An Unamed Relation….KairaOS #1

Hey guysss…its me Heera…I am gonaa write a OS on Naira and Karthik and hope u all like it….

A girl is seen studying in her room…her friend comes and snatches her book. Naira looks at the girl angrily and removes her spectacle. She asks for her book back.The girl smiles and teases her.
Meera:Groom is coming to see u…r u ready?
Naira shies and looks away.
Naira:Do u know Meera…It was always my dream to get married and stay happily in a house with my husband,to get busy with my house.(she is a typical girl).
Meera smiles and asks her to get ready to live her dream life soon.
Meera makes her ready in a beautiful pink Lehenga.She looks beautiful.She smiles and runs to the terrace on hearing horns.She smiles seeing a car coming.Her mother comes and takes her downstairs.Naira greets everyone and looks at the groom that is Karthik. She remembers seeing him behaving badly many times like a goon.She gets tensed.The groom’s family likes her and asks for her opinion. Naira says that she needs to talk to Kartik.

They go in a room.
Karthik shuts the door and comes close to her.She looks on worried.He grabs her and pins her to wall.Music plays as they have an eyelock.
Kartik:Dont do the mistake of marrying me…I am a very bad guy with a bad past,present and future and ur life will unecesaarily get ruined because of me.Its better u refuse.
Naira looks on. Kartik tells her about the hatred he has for his family,with himself. Naira sees the hatred and anger he has in his eyes.
Naira goes out.Her mum asks about her decision.She smiles and says she is ready to marry Kartik. Everyone is happy.Kartik gets shocked and looks on.
Naira smiles and runs to the temple.She prays to God to give her strength for whatever she is doing and also for giving her a life partner. Kartik enters the temple and pulls her closer.She asks him to leave her,he is hurting her.
Kartik:Why did u say yes?
Naira removes his hand and says because I have seen ur hatred that u have for ur life. And I want to improve it. I cant see u suffering like this. And yes one day u had to marry right and I am perfect for u.
Kartik is stunned and looks at her.Chukar gayi plays…She smiles and goes.Kartik thinks I hate her then why do I see her so beautiful and a spark she has in her.She is something else.

Soon,its marriage day.Naira gets ready and comes downstairs. She smiles seeing the mandap and thinks about her dream.Karthik sees her and thinks I will make ur life hell so that u regret taking the decision of marrying me. Naira thinks I will make ur life and house a heaven so that u start loving ur life.The marriage takes place. The family of Kartik leaves them at their house where they will stay only the two.The family leaves.Kartik smiles and pretends to be good.He brings her grah pravesh items.Naira smiles and throws the rice.She then walks on the coloured water.She gets hurt coz of the glass pieces that Kartik put on it.He pretends to care for her and lifts her in his arms.She shies and smiles.He brings her to room.She stands and looks at the decor.He hugs her from behind.She shies and goes away.He lifts her and brings her to bed.They have an eyelock…He was about to kiss her when he remembers the hatred he has for her..He pushes her.She gets shocked seeing his changed behaviour.
Kartik laughs:What did u think miss Naira…That I married u coz I love u…no because i wanted to teach u a lessn for loving me and marrying me…u made a grave mistake and now I will make u repent it.
Naira cries being shocked. He grabs her and acts like a physcho.
Kartik:No worries…we are married now.Lets continue with the ritual.He goes close to her. She pushes him and cries being sad. He drags her and lights a fire in the room. She shouts Kartik! Have u gone mad? He smiles and takes reverse pheres with her. She cries and resists. He wipes off her sindoor. She breaks down and cries. He goes to change.
He comes back and doesn’t see Naira.He goes to sleep. Naira pushes him from the back.He falls on bed and angrily looks at her.
Naira:What happened MrKartik? It hurt ur ego? Ohh such a shame that a girl pushed u? (Showing him finger) never underestimate a girl’s power okk..u think u ruined my life by marrying me but even u got married naa and now I will prove to u why u should keep up this marriage and accept me as ur wife.I will prove to be the wife u never imagined someone to be. This is the challenge of Ms.Naira Singhania…U will turn me into mrs one day…I will prove to be ur rightful and best wife even if u make 100 girls stand here. Remember this.
She goes.He is stunned seeing her boldness and is in shock.She changes and sleeps on the other side of the bed.

