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Hey guys,Shipra here the writer of SILENT LOVE.I’m writing this analysis to express my POV of all this bashing stuff.Firstly let me make it very clear that the serials

name is SWARAGINI,both are leads and their husbands too are leads.And so i would ask all fans that instead of asking for more Swasan or Raglak scenes,ask for equal importance to both pairs.Because if one pair gets more importance,then the fans of the other pair would stop watching the show and trps will go down,eventualy leading to the end of the show.Secondly,the other characters in the serial are not junior artists.They too are talented actors who are working to fulfill their dreams nd family needs.They too need a chance to show their talent.So its not right demanding for only main leads.Recently i read a very disturbing analysis.I don’t need to mention who it is cause you all must have read it.To all those who have similar thoughts,srsly everybody has their own favourites.Stop bashing other peoples favourites to prove urs superior.U r not provin anything.Helly,Teju,Varun and Namish are already proving their worth and talent through their characters.U will just be inviting bashers for urself.And you can’t judge them because of the characters they play.U dunno them personally.Do not judge people for no reason.U hate Ragini because she was evil,that doesn’t mean teju is evil nd u will bash her.I would say she is more talented than helly(no bashers please),because in one serial she portrayed different shades with perfection.First she was innocent traditional girl who would just do what her elders say,second an obssessed lover who can go against her loved ones to get him,third a revengeful woman who can hurt the love of her life for revenge nd to get what she thinks is justice and now who is good but doesn’t let others thoughts get in her way to do what is right.Because of bashers,actors hesitate to play negative roles,thinking they will be judged in real life.Helly too is a great actress.Her character is too strong and her acting is fab.As you all know she is participating in Jhalak dikhlaja,it is safe to conclude she is a good dancer after she posted the video of her rehearsal.Earlier Varun had to play roles of teenage kind of boy in hum se hain life.His acting in Saraswatichandra was also good.He too got a chance to play different shades.First of a mentally challenged person,second evil lover who is out to take revenge for is lovers death and now a mature guy who can do anything for his family.This is probably Namish’s first attempt as lead.But for a first time he too is good.Few say Laksh is good for nothing.Srsly? He was ready to accept His Mil’s baby!!!Evn though his family is against Ragini he supports her.How is that useless.If u r judging Ragini and Laksh for their past deeds,please think that evn Sanskaar was with Ragini in ruining Swalak marriage.If u can accept him,y not Raglak?And I also read somewhere that Sanskaar is divine and manly whereas Laksh is not.Seriously what do u define manly as?Nd for god’s sake it is peoples choice to have Ragsan and Swalak or Raglak and Swasan in their ffs.That doesn’t mean they are cheap or desperate.

Coming to the story,i feel the makers are doing a lot of partiality with the leads at present.We are missing Raglak romance for a really long time.In past too there were stories on 2 sisters like Ek hazaaron mein meri behna hai and Sapne suhane ladakpan ke were both leads were given equal importance.I just hope evn Swaragini makers give equal importance to both pairs.And i request again to everyone instead of asking for more Swasan or Raglak ask for Equal importance.

People who agree or oppose,please post ur views in the comment section.Lets spread positivity instead of hatred.All four leads together make a hit show like SWARAGINI.

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  1. Varsha

    I agree dear, I like swaragini and Raglak Swasan r bst, I too hate ppl who is cause fr fi8’s. Its after all a serial so pls stop fi8in n suprt swaragini to gt TRP’s n ask CVS to give equal imp to both pairs n all d 4 leads

  2. S dr wen I fandom can get 1.8 trp imagine wen both t fandoms watch…swaragini ill b no.1…CV’s must gve equal imp to both…nt raglak track alone r swasan track alone…in 1 epi ter shuld b both…

  3. Pammy

    U r absolutely right dear….yaar seriously i already mentioned it in my article long back and am saying again our cvs shld learn somethng frm serials like EHMMBH….i really hate our cvs fr thr disguisting writing skills dz serial instead of spreading postivity nd sistrs love they are showing full on negatvty…..ek mahaan ek daayan or else ek bichari ek fed up of dz……

  4. Zuha Fatima

    Agreeing with you! Totally correct! I also love Teja di more than Helly di! But still I am a HelTej fan! Moreover I am a Swaragini fan!


