let the readers know that its not her work…if u want I can tell u how will the story will procede if any body wants bcz I have read the whole novel on WATTPAD

      1. sorry to tell musku but bushra already told that its not her own story. I really don’t understand it’s nothing wrong if u want to share u can share it but don’t take the credit to ur self she already told that.
        but u know there is a girl I don’t know her name but she is also copying one off but taking the whole credit to herself . n saying my ff but it is whole copied each n every word is copeid. her off name is
        ” just say I love u”
        I mean how can she do that I already told her to tell every one but still she is taking the whole credit. how cheap is it . but about bushra even I like her ff. she already made clear about her story.

      2. Ohk thanks for telling me Musku as I wasn’t aware for that fact. Sorry if I was rude wid u and hurt u……
        And yaa Deepa I also find it those people cheap who copy paste someone’s article nd then take the credit for d same…..

      3. I don’t think that musku had told anything wrong. The fact remains that bushra isn’t the author. Its someone else.
        So how can she claim credit?

      4. Well Deepa I know she said that she read this story somewhere else n writing it on swasan….but there is a difference b/w rewriting a story n coping it word to word by just changing a name….
        N u know saba di on her blog was translating a story…but every time any body used to praise her she always used to mention the fact that this story is not hers n she is just translating it but here u see she is taking all the credit…while only work she has to do is edit the names that’s all….I don’t have any personal grudge with her….but she is taking credit of some others hard work is totally unacceptable to me….

  2. Tq..!! My ff also there..!! ?? n #di…see ur n ur chotu’s again in N article…????
    Because of you guys only, today I am here…thank you ji..!!!

    1. Yes! Chotu! We are together again!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Thnx for adding my ff dr…?

    1. U r worthy. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. f**k these analysis….all writers r best as writing is tough task…appreciating specific ones is not justified…there are mamy more ffs which u guys might not have read and u r making those ffs perfect which u have read….so sad and disgusting to degrade those writers who are not mentioned

    1. Dear! I had said all d writers are best. This are my fav.

      1. I asked the question to star,not *a fan.I agree with fan.

    2. Are you the one who posted that wrong analysis thing?same tone.

      1. no…her name was mystery and i agree with her

      2. a fan*?

    3. Me too agree with a fan….

  5. Awww…. thank you soo much…..

    Am glad you read my ff…. ???

    No mistakes?? ?? wow…. this is a wow moment for me… Srsly….

    No idea what to say….

    I completely agree with what you’ve said about the other writers…. I too love their ffs…. ???

    1. Yes!!! Your ff is mistakeless. :p
      Love ur ff and ofcourse u too. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Thanks a ton for saying me as ur inspiration! ๐Ÿ™‚
    But I don’t think I am really someone’s inspiration. ๐Ÿ˜†
    Well uh also think i am emotional? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ but why?? I don’t think m emotional!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Stalking?? Hehe!! That was too funny.
    You know when I started d journey of writing I never had thought that I ll come in people’s analysis. 8-0
    Readers make writers worth! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks for ur wishes about my fractured hand. ๐Ÿ™„ I ll post d next part of my story soon within 1-2 days. 8)
    Yours words are absolutely correct, each writer is the best.

    1. Yes. You are my inspiration.
      The way u write ur ffs,I guess u r emotional. Waiting for 2 days to get over. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Not be rude…but all ffs u have listed are nearly of swasan…but in title u wrote swaragini ff… u should have wrote Swasan ff analysis as it looks kinda confusing… sorry if I hurt u…don’t bash me plz

    1. Hey. I have also mentioned few ff of swalak n ragsan.

  8. U should have included Power of true love by Lila…it’s awesome

  9. Am i the most junior writer here?i didn’t know that….kk..thank u so much for appreciating my writings…….

    1. I Think u r d most juniot. But not sure. ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Thanks a lot. Me and someone’s inspiration! Well I was inspired by Vini di a lot. And I am always thankful to her for that. And managing so many is a tough job but I am able to manage cause if my holidays. #summer break.

    Anyways! Thank you so much. This has definitely boosted my confidence a lot. Love ya ??

    1. ๐Ÿ˜€ Hope u write more ffs.

  11. Stop it new way for fighting.comparing and all.every writer has their own capability. If u want comparison,first read all ff.
    I m just requesting to all writer(mentioned in this artical),read megha’s rishtey and the time forever.these are ragsan ff.but all writer like this type of read her ff as a writer.
    I can bet
    No one can beat her in writing.she is mind blowing. After that i will ask every writer here question. She is the best writer of this site.her ffs deserve frist place.but reader of this site is not actul reader.they just want swasan.

    Anjali,jyoti,eva,anu and all other give your opinion after reading megha’s ff.u all will agree with me.she is best than everyone.

    1. Let everyone read what they like…u r just giving let others decide if she is a good writer or not..u don’t need to tell us about her…and everyone has their own opinions and in my case Anjali,Eva and Anu r the best writers..Jyotii..i never read her ff..its just a opinion..maybe she is a good writer but plz don’t compare anyone….if u bring comparison then it will hurt the writers….

      1. And I’m a swalak and ragsan fan..still I read these 3 writers ff…all r swasan…but o read it becuz of stories..about Rishtey..i read it…still I did not find them better than Fix you or Mr Maheshwari and i or rishto ke dastan…u see these r opinions…

    2. Hey Meera. Would love to read the ff. Thanks for the suggestion. Actually many of my RagSan readers just told me to read Azure’s Red Strings Of Fate and I’m still stuck with that. But after reading that I will surely read Megha’s ff as well. Just don’t fight. We are not here for Swasan vs Ragsan fights. Honestly if the story is good, no one will hesitate from reading it.

      And I’m a Swasan fan but I’m telling you guys, as far as I have read Red Strings I’m loving it โ™ฅ

      And thanks a lot Ridha. Im glad that u liked my ad Anju di’s fanfics. โ™ฅ

      Love ya both ! ??

    3. What is your problem Meera,everybody will have their opinion,if u want you can support your favourite one but insecure tone ,you are supporting Megha but effect is not what you intended.

  12. Stop it guyzxx.
    .plzzzzz…sb ne sirf apne fvrte bataya h….

  13. N thik se pdho..upr lkha h ki wo sirf uski fvrte k baare me baat kr rhi h…

    1. Ty for understanding. ๐Ÿ™‚

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