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Hi frnds….I just want to know u r opinions upon this serial swaragini.

Frnds they 1st made swara blamed for everything by DP for being a daughter for shekhar&sumi’s love without mariage.
At that time ragini supported her& gives her the name swara gadodia&sumi her was too good.
Then they make ragini violn&troubles swara alot…it is not
Then kavita&uravashi drama they are after swara.&again ragini realised her mistake she patched up with swara and became swaragini.

Then I thought everything goes gud with swasan&raglak..but they make drama of Kavya..both swaragini&sanlak faced lot of problems due to her.she troubles them alot.

After that laksh realised his love for ragini ..that’s was gud.but ragini&her father easily accepted laksh y??
Does ragini don’t have individuality.,which is having by swara…it is so pity that she easily accepted so great..applause to her and her so called papa.?

My question is why can’t CV make someone loves ragini.ragini has became great in her career .she became celebrity…very well bonded with swara..laksh is trying to get ragini. Back& karthik is also loving ragini…

Does cv’s have any brain…or they are out of mind.
Laksh 1st married ragini&again divorced&married Kavya..
Without divorcing Kavya how can he marry ragini??
Now Kavya is a legal wife to him&she is alive.&they both didnot take divorce in order to marry ragini

Again y cv’s are back of swara…won’t they wish to make swasan unite…I was thinking that swara had got some peace in her life after fell in love with Sanskar and marrying him…y they want to separate them.without showing their Romance&Love..Does it necessary to make Sanskar doubts swara&karthik..y yar…Sanskar believes swara alot.I think every girl should get a husband like Sanskar..but y they are making swara to undergo pain&Sanskar swara seperate…

Pls frnds tell me u r opinion frankly pls…I want swasan&raglak to unite..but raglak unite should be made with pure love.& making ragini to heal the pain that was given by laksh by marrying Kavya..I think laksh deserves..

Ragini also did so wrong with swara.but ragini &laksh had so much difference ragini did for her so called love(she even ready to give her life to him)..laksh did that too take revenge from ragini.he literally used her…it is not right way to take revenge from.a deserves punishment atleast for some time.wat do u say guys

Credit to: Swathi

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  1. i agree with u i feel pittt on ragini in real life if it happens with any girl she won’t forgive that person easily ragini when showed negative and while helping sanskar to prove swara innocent we saw her individuality can u imagine such a strong girl bleving and forgiving anyone so eadily why they r sperating swasan can’t this cv’s unite raglak but not so easily let laksh try hard to get ragini back………….

  2. nooo .m sure it will b some plan of swara and sanskar to disclose that kartik.. nothing can come between them…its swasan forever..!

  3. Totally agree with u when laksh didnt trust swara nd married ragini there swara forgive him but didnt return in his life just for not trustinv her and here laksh played with raginis respect and insulted her father and her love how can she forgave him so easily and what about raglak and karthik love triangle track ?

  4. Cv’s are brainless. But to be frank i don’t want a husband like sanskar. I would better die rather than being with that type of guy

  5. i m not against ragini r anyone dr….i m just expressing what i thought…..ragini married laksh by blackmailing then after exposing again she did a drama f memory loss den proved swara characterless….den laksh cant take it so he kidnapped her….from dis she would have understood dat laksh dint love ragini and she should have divorced….bcoz its all tit for tat…..den again listening dadi ragini bcome malik nd started to torture all mainly dp nd ap so laksh again thought to take revenge he did mrg in d same way ragini did by hurting swara….but laksh hurt ragini for kavya….so after changing to positive all forgived ragini n d same way after laksh realised his love all forgived him thats it guys….

  6. So are they separating swasan?

  7. I started watching this serial cz in this that steriotyp of “step” relations hv been broken down… but it starts loosing it hold frm main plot “swaragini n music” when ragini ask swara to accept laksh.. i mean cm on yr if u luv him… straight away tell everyone… that i luv him… y to crreate conspiracy… n then unnecessary dragging plot ok kavita n kavya… n the game of marriages… i mean cmon yr real m kon 4-4 baar shadi krta h n har baar dulhan bafal jati h…m watching this only for Sanskar’s character

  8. When did sanskar doubt swara????? Pls answer this question…..

    1. acc to a spoiler sanskar will doubt swara karthik relation

      but it is not confirmed and can be a fake news

      i hope so
      it will destory magic of swasan

      1. Hope it is fake…. And y will Karthik come back when he is I jail….???? Its damn confusing……

      2. Can u pls give me the link of the spoiler if u have???

    2. i know its confusing
      even i am confused

      i don’t have a link

      but it is a video spoiler by entertainment tadka

  9. I agree with all the things u said except for one…Both Ragini and Laksh were equally evil…..Rags did it for her love….but love is selfless isn’t it? She did so much to everyone….for 1 person she tortured everyone….so blaming Laksh only won’t be correct….If anyone would be in Laksh’s place then he would do the same….maybe some thing worse…..Laksh played with Ragini’s dignity being a man…Ragini being a woman played with her own dignity….she pretended to be molested by Sanskar…..she evn played with her sister’s dignity..she tried to prove her sister to be characterless…trying to woo both sanlak…..maybe u r a Teju fan…thats why ignored it..but truth is truth….no hard feeling dear…i like Tejaswi more than Helly…i just wrote whatever i felt dear….I’m so sorry if my words hurt u….

  10. I totally agree with u. Actually even I’m thinking in the same way
    Ragini shouldn’t easily 4give laksh after what he did to her …..arrey helly played with her emotions & she 4gave him… immature. .. does writers want 2 say she has no self respect. …..Honestly I’m a very big fan of tejaswi. …i didn’t like the current sequence of rags 4giving laksh &remarriage

  11. hey Swati r u sure that Sanskar will doubt Swara????MATLAB really….I will definitely kill that CVS if they seperate our ONE N ONLY COUPLE SWASAN…I thought that now they will give some romantic scenes of swasan but no…how they can let them n us have some peace….n laksh ko bahut jaldi pyar ka aheshas nahi ho gaya…. ragini u r rocking soo sweet….love all of u four….we want Swasan n Raglak together please….

  12. Noo sanky can never doubt swara.. It wud b d most ILLOGICAL thing d cv’s can do cuz trust z d base of their relatn.. Their trust relation z d basis of their love… Sanky always supported n trusted swara against all d odds n prufs so nw der z no scope of mistrust.. N dat to swara-kartik juz IMPOSSIBLE!! Hope it’s juz d rumour n nthn else

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