analysis to os and ffs for all ~baby 2


a flight of love – Part 1,2,3

ohh goody bulbul n angu yr u both write sooooo well seriously soooo cute loved it post next as soon as possible loved it the fights baby elephant and baby giraffe and khargosh and bhalu hahahaaa has has ke pagal na ho jaun mein loved it luv u both sissies…. 😀 ♥♥♥♥♥

Why can’t you Love me???… Our first meet (Twinj-OS)…. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Hey aashu soo you know me right I don’t need me to introduce myself again to you bhule toh nhi naa bhai sooo baby is ready to comment on ur os bro your os as said it was really soooo cute and ab toh tumhari or tumhari best friend ki ladai I guess khatam ho hi gyi hogi sooo that’s great your first meet was seriously like a fairytale very cute same t shirts gerua ke rang me rang ohhh god seriously you use nice slangs yr loved your os…but haan hunt oh mein abhi bhi apni luvi ke team mein hi 😀 loved the story…..

This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 32 33 34 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Hey ritzi the episode was amazing hehe yr suspense mein toh choda bt I m not in suspense well srsly luvd it 2 core………there talks were good but kunj ko jab pata chalt a hai I seriously was crying pity him……….
ohhh god ritzi the episode shit kunj ka gussa vaise he is right and uska gusa hona jayaz hai its just because of that rt huh…..well seriously loved it you nailed it was crying such me…….
Ohhh god ritzi the episode yr such mein it was amazing when samar or wtever his name is went away kitna acha laga mein kya bataun and then it was all rocking yr the possessive kunj yr pheli baar dekha aisa possessiveness but loved it I was feeling happy when kunj was doing this to twinkle hehe don’t know why maybe because she is away from the truth and doin my sam my sam and seriously she was gonna move on how could she forget her life well you nailed it… 😀
Hey yr sis post soon am waiting take your time… 😀
Mr.siddhant kapoor and his sasurji (sidmin) (episode 4 part-1) – by sunehri mehta

Hey sunheri darling I know you are really angry with me but soooo sorry I was not able to comment till now but seriously maaf krde behn I told you the reason right since then only I am trying to read every ff n os n trying to comment…………………………..sunheri hahahahaaa the episode was amazing fabulous loved it u nailed it it was toooo funny yr seriously awesome you made m laugh sooo much n he tamil heheheee osm love u sis…. 😀 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
TWINJ ki TASHAN-E-SHAADI ~By Zuha {Episode # 4}

Zuhu the episode ohhh gosh yr seriously I was laughing a lot baby shower hahhaaaa and kunj concerned for twinkle was fabulous loved it… 😀 ♥♥
A Twinj Tale – summary so far n Part 5 ♥♥♥

Ohhhhh god yr shruti bhayi yr seriously missed you soooooo much and your ff well I remembered your story and you are really late or abhi toh mein bhi hun 😛 hhahahaaaa yr seriously loved it your story line muaahhhh love it… and you know it…
Hey dear shruti fabulous loved it but yr 1 month hgya hai you haven’t posted your ff and I cant wait with this suspense anymore please post next as soon as possible loved the episode to core hahaa it was really funny riyaan ki halat dekhne layak thi jab twinkle door par thi hahaaa loved it… 😀

Realization….os. Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Hey dear adya I m baby naam toh sunna hi hoga hehe yr the os first part was sooo beautiful then other parts are gonna be sooo cute and amazing loved it very very very much you nailed it….. 😀 hey adya dear I know I haven’t still read your ff should I confess but will surely read it soon and comment maybe here only hehe 😀
Oye hoye adya wow kitna cute episode tha that I cant tell you seriously loved it vey much it was awesome episode it was sooo cute and the lines which were twinkle says I am tired kunj says change u will feel uncomfortable twinkle says I need help I ant do it alone and then twinkle stammering kunj helping hahahaaa amazing fabulous episode loved it to core……. 😀 and my birthday is on 8th of September… 😀
Hey adya dear sooooo cute episode yr seriously twinkle read kunjs diary uff hheheee loved it it was sooo cute diary and the password thing was wow…. 😀 finally twinkle is in love with kunj woooohhooooo……
Ohhhh god adya romantic girl soooo cute episode the kissies visshies was just like what it should be and the inrtest ke sath vapas dene wala dialogue and that all was realy our sadu’s style hehee loved it sooooo very much…love u lods sis………….. 😀
Adya sis really hot episode dear ohhh god it was amazing episode just loved it to eternity romantic bhi thaa….hehe 😀
Adya dear it was sooooooooooooo amazing os really loved it soooo very much dear muaaaahhhhh kya likhti ho tum or abhi toh I haven’t read your ff don’t know how will it be but for surely would love to read it soon….loved this fabulous piece of writing… 😀 hame toh aapne speechless thera dia hehee……… 😀
PRINCE AND HIS ANGEL!!!…Twinj OS (“Happy Birthday Sayeeda!!!”)

