An Unforgettable Night- TWINJ – by Shalini (b’day treat of Sameera)

Hello friends, how are you?? Remember me?? It’s been a long time I’m posting something on TU.. today I’m here with a birthday treat for my bullet train, my sweetness ki dukan ??

Happy Belated Birthday Sameera ???? I hope your birthday was wonderful. Wishing you have a successful and bright future ahead nd God fulfill your all dreams nd wishes..lots nd lots of love ?? Sorry, I couldn’t wish you on your b’day ?? but look ye iss saal ka I mean 2018 ka first post hai which I’m posting just on your b’day (after six months??) bahot mushkil se time nikala hai so maafi de diyo ??

Well here I’m presenting a small (hope so ??) OS on Twinj with the hope that you guys would like it..



“Kunj, please go to Taneja mansion nd give it to Leela Auntie… I can’t go there bcz I’ve so much work to do”.. Anand bhaiya ask forwarding me a parcel..

“Bhaiya, if you don’t mind can you please go there? actually I’ve headache.. Don’t worry I’ll handle everything here”…

“Kunj, what happened? Main dekh raha hun kuch din se tu Twinkle ko avoid kar raha hai.. tum dono ka jhagda hua hai?”..

“No bhaiya.. aisa kuch nahi hai.. we are just not getting time bcz of our projects”..

“Are you sure?”..


“Ok.. but I can’t go leaving my work.. it’s urgent.. please do this favour”..

“Ohk.. I’m going.. you carry on with your work”.. I couldn’t resist his insistence nd agreed for to go to Taneja Mansion where I was not in mood to go..

Well I didn’t have any other option.. I reached there with the parcel to hand over Leela auntie.. I was in hall nd looking here nd there actually searching for someone but couldn’t found her..

“Searching for Twinkle? She is in her room trying her dress.. you can go nd meet her”.. Leela auntie asked to me gaining my attention on her question..

“No Auntie, it’s not important.. she must be busy.. I should go”.. she just passed a smile nd went in her room while I was going back but then I heard her voice

“Mom.. look this dress is not well stitched.. now I’m not able to unbutton my blouse.. please hel…. Kunj, tum kab aye??”… she stopped in between finding me there nd I also stopped finding her in front of me..

“Few minutes ago”..

“Ohk.. I need your help??.. can you please help me to unbutton my blouse from back.. it’s very tight nd now my hands are painning”..


“What but?”..


“Kunj, I hope you remember that we are getting married ten days later”.. I didn’t replied her.. she just passed a disgusting look nd went to her nd I followed her till her room.. nd then turned her back to face me so that I can easily help her.. I was silent so was she.. my fingers were shivering while touching her..

“What happened Kunj?.. you hardly even touch me nowadays”.. it was not just a question but she was taunting me.. nd I could sense her mischievous smile, she was trying to control.. naughtiness in her voice was showing the fun, she was making of mine.. I was also habituated of this bcz it was not the first time she did but she has been taunting me after that unforgettable night.. I have unbuttoned her blouse except upper one nd asked her to change..

“Who will unbutton rest one?”.. she asked looking back at me..

“You can do that by yourself”..

“Why.. today why are you hesitating Kunj? Us raat toh bade hyper ho rahe the isi ke liye..”.. again a taunt.. this was what the reason I didn’t want to face her..

“Twinkle!! Please..”..

“Ok baba sorry.. just kidding.. don’t make your sadu face.. achhe nahi lagte”… she went into washroom but not before peaking on my cheek.. Someone has said true these girls are too hard to understand.. that night, her behaviour nd now her behaviour.. really too much irritating..

It’s an incident of about two weeks ago, it was birthday party of our friend Uv.. party was held in a hotel.. it was middle of night nd there was most of the Friends were as a couple nd so was me nd Twinkle… we enjoyed a lot, had some fun nd dance.. I also had alcohol hiding from Twinkle.. After party ends, everyone took their respective rooms, some separately nd some as a couple nd so I took mine with Twinkle.. we’ve spent many nights together before also, so there wasn’t any uncomfortable situation between us..