In the morning kartik wakes up by the sound of Arti. He goes down and sees Naira doing Arrti. He remembers her mother doing Aarti. She turns and sees him. She gives him aarti but he doesnt take it. She smiles.. his family comes and says they have come to teach Naira to be a nice wife and daughter in law. Kartik angrily goes to his room. Naira brings food for him in room.She puts the food on the table and turns.She sees Kartik standing at the door. He comes to her. He kisses her eyes.She closes her eyes.He kisses her cheeks. He kisses her neck.Music plays…He takes her saree pallu and was about to take it off when she stops him. She goes. Kartik think even though she loves me,she did not let me touch her because she wants me to love her and not her body. He thinks about her.

Its night, Naira comes to room tired in her gown. She sees her pilllow on the sofa and a blanket. She sees Kartik. He says this is ur bed now. Because this is my bed. He goes to her.
Kartik:If u really love me,then try to pass in my test to become the best wife of mine and I will then accept u. Just do what I say.
Naira looks at him angrily and says done. She sleeps on the sofa. He thinks this is just the start.slowly I will make u out of my life Naira. He smirks. Naira silently wipes her tears and thinks to have strength. Her phone rings. She picks it up.It her family and Meera on speaker. She talks to them happily. She lies that she is happy with Kartik and looks at him. They both look at each other.
Kartik asks u lied?
Naira:Mujhe kisi par kheechar uchalne ka shauk nahi hain( I dont like to put blame on people.).She sleeps. Kartik looks on.

Its morning,Kartik’s mum gives Naira a pooja plate and says this is an auspicious plate given to the daughter in laws and if u dont let it fall till night then u will be proved to be
A nice daughter in law. Naira smiles and takes the plate. She lights the diya in the plate in the temple. Kartik sees it and thinks to make the plate fall. He goes to her and scare her from behind. She shouts and the plate stumbles. But she holds it on time. She stares at Kartik. Kartik winks and goes.

Its evening,Naira keeps checking the plate to see if its fine or not. She goes away. Kartik comes and places a thread before the living room. Naira takes the plate to return it to the mum. Kartik’s mum is happy that she fulfilled it. She asks her to fill her maang with sindoor first and to wear mangalsutra. She sees Kartik and he fills her maang as the mother told him to do so. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. Music plays… She walks towards the mum smiling but she stumbles on the thread and falls down alongwith the plate. Everyone is shocked and Kartik smirks. Kartik’s mum gets angry and makes her get up. Naira apologizes to Suwarna and asks for another chance. She stares at Kartik as she knows he did it. Suwarna scolds her a lot. Naira cries thinking of the betrayal Kartik did on her. His mum asks her to repent now. She accepts. She brings two buckets of water and and asks her to pour it on her to repent. Naira gets scared. She takes the water and pours it on her. It is cold water. She gets drenched and her sindoor gets washed away. The mother says that even the sindoor got wiped off maybe she is inauspicious. Naira runs to the room and changes herself. She sits on the floor and cries. She sees Kartik and shouts till when will I have to bear all this?
Kartik:Till I am not satisfied.
Naira looks at him with teary eyes.

The next morning, Kartik brings a girl to his room and sees Naira coming. He hugs the girl. Naira is surprised and looks on.
Kartik: this is my girlfriend Natasha! She is far better than u! She is my best wife.
Naira gets angry and looks on. Kartik was about to kiss the girl when Naira pushes the girl and slaps her. They both are shocked. Naira shouts how dare u to come close to my husband! U r not his wife I am his wife. She pulls the girl and throws her out. Kartik is stunned. Naira looks at Kartik and says never try to snatch a girl’s sindoor and mangalsurra ever! U will regret it.

4 weeks later, Naira is in the room.
Naira:I have only one day now to get seperated. Still I couldnt win the love of Kartik. Sachi mohabat….plays….