Wow tammana it was sooooo cute and amazing os fabulous dear loved it sooooo very much awesome I love fairytales and I was just a beautiful fairytale loved it….. 😀 ♥♥
(Twinj FF Fake marriage turn into love ) Part 1 2 3 4 5 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Sidmin23 yaar seriously damn cool episode loved it very very very much the starting was lovely….. 😀
Hey dear kunj was quite fast at cooking up a story hehee loved the story he cooked up and the part of the ff at was amazing loved it…. Love u sis…. 😀
Hey dear the episode it was soooo cute the list of perfect partner loved it….
Ohhhhhhhhhh goodness dear this was epic loved the episode sooooooo very much it was sooooooo cool and what will happen now am excited that’s why I will directly read it from here only…awesome yr……. 😀
Yr dear you wrote sooooo well it was amazing why did you end it soooo soon loved it very much that was really cute….. 😀
A Devil That owned an Angel (Episode 1 2 3 4 5 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Woohhoooo crazy di your ff oh my god seriously loved it the start is awesome loving it……….. 😀
Loved it didu soo crazy di kunj a womaniser but he will treat his twinkle like a queen wohhhoooo awesome yr di loving it fabulous flaulessly beautiful episode……. 😀 Kunj following twinkle was like ohhh god…. Sacry
Are yr crazy di aapke liye yeh song…….mein crazy hogyi yr apki ff pdke aapki ff pdke srsly di the episode he dream ohh shit seriously I too thought that did I missed any part but no it was his dream like seriously loved it very much vaise…… 😀
Woohhh crazy di lovely episode soooo ab kunj twinkle ko hi utha laya hhahahaaa awesome yaar di you seriously write sooo well loved it fabulous episode…. 😀
Ohhhhhhhh god yaar crazy di it’s awesome kya episode tha loved it very very much the past was ggood but is it his lust and the present was amazing but di who are following them seriously many questions are roaming in my mind fabulous………… 😀

Het ramya it was really very sweet story and very sweet reason to write this story awesome loved it bhai and all pity kunj … 😀 ♥♥
Tashan e ishq os- sometimes you don’t have to express the love

Ohhhhhhhhh god the os was beautiful the trust they carried the love they crried for eachother awesome loved it to core fabulous….. 😀 SIMMY…♥♥
Hey harisha very cute episode awesome loved it post next as soon as possible after your fourth episode I am telling….. :D♥♥
Waiting fruit is sweet Twinj os

This was super cute os shit kunj was talking with uv like he didn’t mattered to him hahahaa awesome I was got damnly laughing when uv n kunj were having the convo and twinkle was damn emabaressed hahaa loved the os…… 😀 sach mein kunj was very very fast…. Hahahaaa……. Loved it sis…♥
Twinj: A Musical Journey (OS) part 1

Hey di it was magical beautiful musical story abhi toh baki hai seriously loved it very much awesome amazing fabulous part of the os I thought it ended but noo how can it end sooo soon with this big suspense love u di…… 😀 are tara di lease post it as soon as possible I cant wait….. ohhhh god please post soon di… ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Oh Fish Not Again (twinj) – A SUMMARY and author’s note

Tara di feeling really sad but what can we do you ave exams but di please pos it naa acha atleast post twinj a musical journey soon di cant wait loving your ff and os post whenever you get time bu jaldi 1 month hogya hai 😀 LOVE YOU LODS DI…..♥♥♥♥

Ohe hoye my jaannn………….i knew it that it was you only yr the os aami it was wwoowowwwwwowowowww I mean speechless dropdead beautiful story loved it to centuries……..yr dear yes I guessed it was you jaisee I read th sweet sweet talks you id naa ki I will beat you all and wont talk to you I came to know that its my jaan only haye my sis kya likha hai muaaahhhhh awesome yaar sayu di very cute and awesome iece of gift you go by aami jaan seriously darling love you sisto….. 😀 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Yehi Hai Ishq, A Tale of OBSTINANCE and LOVE & Our Love story (Promo & Message) ~Shreya

