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what the hell they are doing with swaragini show? I swear there is no other shows as boring than this. what kind of drama is this? I’m sure next they will make swara as villian. and then show will be on Guinness record the show in which most characters were negative. don’t they have another anything to show than this faultu sa drama? show some swasan raglak scenes. we don’t want crying face of swaragini and shocked face of sanlak always.

swaragini is a comedy show now. shocking secrets of swaragini make me laugh now a days. trp is dipping very bad. in other all shows love tracks are going on and getting good trps. ye rishta was getting low trp. so they introduce kaira love story and now it is reaching top. even trp aunties bored with this stupid drama. look kkb it is dragging so much but abigya knock jok is always there . so it is no: 1 show. in swaragini no importance to couples and show is dipping badly. if they show more scenes of swasan , raglak and a logical drama then trp will be high. who is interested In adri villian track? shomi pregnancy track? better they revamp the story and bring a fresh track with 4 leads and give equal importance to all the 4 leads.. sanlak was not at all present in last week. they are statues in this week. Please cvs.. you have 2 beautiful jodies.. Please use them well.. you have diamonds in your hands . and playing with ordinary stones.

note: I wrote it from my frustration. I know cvs will not read it lol.. but what can we do ? cvs are dumb people ever.

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  1. RUPA

    Well said jwala !!

  2. I agree with your opinion it’s starting to drag on and on with each character turning negative it’s not a good twist. Apparently durga Parsal will have a heart attack personally I think that they show him as a Kharoos character whose appearance doesn’t make any difference in the show.

  3. Agreed I think that should bring Karthik back who has changed and wants to prove his love for Ragini

  4. Heltej

    Jwala… Frustration… Last week i was in ur same place as urs! I think we have to tweet them for LOGICAL track rather swasan and raglak track!

  5. I agree wid u.they should use the jodies

  6. Mica

    inhale.. exhale.. inhale.. exhale.. Jwala!!! *doing pilates
    we should understand about cvs’s less of creativity and knowledge…

  7. Cvs Become Mad I Wonder Where Are Cvs Who Give Us Amazing Story

  8. exactly I agree with u…

  9. Sammykapoor

    ya i agreed with u…swasan raglak are super jodies among all present jodies in colours and zee tv …. if cvs use them in proper way SR become top in TRP…

  10. Deeksha

    Truly said jwala

  11. I totally agree with u Jwala.. this serial has some extraordinary powers u know to make people negative… now the rest is also going to b negative i think so… bt what about CHOTTU… how can a chota baccha play a negative role…bt m sure cvs will surely do something … i hv full faith on them.. ((lol))??hahahaha… cvs wale chote bacche ko v nahi chodne wale…mark my words…????

  12. Sammykapoor

    its better to show swara n ragini helping in bussiness or doing job inspite of showed only in they are 21st century youth…. cvs can show track like swaragini facing some ups n downs in heir work later san lak helping in some situvations and some special moments of both jodies etc

  13. Meher

    Swaragini is best example for everyone that “how to ruin a show in just a week”

    This show has became so damn boring.. but m still watching this for Varun..

    This show has 4.4 trp at the time of swasan’s forced marriage.. n hatts of to CVS for bringing that to 1,6 just in a few months….

    The parish track is worst.. and before this we have tolerated “jijji Khush nhi hai” , “Kavya the great”, “pari ka haq” and now “property-property”..

    I have no issues if they show little less swasan n RagLak.. but atleast show something logical.. rather than this Rona dhona..

    I completely agree with you dear.. ur each n every word is correct

  14. Y CV is not using the beautiful couples in their story?? Now I’m just watching this serial fr fun. Hope they understand and change the track fastly.

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