analysis on new changes in tpk by garima.

hy guys i am garima and want to know your views on the new changes in tpk.

tpk change so much.
and also his characters change and new entered.

first of all bihaan change.

In past bihaan is lion but sad news is that in present he is coward.

but the interesting fact is that his daughter bani is like him.
In her first appriance he says gazab bihaan popular line

thapki because a news reporter and live with his daughter thapki and go away from bihaan in previous episode she save one child life.

bani is like his father’s daughter and awesome like Manish and strong.

Tina is like his mother’s daughter thapki innocent bihaan don’t know that she is his daughter but love him so much prove in previous episode.

sharadha and shankara torture Tina so much.

bihaan a lion change so much but he perform this role so good he is a brilliant acter and it is interesting to see him with his new changes.

what you think it is good or bad Changes what you fell about new bihaan and gazab bani and thapki and his daughter Tina.
what you think about new changes in tpk?
Please give your opinion .
Thanks for reading.
hope you like it.

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  1. Hello my dearest garima…there is a lot of changes we can seen in this post leap Tpk,especially the character change of Bihaan ,we never expect to see a such a kind of Bihaan in Tpk.the important thing is Manish just doing his job in a spectacular way so that means the changing Bihaan is safe in his hands.then the chotties Tina is like Thapki and Bani is exact copy of Gajab Bihaan…
    The most outrageous fact in the post leap is the two devils.I don’t want to tell more about them.I think Bani and Thapki willbe reentered the PN soon then Thapki will get her Bihaan soon.the two little chotties will help her.
    The new appearance of Thapki in a journalist role it will helps her to make any single step against them.whatever happens we want our Bihaan back and his happy life with his Thapki and chottis.
    Overall I like the new storyline …but unaware about the hidden tortures.
    Really deeply miss our cute smile of Bihaan and Colorful days of Thahaan.

    1. Garima

      hy my best friend ya a sweet smile of bihaan I miss it so much also and hope all things get better best wishes to you by me darl.

  2. Vinni7

    I don’t like mummy papa type of story, seriously, but but but…
    I’m finding it pretty interesting ?
    I had a confusion that if thapki is a news reporter then Pandey family might knowing this!! Do bihaan know this??
    And I want bihaan and thapki to stay together for any stupid reason I don’t mind ? but they should stay together.

  3. Manish ki deewani

    hello garima.yeah they change bihanan a lot first b phor bihaan is b phor bahadur but now they make b por bihaan b phor bhacha .but Manish his best .he always give 100 percent or more than this to his character .manish is so talented .
    i like both tina and bani .also the bonding between tina and bihaan they both know the truth but still thier love is true unconditional which make me fall in love with them more.
    b phor bani is exact copy of his father .which i like it very much also made me smile .
    but feeling sorry 4 tina and bihaan this shradha and gobri devi torture her alot .also gd sankri ruling over bihu .i hope bani learn them a lesson .one bihaan regain his memory that day no one save her.but this leap is much interesting than my expectation.

  4. Vinolin.d

    hai my dear friend garima… I miss you so much.I love both cute chotties.I love bihaan acting.I am admiring his every moments.but…I don’t like his coward character.especially when that evil Sankara scolds bihaan,I gets worry.
    Sankara is idiot and one is there to support for bihaan and Tina.Tina is small child.they are torturing Tina.but still no one is noticing this.even police didn’t found that criminal Sankara and shraddha
    about accident case.before police tries to catches Sankara.but they didn’t catches her.police forgot in tpk police also supporting for devil only.when Sankara falls down from mountain by mistake..police suddenly rushes there.they arrests him.why police didn’t come when Sankara and shraddha done accident intentially?
    its totally totally totally totally illogical story.they are not giving happyness to thahaan atleast for few episode.recently they shows thahaan’s third marriage in tpk.
    I don’t know still how many marriages are waiting for thapki and bihaan and how many seperations are there for thahaan. I am just 25 percent only happy about bani.then bihaan taking care of Tina even he lost his memory.but remaining 75 percent I am so sad.because of shraddha and Sankara torchuring our bihaan and tina.their evil plans are always winning.important reason is thahaan separation. thapki doesn’t know about her daughter Tina. bihaan doesn’t know Tina is his own daughter.shraddha and Sankara is not getting punishment always.
    so these are the reasons making me disappointment.really I am not satisfied.