However, I don’t know what took over my mind that night, I wanted to make out with her.. she was in balcony for some fresh air.. I hugged her from behind… kissing and cuddling weren’t big issues for us as we did it normally… well, she smelled the alcohol and so my fishy intentions.. but she said nothing.. I kissed her nd she reciprocated.. but then I started becoming tough and wild.. I pushed her at the wall and gave her no room to elope.. The animal in me was hard to handle now.. I touched her at the unwanted places.. She tried to push me away but was failed bcz a gym freak masculine wasn’t in normal senses now… She told me to stop but nothing was in control now..

Then suddenly it came in a lightning speed..hard and strong.. three in row.. yes I was slapped.. I was slapped so tight that my mind and body went numb straight away.. I never knew she has so much of power that I fell on the sofa with her 3 tight slaps.. I didn’t utter a word.. I was back to conscious world regaining what sin I have done.. She was there adjusting the torn buttons of her shirt..

“Listen you.. mister Sarna.. Don’t u ever dare to touch me again.. I have never seen this side of you before.. you are such a filthy brain”..

“I thought I deserved it.. We Love each other”

“Oh really? This is what you call love? This is your lust Mr. Kunj nd not love.. What kind of love you are showing by tearing my clothes??.. First thing… if I let u touch my body that doesn’t mean you are going to use it as you want nd secondly.. I’m not a toy to be played for…my parents have sent here nd permitted me to stay in night with you with a trust and I will never break it… even if it cost our relationship.. And the last most importantly.. learn to respect a girl than to see her as a s*x object.. Love doesn’t permit you to have s*x with me.. And when you deserve it I will surely let you know… You are so disgusting Kunj.. I’ve never expected it from you”..

What was left with me was a shame.. I coudnt even dare to look into those furious red eyes.. Maybe I had crossed my limits very badly.. It was equally shameful and embarrassing.. I hardly took alcohol but now I hated the alcohol more personally… The heat of her strong palm was right on my cheek.. Disturbed and annoyed she kept herself away from my sight. My masculinity had been hurt so was her inner conscience.. I wasn’t a guy with bad intentions but this put me into real mess… I was terribly sorry.

She was right…she wasnt my property to be used. I should have known my limitations and asked her before doing such shits.. Now she was there mad at me and somewhere a guilt of having me as a boyfriend was haunting her.. I could not respect her feelings.. So in another way I don’t deserve her.. that night passed with just a silence… there was only guilt nd anger on both of us face..

Next day I didn’t had courage to apologise and neither she took any initiative to talk.. Days went by and gradually things became normal.. but still I couldn’t apologised to her neither she ever talk about my that shameful action but yeah, she never forget to taunt me whenever she got any opportunity.. well, that slap changed my every perspective for a girl nd I never touched her without her permission.. nd maybe she is aware of my feelings very well that’s why she never let it affect our relationship.. nd now we are going to get marry after ten days.. but I always try to not come in front of her at least not before marriage.. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to understand her feelings in future also or not.. I don’t know what type of husband I would be prove in future but one thing I’ve make sure that I’ll never do anything against her..

I was still in her room nd she walk out of washroom, wearing her casual dress.. she was trying her wedding lehenga but I think it was not perfect..

“I think I should go.. bye”.. I was going out of her room but she stopped me..

“Kunj, why are you behaving strangely? Why are you ignoring me?”.. she came to me nd turned me to face her..

“Why do you feel so? It’s nothing like that”..

“Then why don’t you come close to me Kunj?” She put her palm on my cheek nd I suddenly turn my face..

“Hawww Kunj, I didn’t knew that you are too weak to get scared just bcz of a slap.. haye baba ji what kind of bf you’ve given me?”.. first she made a sad face but in next moment her expression changed in smile, which she was trying to control..

