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hi guys.. I’m posting this because I’m fed up with some people’s attitude. . I have to said everyone that a fan fiction means not anything related to real life.. anyone can wrote an ff.. and it is writers choice whom they pair up and who are the couples.. we are no one to question it.. if you don’t like any couple then you can ignore it.. why bashing writers? you are bashing a real life person for a reel character. . swara, ragini, laksh , sanskar all are reel characters. . just understand the fact.. they are only fictional characters . for them you are hurting a real life person. . just place yourself in their place.. what will be if someone bash you for your ff? do you felt any pain? you may love ragini or laksh. but please think that they are not any real life persons.. and tejaswi is not ragini and helly is not swara.. if one is getting importance because the writers are writing this for trp.. if they think swasan can bring trp then they will show swasan scenes more.. and actors have no role in it.. they are just doing their jobs.. they can’t influence the cvs.. because at the end of the day trp matters.. for cvs online viewers or actors not important. . they are only doing this all for trp’s . then why people bashing actors for it? in helly’s IG she geta many nasty comments. . but this will increase her fans love for her.. and she is getting many followers day by day.. and she didn’t give a damn to those haters.. in tu also some writers like eva, jyothi, anjali also getting bashing .. but did it affect their writing? no they write more and readers love them more. . so what will bashers get? babaji ka thullu.. so dear bashers why you are wasting your time and giving so much importance to a person whom you don’t like? this means you can hate them but can’t ignore them hei na? you are making yourself as a horrible person by bashing others.. and the person whom you bashed will became more lovable and adorable for others.. if you don’t like someone then ignore them.. by bashing why you are making them more popular and more good? bashers please study anything for future. . or do any jobs for living. . if you don’t have a job , your favourite actors will not bring food and dress for you. . so concentrate on yourself and do some jobs..

Credit to: Jwala

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  1. Ofcourse dear..
    They are just making fool of themselves…..bashing for your favourite pair is foolishness and I do really laugh at their follies.
    They appear to be idiot……n above all wasting their time and hurting others. I really felt bad for Eva when few people bashed her fir pairs n about her character. They had nothing to do with her character.
    They dont know how much a writer work hard for them to write. It’s not a easy task.
    But again few bashers won’t understand. They don’t how to respect others. It just reflect their cheapness nothing else
    It’s just a waste of time to bash unnecessarily.

    1. yes dear.. today I saw a girl bashing swasan and eva for writing swasan ff.. I really felt angry.. she can write an ff on her favourite pair.. bashing a writer for pairs is disgusting. . I know few people still can’t understand. . but I felt like making an analysis. . I don’t know what is their problem. . they can concentrate more on their favourites than bashing others. . that is too for reel characters they are bashing real people. . god knows who will help them to became normal

  2. Bhaiya kisi ko bash kyu karna ..nahi acha laga to na padho ..aage nikalo ..I saw some writers getting disheartened ..but a advice for them ..apne raaste ke kaato pe ek high jump mar ke nikalne ka …or haters ko kick marte chalne ka ..

  3. ?? for this. I agree. Why bash actors and writers? Bashers are demotivating everyone.

  4. Helly does get hate comments on ig and it’s really irritating… U agree with u…there is no point in fight for reel characters

  5. awesome well said dear

  6. Nice one they really need to stop bashing at the end of the it’s just for entertainment you will not get food by bashing and your favourite start won’t become their favourite it’s a choice to like someone or not that’s it bear with this

  7. jwala well said dr…..i agree with u….helly got many many nasty comments jwala… a helly fan i felt very bad….a girl commenting badly about her…..being a girl they are bashing her very low…..but she dint take a damn…..she s very strong……really she s a amazing person……likewise in tu eva really u r a strong girl…..many have bashed u but u cut their noses by being strong girl and u dint stop writing…..hats off to u…..

  8. Sach baat kahu toh basher kehlati hu.

  9. agree with u
    u r on the right track buddy

  10. well said jwala . . .its a vry need topic . . . i deeply agree ur words . . . earlier i came visit this web page not only reading but also knew viewers comment . . . but when i hear lots and lots bashing comment against helly i quit the side . . . bashing lead role not only hurt actors and also hurt their fans . . . if u want praise ur favourite actor noboady dont have problem u can praise as much as u can . . . but pls dont bash other actors . . . we can praise without bashing . . . pls excuse me if i am hurt anyone . . . its a request from not helly fan but its a request from ur frd

  11. you also wasting ur time by advising bashers just ignore them concentrate on ur future

  12. Dear Jwala.. I am happy that you reacted in a right way.. Talking about the bashers the best medicine is to ignore them.. Because they do it only because they are not capable of doing what they are bashing… So chill .. N the ff writers u ppl are jz awesome … Keep writing n ur ff lovers are always there to support you.. God bless !