Hey shreyooo romance will be ohk with me as you know sooo go for it and the promos were awesome amazing and fabulous seriously maza aa gya and RITZI dear tumne mujhe seriously bhot hasaya with the comment of yours on this post of lovely thanks for that… 😀 hahahaahaa maybe am still laughing madam….. 😀 ♥♥♥
Aayat- a love story between two different person (twinj) Episode 20

Rhimjhim amazing episode loved it sooo mahi is quite ajeeb si batameez si ladki but hope everything gets fine soon loved it overall the twinj conversation awesome loved it to core…. 😀 ♥
Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 55 & 56)

Ohhh god mannat di the episodes I mean wow well I guessed that it would be uv the hubby for mahi but now this ohhh god amazing episode di the way theyproposed eachother and everything was fabulous loved it to core of my heart awesome story di… 😀 beautiful story di but feeling sad that you gave an end to it….. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥I will miss you…..

I too had a GirlFriend (Prolouge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Hey dear komal di the prologue was amazing awesome ♥ loved it… 😀
Komal di awesome fabulous seriously beautiful episod kunj was thinking that he should have a best half……. 😀
Hey komal di dis was wow seriously awesome amazing beautiful episode finally kunj got bumped wid twinkle… 😀
Hey komal di awesome episode they danced twinkle blushed ohhhhhh god soooooo cute amazing episdoe pity kunj he forgot to ask her name aww…. ♥♥but loved it…
Ohhooo komal di itne sweet sweet dreams kah mujhe bhi aaye sach mein soooo sweet loved it very very much amazing episode and his dream wwoowww bechara kunj was gonna kiss his love in his dreams voh bhi choor choor hogya… 😀 ♥♥
Ohhh god komal di hehee kunj registere n heehe awesome loved the episode sach mein kunj mental asylum naa jana pad jaye tumko aww…. Loved it 😀
Wohhhoooo komal di both don’t know they are the same whom they wre blushing with awwwwwww……….thats soooo sweet loved it to infinity fabulous there chat marvalleous sweet answers…♥♥
Hehe komal di kunj mein toh bullet train ke tarah speed bada li uff….the episode was sooo cute the way kunj spoke and the dresses they decided everything was just perfect……. 😀
Ohhhhh goodnesss amazing episode di finally now twinj will meet am sooo excited…..awesome loved it.. ♥♥ 😀
Oye hoye komal di wow what an episode hahaa sooo cute loved it yuvi n kunj were cute and now am excited… 😀
Inseparables – chapter 1 2 3 4

Hey chiku my sis…..m angry wid u an you can be angry with me…
Bhool gyi mujhe or chal bhooli bhi nhi toh bata toh deti that u hv started a new ff……………………………………….i know mein late hun but you cant o this to me right I know meri bhi galti hai mene hi nhi dekha par atleasht batana toh zallooli samjha hoa…..welll love you sis…..and reading the ff now…….. 😀 ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Yr chiku frst episode uffff….chura lia dil tumne bilkul d idea ohhh god speechless…..first episode was amazing and even all the episodes I am soooo happy that you are continuing to write and not stopping all the episodes were awesome you know usha calling twinkle to home and kunj getting concerned for twinkle this much rey came he saved her twinkle smiled lovely episode and you give us many shocks twists are always there ready for us sooo am very excited but yr dear where are you why are you not posting dear loved it very much everything was perfect please post next as soon as possible… u sister jaise sidmin ke liye 1 month before you posted aisehi chiku please for all of us please….. ♥♥♥ 😀 hope you will consider it and read my comment…dear sis…. ♥♥♥♥♥
TEI-Ishq chupta nahi chupane se (A possessive & blind love) ~ Twinj ff (PROMO & INTRO) 1