“Twinkle, it was not one but three”.. I tried to correct her.. I have nothing to say…

“So?? Just three nd not hundreds.. I didn’t know that you, a gym freak masculine guy, get afraid just of a slap otherwise I would have not do that even in my anger”.. the way she was saying, was seriously too embarrassing.. I knew that she was just irritating me.. I held her by shoulders nd pushed her to the wall, looking in her eyes who had held mischievous intentions..

“Twinkle, what do you want to say??.. I’m a looser?”..

“No.. no.. I was just.. just saying that you…”.. her husky voice, her nervousness, her naughtiness, her face expression everything was really too attractive, that I couldn’t become rude with her..

“Ms. Taneja, I’m not scared of your slaps you’ve given me but I’m scared of your furious eyes your anger, I’m scared of thought if I’ll repeat it again, you may break up with me, I’m scared bcz I don’t want to loose you”..

“Kunj, if a girl treat herself just as a Girlfriend, she will let her man do what he want, she’ll never resist him bcz for her just he matter.. but when a girl is also a daughter, a sister then her family matters more than herself.. her parents happiness is everything for her.. Kunj, you are my life nd I would happily do anything for you but I can never break my parents trust.. they live for me.. their happiness is in me nd they never stop me to do anything of my wish that doesn’t mean I’ll do something against their wish.. Kunj, I’m their proud nd I want to be that always.. I hope you understand”.. of course I understand her.. her every word I understand even her unspoken work I could feel what she wants to say.. but my just one mistake put me in guilt.. it makes me feel shame on me.. I was speechless.. if I could say something was just a sorry

“I’m sorry”.. after that night it was the first time I apologise.. nd I was happy for it..

“I’m sorry too”.. she also apologise.. it was the good quality of our relationship that we easily give up, no matter whose fault or mistake it was, one of us would always pacify other one but never let any obstacle overcome our love..

“I love you”..

“I love you too so much”.. after a long time we hugged with the same passion, same feelings of love in our hearts like we used do.. it was so peaceful having in our love’s embrace.. nd in next moment we were there, she was on my feet wrapping her hands around my neck nd in my hair, kissing each other deeply nd madly.. it was rough nd wild one but filled with love nd just love.. we loose our ego in love but can never loose our love for our ego..


I know it was not too good but boring.. but still if you’ve read it then please share your views either positive or negative.

Sorry for grammatical nd typing error. No proof reading.

Nd sorry Sweetness ki dukan for belated birthday wish??

Lots of love to all my friends ????

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  1. Yrrr it was lovely.loved it

  2. Hi Shalini it was a brilliant episode and romantic too I really love it and twinkle was right on her place kunjs guilt was well expressed love it plsssssss do post more os love u take care

    1. Shalini15

      Thanks Sia ?I’m glad you liked it. Yeah I’ll try to post more OS if I’ll get tim ?
      Love you too ?

  3. Ohhhh my god such a cute suprise Di loveddddd it soooooo much ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Amazing os man from the start till the end it was fantabulous ..
    Kunj guilt twinkle slapping him 3 time hehe ???????sooooo cute Di loved it ..
    Thank you so much for the birthday wish I seriously waited for you Di ???????????
    Amazing gift article specially for me that too you wrote your first article of 2018 for me so cute Di love you ..
    Thank you again n again ??????
    I love you so much ??????????????????

    1. Shalini15

      Thank you so much Sweetness ki dukan ? I’m glad you like it. Us din maine tumhara dob isliye pucha tha nd I think tumhein bhi ye pata hai ?? but trust me main usi din se plan kar rahi thi but koi idea hi ni mil raha tha aur tumhein toh pata hai mera luck kitna kharab hai kitni bhi koshish kar lo kabhi koi bhi kaam time par ni hota ???? so ye bhi ni hu.. late mein hi post kiya ?? but I’m so happy that you like your this bday gift. Thank you so much ?
      Aur haan ye article specially tumhare liye tha.. warna itni jaldi main tu par na ati ?????
      Love you too ??????

  4. SSK

    Beautiful OS, hope you post more like this. 🙂

    1. Shalini15

      Thanks for liking it ? nd yeah I’ll try if I’ll get any idea nd time too.

