An unknown love story (episode 25)


The episode starts with Swara getting ready in a blue saree and sees Sanskar sleeping and tries to wake him.
Swara: this Sanskar na always have time for romance and sleeping but not for office Sanskar wake up u r getting late for office.
Sanskar: Hmm I get up 5 minutes more Swaru.
Swara tries to pull him: Sanskar No way get up.
As Swara was pulling him Sanskar pulls her towards him and she falls him with thud and he rolls over her.
Swara still pulling him: Sanskar…. Ah…
Sanskar pulled and rolled over her: Uff Mrs. Sanskar you speak too much let me sleep and he dugged his head in her neck.
Swara hits his arm: Sanskar leave me I have to go for aarti and have so many work.
Sanskar: U r telling like I don’t have any work I have important than u and winks at her naughtily.
Swara blushes: Sanskar No its not time for this plz.
Sanskar: No this is the right time and starts kissing her neck.
Swara couldnt protest and went along Sanskar. He smiled winningly and soon both got into their comforter enjoying eachother company.
After one hour…….
Swara hurriedly got ready in orange saree and dries her hair hurriedly. Sanskar came out of the washroom and saw Swara getting ready.
Sanskar: Swara slowly.
Swara: I have told u already but now see the time and Ragini started aarti.
Sanskar: Swara relax and she goes down fastly followed by Sanskar.
Ap does the aarti and Raglak smiles at eachother and was looking at the stairs.
Ragini slowly: Laksh its already seven Swara comes down at 6.
Laksh: Ragini let them come we got chance to tease them na. Swara comes down but Sanskar pulls her. She ignores him and she goes and stands beside Ragini. Ragini hits her shoulder but Swara shakes her head. Aarti ends and Ap turns and saw Swara shivering.
Ap: Arre Swara what happened u r shivering.
Ragini: Kuch nahi Maa see her hair is wet so she is shivering and winks at Swara.
Ap smiles and gives prasad to all and goes to dining table.
Laksh: What happened Bhai this much late.
Ragini: Laksh shut up they newly wed na it takes time.
Swara turns red and escapes from there leave Sanskar. Raglak laughs seeing her.
Precap: Sanskar slaps Swara.
Sorry for the short update guys I am planning for a long update for that this short update is needed hope u won’t bash me so enjoy.

Credit to: Rini

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  1. awesome!! but the precap is scaring me please don’t seperate SwaSan

  2. Nice but precap is scaring. Plz dnt separate SwaSan.

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  8. Nice but precap is scary

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    Just lovedon’t the while story??

    As a fan one request please try to be regular and don’t separate swasan yaar

    Waiting eagerly for the next part but the precap is ??

    1. Actually it is not “lovedon’t the while story” instead it is ?!”loved the whole story”!?

  11. Plzz try to be regular…. BTW NIC

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  13. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Superb…..pls update soon na

  14. Y all are not update next episode in any stories can u plz episode next

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