  5. Heltej

    Dear, its easy to tell… To unite… I have written few articles about bashing… But it wont effect them! Instead we should take initiative for like tweeting for equal screen space! I jus said my opinion

    1. Heltej

      And please dont compare helly and tejaswi… Both are unique in their acting skills… And they have their own beauty and charm

  6. Ragz_teju

    Totally agreed for what you said hope cvs give equal importance

  7. Sumeeta

    i agree with u .both deserve proper track.but ongoing track is disgustinh.i actually love drama.agar drama is the main issue in ur ongoing plpt then plot should be worthful. when raginis fake prego drama revealed track chal raha ta to i enjoy.par laksh character is childish even today also.laksh does not support ragini in this drama but he should given support and moralised ragini to fight against the whole word nd her family to be with her mother nd unborn will be more beautiful.even when fake prego drama revealed in that day he told nothing to her mom nd chachi.even when sujata badly taunt ragini sanskar come forward to stop her mom but laksh stand silent.we know sanskar handle sujata well phir bhi kuch to clan easily forgive laksh but not ragini .so in my pov this track is bullshit.
    but i really egrly waiting for this week q ki blackmail wala drama me suspance hai.

  8. Jwala

    I agree with almost every point. but not with one thing. don’t say that tej is more talented than helly.. both are equally talented. . Please don’t compare it.. else I agree with all your points.. they all are such great friends. . and people who have no job is always ther for bashing them.. they should get a life

  9. U r right in ur evry word both must be given equal importance

  10. No…Swasan r the worst couple even Ragak r also bad…I love Ragsan plzz unite them..That blo*dy swara should get out of swaragini.. I jst want Ragsan
    ..Throw out that so called Mahan Swara…..Swara n Sanskar ekdam Bakwas Jodi…But my sanskar n Ragini r best..Unite them n show their scence

    1. Sumeeta

      swasan and raglak are the ultimate couple from 1st day of show.swalak is paired to bring the twist.agar swalak aur ragsan hi hota to ragini aur laksh ki shadi nahi hoti aur swara aur sanskar ki forcefull marrige jo ragini ne karwatha wo bhi nahi hoti.
      ragini nd sanskar ne kitne bakt saat bitaya shruat me par sanskar kavita ko bhul kar ragini ko pyar kia nahi na.par swara k time pe sanskar fall for her.
      even in one of heva if they confirm that swasan is final pair.
      so serial ki starting se hi swasan nd raglak are final pair

    2. People like u r the worst fans of ragini….
      Who always spread negatvity…
      Shipra , zuva..and some others are good..try to learn from them…respect others…

    3. Yeah sure lets kill Laksh and Swara to bring Ragsan together ^_^
      They are married in the serial for god sake, how can you speak of breaking their marriage to get your favourite pair?

  11. Yes ur ri8 manpash Sanskar is so handsome n hot that ugly swara doesnt suits him…..I hate Swara always being mahana…Always does the over acting…swara 1st go n complete ur study …Then come in swaragini

  12. Dont dare to say anything against swara…swara is so cute.Ragini is not beautiful

    1. I don’t think she said anything against Swara. She made a small comparison , which is not completely wrong as Ragini’s character got more shades to explore,whereas Swara’s was just the good one.So Teju got a better chance to show her talent than Helly.

  13. U r ri8 dear..plzzz stop compering helly n Teja both r parfect in looks & acting

  14. Sanjanaagrawal

    I agree to all ur points except that teju is more telanted than hly both are equally talented

  15. Agree I think they should give equal importance to all 4 leads. They should devise such a track where all 4 leads r involved n get equal importance. N there characters come out as really strong.

  16. I agree with you 100% Shipra. The CV’s are the main reason for the low TRPs. They are not focusing on the couples equally and they are unnecessarily showing way to much family drama at times. Hopefully the CV’s understand this soon and they act accordingly to it. Also, yeah I don’t like the fact that the actors get bashed, we have no right to bash the actors and find negatives in them when we are far from perfect and when we have flaws ourselves. It just doesn’t make sense. And coming to Laksh’s character, I also agree with you. His character is amazing me these days, he is being such a supportive husband and he’s trying so hard to make Ragini smile in these difficult times for her. Not only that but he also has done a lot for Shekhar and Shomi by going against his family and accepting their baby. Also, Laksh was the one who was Sanskar’s strength during the memory loss track. This to me does not portray a ‘good for nothing’ person. In fact it shows how Laksh is strong and sweet who really cares for his loved ones. Anyways just hope all the bashing stops and Swaragini rocks the TRPs xx

  17. every now and the stupid analysis is posted..u people dont have any work to do..go and use ur precious time in doing some productive work rather than wasting ur time in stupid seriously sometimes I wonder what this celebraties and the actors too that they get so much attention of people and the soldiers u die in protecting their country is not given that much attention..the actual heroes are left and u people waste ur precious time in doing stupid analysis..seriously this is damn irritating..

    1. Very true,but i wonder why you read this analysis when it was clearly written Analysis on Bashers.She didn’t force you.She just wanted to express her POV. You are not wrong but if you find it irritating you should not read it.

  18. bhagyashree baruah

    yeah..u r absolutely right…i m agree with you..???

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