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an analysis – swaragini ff


Hello frnds… M here with an analysis of different ff on swaragini… Although every writer is special but as every one has some favourite i ve mine too..

List of ongoing ff
1 ragsan ff reality
This is an amazing masterpiece created by the author amna….its amazing to read. Beautifully written it describes the exact reality of life in india in 1980s. This ff is actually reality thats why is my favourite. Although not a romantic ff but still it manages to get good no of comments…

Friends i think you all are aware of this ff. A very well written piece it explains a love story of two different people. I love the way she describes each and every emotions of not only lead pairs but also their families

3 swasan… Dont hate me
Now this is what actually is the reality of rural india. I think many of you are not aware of this ff but i request to read it at once plz. This is all about a child bride and how he manages to handle her life. Plz do read it once and i am sure you will fall in love with it.ALl about women empowerment……

I don’t think i have to introduce you to this ff.. This is amazing

Oh god girl divyanshri… She is queen of emotions… Dear sis ja… Cvs walo ko idea dede…swaragini will be on top position…

List of ended ff
Awesomly written… No words to describe… My personally fav…

2 swasan joined by destiny
Friends this one was although a short one..only 20 episodes… But really a cute story of a wife protecting her husband who doesn’t even love him

3 Swasan you are my life
Very well written with each emotions described to its depth

4 the devil met his angel
Innocent swara and devil sanskar… Different combination leads to a sweet love story

N now list of ff writer whom i have complaint… Because you started very well but left the story in middle.. Plz if you are reading i request you to complete your ff as they were mind blowing

Plz complete this ff… I wamt to know how sanskar changed him for swara

I have complaint to this writer too. First you started with a different concept of a love story between a courageous doctor and a one man army police officers. But you left it in between… Plz complete this ff.

This was my analysis and ha many awesome writer are there such as eva anjali meher jyoti bisha dolly. Do read their ff and plz support them… They are such that even out standing word is short for them

Sry if i Have hurt anyone..

Credit to: anonymous

  1. Divyanshri

    It a great pleasure that u r liking the ff but credit goes to Seeba di too she is helping me alot…… I really glad that u people r liking my ff…. I will try my best to improve my writing skills ?????

  2. sanskriti ? die hard fan of swasan ?

    Yes truly said these ff are needed awsm but tujh Mein rab diktha hain has not ended garuna di went for vacation and he will be returning soon

  3. Tweetypankaj

    Saba’s a oath hate to love is already updated and completed in fantasy diaries u go and read. And an amazing analysis

  4. Hey…thx fr mentioning my ff….glad u r liking it…luved ur analysis

  5. ragsan reality is my favorite

    1. Thank you so much Lisa. A writer really feels good when they are appreciated for their work.

  6. agree with u..

  7. Ragsan reality s oly ff I’m reading which u mentioned ya itz awesome

  8. I too like all swasan ff you mentioned above.. Till now I don’t read any rag san ff so I don’t anything about it.. BT I wish if you could involve it is not revenge but love by aryna.. It is entirely different from all ff till I read now…she always introduce new twist which non could imagine.. A suspense queen

  9. Oh thank you so much for considering my ff. I am indepted to all of urs precious support.???

  10. I love all swasan ffs…i’m reading every ff u mentioned…swasan saga of love…i’m also missing that ff…n u missed anu ffs…she is really awesome writer….

  11. yeh its not its love by aryna is best

  12. yeh its not revenge its love by aryna is best

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