  5. so u r back on tu after 6 months…
    It was amazing shallu …
    twinkle was right on her place ..she is not an object for playing..
    luved it..
    acha sun ab ff ka bhi epi post kr dena plz.
    luv u

    1. Shalini15

      Yes I’m back after 6 month just for one day ????
      Thank you so much for liking it..
      Aur ff to maine hamesha ke liye delete kar diya hai to post kaise karun ?? ??
      Love you too ??

  6. Different os….loved it a lottt….
    Loved the way protrayed it

    1. Shalini15

      Thanks Riya ? I’m glad you found it different nd like it ?

  7. SidMin

    Hey di …
    The os was amazing and cute I loved every bit of it …
    I want more such os’s … so please write more
    by the way hope you remember me ???? (Mili )
    Love you 🙂

    1. Shalini15

      Mili? Kaun Mili? ?? sorry main kisi Mili naam ki ladki ko ni janti ?? huhh, badi ayi do you remember me karne wali ??? Madam, agar apko yaad hai to messages maine hi kiya hai na apne ??? sab to aie gayab ho jate hain jaise kisi aur planet par chale gaye ho ?? Missed you so much White mailer.

      And thank you so much for liking it.. your comment was an unexpected.. frankly speaking, I’ve lost hope that you’ll come back on TU but now happy to see you.. welcome back ??
      Love you too ??

  8. Ruko ruko yrrr ye kon aaya h sach me sahi dekh rahi hu yrrr koi mera chasma dena omg ye to chudail hi h????????? …….finally chudail tere ko hosh to aaya aur kya bol rahi h tu ki humko tu yaad h ya nhi yrrr insaano ko to me bhul sakte h pr chudailo ko nhi????yrrr teri bhootni ne tere ko bahut miss kiya bahut jayada itne msg kr rahi hu tere ko tu h kaha yrrr

    Os superb fantastic awesome amazing mindblowing yrrr
    Kunj ko 3 slap???pr twinkle apni jageh sahi thi aur kunj ko bhi guilty feel huva h superb story

    Aur ab na ff aur ss bhi post kr de samjhi ye teri bhootni ki demand h ?????
    Luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv u chudail & misss u???????

    1. Shalini15

      Theek se chashma laga liya na bhootni?? Ab main dikhi ya ni?? ??? aur chal chal jyada bhao na kha.. mujhe bhi pata hai ki tu insano ko bhul sakti hai.. abe tu insan hogi toh unhein yaad karegi na? Tu toh bhootni hai ???? aur haan koi fayada ni message karne ka bcz maine abhi insta nd WhatsApp dono apne phone se delete kiya hai toh kahan se padhungi tere messages ??? but I’m missing you too bhootni ?
      Nd thank you so much for liking it.. mujhe pata tha tujhe ye comedy hi lagega ??
      Aur ff nd SS ke baare me abhi kuch ni socha hai ?? so wait nd wish for my mood change ????
      Love you too bhootni ??????
      Aur han agar tu hangsout par hai toh apna gmail mere no par message kar de phir main tujhse hangsout par milungi ??

  9. Loved it ❤

  10. Ramya

    Wowwww diiiii
    It’s awesome
    Kya story hai
    I just loved it.
    It’s amazing awesome and lovely.
    I loved it
    And those dialogues

  11. Shalini15

    Thank you so much sugarcane, I’m glad you like it nd it’s dialog??
    Love you ??

  12. Ananya_DSK

    Hi Shalini di!! It had been such a long time, and who could forget you after all!! You were as amazing as always, or maybe even more… Twinkle’s character was depicted beautifully, and Kunj’s guilt too was presented really well… Absolutely loved the way they story proceeded, and it was a really unique story… Absolutely amazing!!!

    1. Shalini15

      Thank you so much Ananya☺ I’m glad that you like it nd found it unique ☺ nd thanks for the appreciating me? I just try my best to pen down my ideas in words☺ nd sorry for being irregular ?

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