Kartik comes and sees her. He thinks sorry Naira U had to become part of my revenge. Naira goes out of the room and sees a room door open. She enters inside and is shocked seeeing the thing kept there.She sees Kartik’s mum’s photo being cut and thinks why he hates his mother so much. She goes to Kartik’s mum and asks her about it. kartik’s mum cries and says because I am his step mother. Naira is shocked. Kartik’s mum says that her mum died and Kartik holds me responsible. Naira runs to her room and sees Kartik drunk.
Naira:Kartik! Why do u hate ur mother so much? Why?
Kartik shouts because she is a murderer.
Naira: Enough kartik! She is not a murderer! Ur mum was pushed off by her sister and not by ur step mum!
Kartik is shocked and asks what!
Naira cries and says yes.Ur mum was not killed by ur step mum. I witnessed it but I Did not know u at that time otherwise I would have told u.
Kartik sees his mother and cries hugging her.He apologizes to her. Naira smiles and shows thumb up to Kartik’s mum.

The next morning, naira is packing her stuff. She is crying. Kartik comes and sees her. Naira picks her suitcase and goes to karik.
Naira:Kartik. I am sorry I ruined ur life this one month. I am sorry I couldnt win ur heart and become ur best wife! I lost and u won!
She breaks down and cries. Kartik looks on. Naira steps down and tries to go. Kartik holds her hand and stops her. Naira turns and looks on. He bends down on his knee and proposes to Naira.
Kartik: I know I have hurt u a lot! Iam sorry Naira, I know I dont deserve u after all the tortures I have done on u! I am really sorry…U really proved to be the best and only wife of mine!nobody could ever replace u! U never gave up on me. If possible forgive me.
Naira gets teary eyes and looks on. She bends down and hugs Kartik. Chukar gayi plays…. He brings her back to room and places her pillow on the bed. She remembers the moment he threw it. He changes the place like it was before.

Its evening,Naira sees a box and opens it. She sees a beautiful black dress. She smiles seeing it and sees Kartik’s notes telling her that everyone went out and asks her to get ready and come to the terrace. She gets ready and goes to the terrace. She smiles looking at the decor. Kartik hugs her from behind. He pulls her and fill her maang with sindoor and makes her wear mangalsutra. She cries happily and remembers how he took reverse pheres with her and wiped off her sindoor .She smiles with tears in eyes.. He says from now u are Mrs.Naira Goenka. Naira smiles and hugs him crying. Music plays…He hugs her.
Naira:Kartik.I am hungry.
Kartik leaves her and asks what?
Naira nods innocenlty. Kartik says in this romantic moment u r getting hungry!
Naira: does hungry come after analysising the situation?
Kartik laughs seeing her situation and laughs. He takes her to the dining table. She gets happy and sits to eat.They dine together. Music plays…they feed each other.
After dinner,he takes her and dances with her romantically on the song Ae dil hain mushkil title song….They have an eyelock. He swirls her and grabs her by her waist. He lifts her and brings her to a decorated bed. She stops him and says family can come anytime. He smiles and says they have gone on a bhajan mandli and will return after 2 days. She smiles and calls him clever. he comes closer to kiss her. She turns and gets shy.He kisses her neck and removes her earrings. She smiles. They hug and consummate their marriage….Chukar Gayi plays…

The next morning,Naira is walking in the room after bathing. Kartik pulls her and they fall on the bed.they have an eyelock. He tickles her and they have a cute moment.

After 9months, Naira is seen heavily pregnant. Kartik takes care of her. She suddenly gets labor pains. She is taken to the hospital and gives birth to a baby girl. Kartik and Naira smile and name the baby Kaira.

After 2 years, Kartik plays with Kaira. Naira looks on and smiles remembering her dream. She is again pregnant. She says my dream is fulfilled. She prays to God and smiles. She goes and plays with them.

Heyyyy, I hope u liked this OS and if u like it then I will continue writing it…what do u think about a horry story of them? Plzzz give me ur suggestions so that I may feel motivated to write more…Plzz comment!!!! Love u guys.. hoping to get positive reply from u all….

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