  5. Vinolin.d

    another reason is Sankara married with bihaan.she was controlling him. I know CVS trying to give some interesting track.but…mostly they are giving pain for bihaan and thapki.I don’t want to see them in pain always.but I hope they will reunite soon and gets marriage again.
    I am expecting that awesome moments.

  6. I love this new bihan it interesting to see bihan apart from his character but I really miss my ghazab bihan and I also like Bani .Bani is the main reason that I again start to watch TPK .

  7. I knew many illogical things happen in tpk, but that’s drama, sometimes we just have to accept it anyhow.
    The changes that happening right now, I found it really interesting, especially bihaan’s character changes, haven’t seen it in another drama.
    Many of us missing old bihaan, but naturally people change base on experience they have been through, so I think it would be awkward and a bit bored if bihaan stay the same, so just enjoy the changes.
    The changes also bring new challenges for the actors/actress, so they could advance their acting skills, and also avoid them from being bored because playing the same role for years.
    Overall, I like the new track, because the issues and the twists quite different from others.
    Keep rocking TPK

  8. Garima sis I was happy that bani is like her dad but bihaan is coward I can’t believe it but I like Tina as she is like her mom I am little happy about this story

  9. Hi garima i am happy with the track nd bihaan is looking tok cute nd innocent i want thahaan to unite soon and dat sankar to get out pf the show i like bani but yes ofc missing previous daring bihu nd but m for manish is m for mast he is doing justice to the bihaan ‘s character nd jigs s looking pretty in the new look i jst wnt thapki to teach lesson along with bani to sankar nd shradha for trtrng our bfor bihaan nd tina but i like monica as she is the same from strtng only negative but sankar is getting on my nerves i hate her from bottom of my heart but missing aditi nd ankit too lets hope for the best but overall track is nice nd waiting for vasu to enter….

  10. Bihaan look’s more young, cute and handsome.iam loving it!!

  11. Navami

    Hi garima….am not much satidfied with current track …….after a long time thahan reunion made me very happy..i hoped…a good story line than this…..wanted to watch evil gets defeated by thahan…..they keep their promise that always stay together……quite dissapointing……but….current track is ok…………i hope for the best……new look and leap…good but heart always wants to see thahan together….what do you all think….????

  12. Hi garima, actually I feel after the entry of kosi and sankar the serial is totally spoilt. S for stupidwala s for script. It’s totally illogical. Aditi’s death, thahaan separation, vasu and dadi ma missing,and now even dhruv character is changed. I think the serial has no end of evil things. Always planning and plotting to kill thapki or to separate her from pandey nivas. The others are just puppets of sankar and shraddha now. but I liked thapki and bihaan role as mummy and pappa. Bani is really gajab. But must admit the serial has lost about 50% of its charm.

  13. Hello garima… No Bihaan has not become a coward, he has become like a child… He is under the illusion of his illness… and I am sure sankar is tampering with his medicines because she don’t want him to cure as he knows all the truth.. and I am loving the bonding between bani thapki tina bihaan… cvs has such good ideas and they were giving those stupid tracks before… bani will irritate sankar and shraddha for sure when she enters pandey nivas.. about Ankit and sheena I will for sure miss them on the show…

  14. If bani goes to PN and find the truth about her parents then bani will torture that idiots like any thing for torturing her mother and father ,sister.and also Tina gets guts to fight with them.I miss tahaan and bihaan I am seeing this only for the two chotties

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