  13. good job…many people made analysis on ff..u made one of bashers…new idea…at last this unwanted bashers got some importance…hahaha..joking…i also think the same..everyone has the right to write according to their own imagination…if somebody doesn’t like it then they can avoid it…why bashing??

  14. well said..:)

  15. I do agree with u Jwala…We should give writers their freedom..we can give suggestions to thm but should not order them in a way which hurt the writers..we should remember that the writers r entertaining us by using their time & energy…..we should accept their stories until there is anything wrng in it……apart frm characters
    And I must say that u did something that was needed indeed….well done JWALA ….take care

  16. Well said jawla…..

  17. Harsha vardhani

    Good that u took a stand….I’m a silent reader,seriously felt bad wen they bash on others writings ..u gave them a good answer.

  18. I agree with you as well jwala… thank you Soo much for this….

    Idk what ppl think when they type all this… I agree ppl are entitled to their opinion… but they shouldn’t voice it out if its going to hurt someone else.. or at the very least, tell it nicely…

  19. Hmm I agree with you!!

  20. Samethink also true in case of ragini bashers if someone bash helly then they start to hurt tejaswi what the wrong she did?is she requested her fans to bash her bestie.these peoples are out of world

    1. I completely agree with u

    2. Agree with u…but helly tried to stop this bashing comments by saying pls dont bash others…but teju never said.. that hurted helly fans and teju fans r abusing helly with unnecessary words…cant even say what dey said…and in twitter namish liked comments which r negative about helly…. dis is enough to bash namish,tej…but dey both should also have responsibility to stop their fans from scolding helly…feeling sad for helly….bcs today mrng also somebody abusing her….really it hurts her bcs dey r commenting directly on hellys official fb n instagram….

      1. Teju is rarely active on any social networking site

      2. I’m not bashing teju…and yaa she is rare on social networking sites….all should stop bashing each other…

  21. Nice analysis but CVS r also responsible for these bashing. They don’t know to balance the story with 2 couples. For eg take ek hazaaron mein meri behna hair they perfectly balanced the story with 2 couples. As a result neither jeevika(krystle) nor manvi(nia) was bashed badly. They were actually appreciated for their performance. I am not saying bashers r 100% ryt. But CVS r also responsible ryt? But bashing a writer for a ff is completely wrong. I mean it is the writers choice of what couple to choose. If u dont like the couple just ignore the ff

  22. Agree yar…bashers are the only one bcz of whom the CVS are confused about the further story….they are always making helly as the target of their bashing…what is her fault if CVS give importance to her…then who are we to speak vulgur thing about her….at least they are doing their best to entertain us…

  23. simple logic to be followed on this page is that
    “tarif kar sakte ho..encourage kar sakte ho toh karo …nai toh bura bhi mat readers ko nai pata the struggle that writers take to write one damn chapters…
    aur kisi ko zada taklif hain pairs ki toh apna khud ka story likho swaragini ko pair karna hai ya sanlak ko koi nai rokega but kisi aur ki story mai apne termsdictate karna is so immature..

  24. Well said dr…… After this lets hope they wont repeat it again…
    You did good thing dr jwala….

  25. 100% correct jwala… I agree with you…

  26. can i tel you something there is no use of what you wrote because people are still going to bash varun helly tejaswi and namish because people nowadays if they stick to one thing can’t come out of it especially ruining someone’s social life media is also same in the case i don’t like bashing anyone but some people like it a lot and can’t come out of it simple truth

  27. I’m
    Not trying to be rude and I dont bash anyone but tbh tejaswi is getting bashed too. People are calling her potato face and many other things. I mean seriously Swara have problems too and im not saying that helly don’t get called names but if the actors doesn’t care about it then we shouldn’t care about it either

    1. I also agree with both of them got bad names from bashers.. But mostly it affect helly b’coz they called her using cultured words.. Which is most painful for a girl

      1. Sorry uncultured

  28. You are absolutely right jwala.Yeh basher ke liye zaroori thi.Thank you for it.

  29. can somebody plzz tell me who was the writer of swasan-you are mine

    1. Its Bushra…..are u also waiting for her update like me?

      1. I heard somewhere that swasan you are mine was copied …so tu deleted it …but iam not sure …because I also like that ff …

    2. I just now got to know dat she has been copying d ff from Laila Mehtab…….i m shocked right now.

    3. yes…i was also now seems like it is not going to be posted in future.. .m missing that ff a lot

      1. Now knowing dat it is copied….i m nt going to bushra’s ff anymore, eventhough i love it, as it is leila’s. Unfortunately, Leila had to take down d remaining chaps….so i m gng to wait until she republishes it.

  30. Good job dear….very well said. ???

  31. I feel the same. It’s same like abusing someone bcoz they are watching Ranveer nd priyanka movie as leads and you like Ranveer nd deepika nd think former one as bro-sis. Yr why can’t we ignore them. I personally ignore every story in which swara’s character is lead as l m just fed of her. But l never go and shout chng them as l don’t like them.

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