Neha di hi I read your intro in that you have written that aap hamse likhe baate kar rhe ho or friendship karna cahoge kya soooo can I ask hey di will you be friends with me 😀 I love making friends well I am baby 16 years studying in 11th……..will wait for your response and now the intro di it was spectacular lovely beautiful awesome meri taraf se 1000000000 LIKES….. ♥♥♥♥♥ DIKHAVE ME MAT ATTAK SISTER TU SPRITE GATAK hahaa sorry sorry I know ajeeb tha but loved it 😀 loved what are your intro and promo of ff…… 😀 ♥♥
Are waha neha di khud hi conclusion nikal liya ki aapne bada likha hai or hame pasand nhi aayga itna bhi acha nhi……why??? Aapko yeh kisne kaha chalo mein batadeti hun episode kaisa tha sooooooooooo…………hmmmmmmmm………di the episode was super cute hahahaa atually mujhe laga uv kunj mein confusion and even twhi mein bhi hehehee 😛 but the episode was sooooo cute brothers talk awesome and specially twinj ka chotu sa moment was a deadly damn cool and cute moment loved it…… ♥♥♥♥♥ 😀 and would love if aap itne hi long episodes post karo toh no problem……..
Twinj- A Never Ending Love Story (how tashan changes to ishq) – “Promo”
TWInj-A Never Ending Love Story(How Tashan Changes To Ishq) “Promo” + Author’s Note

Now jasmine dear what can I say I just have a request dear please take care of yourself yr how did you got hurt sooo much yaar and one moore thing jab bhi thik ho vaise toh m praying bhagwaanji ki meri sis ko jldi se thik krde bt when evr you are gonna post your ff can you please post a short summary first please… 😀
Your love taught me meaning of life-epi 6 7 8

Hey ishu sis awww…………lovely episode soooooooo cute awesome beautiful loved it very much woohhoooo twinkle hehe twinkle unknowingly said yes wwoowww loved it to infinity.. 😀 ♥♥♥♥♥kunjs and leelas bond was amazing fabulous…..
Ishu dear woooowww you know you are the best hayee kya likha hai yaar sooo cute wow twinkle saved here bu seriously when will she change her nerd look well seriously awesome dear loved it all….it was amazing episode yuhi fight hahhaaa awesome.. 😀 ♥♥♥♥♥
Ohhhhhh god ishu dear it was soooo cute the visuals and all awesome loved it sooo much beautiful episode you are fabulous as always I tell you… ♥♥♥beautiful episode loving it post next as soon as possible yaar and take care… 😀
Whole Lotta Love [Romantic OS 4 b’day girl Sayoo] ~ By Lovely (Shreya)

Hey shreyoo darling ohhh god amazing beautiful os seriously loved it ♥ ohhh god whole lotta love sachi mein tha love romance uffff priyanjli di you write sooo well and no ways its not vulgar yr you write bindass it doesn’t matter di seriously awesome amazing fabulous episode loved it ♥♥♥marvalleous muaahhh ohh god intense bhi chalega no matter 😛 hahaha sorry sorry well I don’t mind reading thse things but yeah use jyada I don’t do anything reading chalti hai you know or sometimes if don’t understand anything sooo that’s to be ignored right 😀 loved it love you all…. ♥♥♥♥♥
Should I confess..?? ch 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Hey adya dear pata hai am very late but sorry dear well loved the start tooh aage toh maza ayga hi naa ofcourse aayga awesome yaar twinj were very cute loving it…..♥♥♥♥ 😀
Are adya dear tum toh gussa hogyi haina are baba sorry tab cmment nhi kia tha par ab I will do naa seriously awesome episode loved it…it was really very cute and twinj fights and all awesome hahaa ♥♥♥♥♥ you nailed it….. 😀
Oye adyu soooooooooo sweet episode kunj loves her uffff……♥♥dhak dhak dhak dhak awesome yaar loved it soooo much amazing episode loved it…. 😀 and yeah please recap dedena agar abhi tak you havet given which I haven’t seen till now…. 😀 ♥♥♥♥♥
Ohhooo wow loved it yaar seriously awesome dear beautiful episode cute tha abkya hoga ohhhh god… ♥♥♥♥ 😀
Wooohhhoooo adya dear you know I was hell scared ki if chinki or mahi wuld be playing a negative role then but now am relaxed awesome loved it to infinity….♥♥♥♥♥ 😀 and the episode was hell cute loved it…. ♥
Awww……….adya dear yr am just smiling and smiling yeh jo smile hai naaa jaane ka naam hi nhi le rhi uffff the episode it was soooooooo cute sach mein mein toh marhi gyi kunj is really soo naughty and ute in your ff muaaahhhhh loving it… 😀 ♥♥♥♥♥
Ohye hoye my dear adyu shoooooooooo cute episode now twinkle will notice kunj wwoowww loved it awesome beautiful cute sweet loving it yr…… full on wooohhooo ♥♥♥♥♥
Well adyu my birthday is on ummm ummm 8th September yr leave that come on th point uffff……yr my god it was awesome seriously bht bura wala suspense loved the whole episode yuhi in relationship ufff…..damn cool loved it….♥♥♥♥♥
the lake (os)

afeeza comeon who said and how can you say that it wasn’t good haan please damit it was soooo unique and different it was sooooo damn cute loved it…♥♥♥♥♥n am not joking seriously loved it…. 😀
My love for you will never fail………..os

Chiku dear I cant I mean I am speechless yaar ohhhh god what should I say loved it you know I am crying like hell ohhh shit it was soooooooooo heart touching os really you made it muaahhh…♥♥♥♥♥awsome it was very cute story you know yeh story bhi chalti agar sid nhi jaata toh ohhh beautiful story rula diya yaar you are amazing fabulous marvalleous writer dear….♥♥♥♥♥
THIS IS RELATED TO US – OS BY thanmy HAPPY B’DAY sayu dii n a note

Ohhhhh goodness thanmy dear it was beautiful os jasmine the love story ohhhhhh god sooooo cute loved it to core awesome yaar seriously you nailed it……… you nailed it………♥♥♥♥♥missing u a lot dear love u lods…. 😀
TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust & love Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Oye hoye wow sooo beautiful episode loved it too much the start is awesome lovely very cute….♥♥♥♥very cute episode twinj were very cute…….☻☻☻☻☻☻♥♥♥♥♥
Seriously woohhh it was soooo cute and damn awesome episode loved it to core ♥ beautiful the chat of twinj was soooo cute..♥♥☻☻☻☻♥♥
Ohhh common if u will give a chance to tell something bad about then we will tell you naa yaar uff seriously you damnly nailed it it was awesome beautiful episode loved it hmm emotional oo twinkle this rt huh how mean loved it…♥♥♥♥♥
Awesome episode simmy loved it very much ♥ kunj was sooooo caring and golgappe and all wwooww loved it…☻☻
Wwooohhhoooo yaayyy sooo very cute episode emotional as well but the three sisters and kunjs talk muaahhh☻
Ohhhhhhhhhh goody I m speechless kya he skti hun mein simmy you have not left me to say anything it was superb soooo cute and lovely episode…….flirting woohhooo♥♥♥♥♥they both were looking damn cute….♥☻♥
Ohhhhhh wow againg you left me speechless dear you are amazing you write sooo well and sooo cute loved it♥♥♥twinj were really cute…. 😀 ☻☻☻♥♥♥
Fabulous episode simmy privacy speechless they are naughty hehehe and then lift awesome loved it♥♥
Ohhhhhh goody superb episode sooo caring and lovely awesome yaar loved it♥♥twinj dancing aww…..loved it☻☻

Yr shruti I must truly say you are a brilliant writer dude loved it ♥♥sooo very much it was really very cute one romantic one affection care pyaar or shaadi sab tha awesome….fabulous dear u nailed it♥♥☻☻
An Absurd Movie ~ OS

Kruti di……………oh god seriously how do you always nail your writings I mean seriously sooooo sweet one the way you write something is amazing di love you lods…..♥♥♥loved it awesome fantabulous♥
junoon wala ishq – twinj epi-41 42 43 (PROMO-SHAADI SPECIAL)
44 45

hey aami jaan you ended it you end your ff and I came to know it now I was excited that finally I will read junnon wala ishq your ff but that really surprised me or say shocked me….
Well the episode dear it was amazing jaan loved it the truth was awesome chinki was the one and beautiful episode♥♥and twinj were funny and also really cute 😀
Ohhhh god aami dear sis kya likha tha I mean must say you write soooo cutely lovd it how and why is chinki shocked?☻♥loved it am excited to read it for furtherly seeya..♥♥☻
Aami phele toh I was laughing lyk maniacs seriously loved it woowhhoooo haahaaa I wanna marry him hahahaa awesome and bhenji seriously I was a bit tensed for my ut but now all is gone♥♥♥love u lods…☻
Aami tensed position se happy me lakar again you made metensed with this promo ohhh goodness seriousl many n many questions arising well I wont be living in suspense for sure ♥♥♥
Offfoooo aami I guess there first kiss infact three kisses in one time ohhh goodness and above all that shooooshooooo angry kunj awww…twinj were cute and emotional episode wanted to cry….cute one☻☻☻♥♥♥
Woohhoooo sooo cute wala episode aamu seriously loved it to core cute tha teda hai par mera hai hahahaaa awesome fabulous loved it…♥♥♥

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  1. Or rich and poor ff where is it

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  2. Ramya

    Thankyou baby thankyou so much fr commenting it Really means alot dear tqq
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      hey ramya my peasure n was amzed to read urr ff or os loved it♥♥♥

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    Baby thank you so much for your beautiful comments it means a lot
    load of love

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      love u 2 lods n lods…♥♥

  4. Oye hoyee mera Baby u r sooooo sweet yarr…. sab itne achhe se yaad hai tujhe…matlab kis ff ke kis epi mein kya likha hai sab kuch….
    dimag hai ya computer… haan? well firstly I would like to give my responce so……….. ye bhi koi puchne ki baat hai I also love to make ofcourse yes yar… n I would love to be your friend no no no not friend but best friend…. n thank u soooo much for the complement…. it means a lot…love u dear….well as u r saying so I’ll always try to give long epi…now happy? waise ek OS hamne bhi likha hai aap chahein padh sakti hai ye bhi super long hai…. kya… ab naam bhi bataun? kya yarr sare kaam main hi karun khud hi pata kar lo… achha chalo clue deti hun sooo…. it was written on Sayeedas bday…. toh mann kare toh ye bhi padh lena….

    Anyways u r really too cute yar n ur comments r awesome n mindblowing…. I love ur cmnt style…..dekha cmnt par compliment de rahi hun kabhi kisi aur ne kiya hai aisa?

    Well love u my bachha… keep smiling like this always…. n once again best of luck for ur tests…

    Ba byeeeee


    1. Baby

      ohhhhh goodness neha di apne mujhe bachha khe dia itne pyaar se vahi mere liye itna tha ki i cant even explain……..n u luv d wayi cmnt n i luv d way u ryt srsly di u r sch a brilliant rtr i was altough late to read ur articles bt loved dem to core..♥♥

      di u r sooooo cute n aapko puchne ki zarurat nhi pdegi mein khud pdke aapko batadungi ki kaiseee lgi mein chanhungi nhi ki mein pdu bt merko pdna hogi hi di…..☻☻afterall its all written by my sweet lovely cute sisters….

      i would love to be ur frnd cum sister di♥♥♥

      love u lods lods lods lods lods……♥♥☻ 😀

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    Oh my god baby…..thank u looks such a small word in frnt of yr words…. I m feeling on the top if the world right now….its like ….oh gosh! Can’t explain

    1. Baby

      hey ritzi even m happy dat i was able to make u feel soo ab tum hoyeee itni spcl..♥♥
      kbse i know u tbse since u use to ryt it was love that brought them together yr i use to luv dis ff lyk wat not i still remember its name n yeh bhi ki most awaited moment jo tha twinj ki suhaagraat heheheeeheheee 😛 sooo sry haan bt yeah we all were w8ing eagerly for ur honeymoon i meant twinjs in ur ff n i was d foolish one who was not able to read it jst bcz i was at my nanis place n dere was no wifi available i felt really miserable bt now i culd nt do anything hahahaaaa n still m lft wid one chapter of ur dat ff dat was i guess dat nly…..
      n den u were gonna strt s2 of dat ff or dis ff we chose dis bt hope to c u wid dat s2 also soon dear i miss dat ff dat masti pyaar or tashan ♥♥♥♥♥
      love u lods♥♥
      ab itna toh chlta tha yr yah i culdnt read a chapter sooo i had to now take it out of my mind n finally m doing it hehheeee or ab kya bolun haan thike nhi pada mene dat dosent means mein likh nhi skti dat i was w8ing for dere honeymoon hahaahaa ;P
      ab itna toh hak hai iss baby ko bolne kaa hahahaa
      sry jyada ho gya naa bt u r fabulous dear u ryt beautifully lovely♥♥♥♥☻☻

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    thank you so much for commenting on my and I m that I liked it…

    love you yaar..

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