An RagLak OS

*Abhimanyu Track*

Ragini was standing at the edge of terrace. Her eyes are bulged up with the tears. She was remembering incidents one by one.

How Laksh denies to agree that he is Laksh himself but not Abhimanyu. How he denies to agree Ragini as his wife but, accepts mansi.

Ragini holds her hand near her chest and cries. She remembers other incident.

How Laksh dares to make a promise on Ragini putting hand on her head that he is not Laksh. (however her saviour sister has come in time)

He didn’t even show up when she was trying to suicide. But, comes in dark and disappears silently. But, who came as storm as soon as knowing that his mother is in danger.

Ragini falls on her knees and cries bitterly.
(why only tears for Ragini always in this serial???)

Then, Laksh comes in search of Ragini. All the family members are waiting down to go to MM. They are in baadi now. Ragini was alone thinking all this. Laksh wonders why Ragini is being upset like this. Soon he steps towards her and bends on his knees. He holds her gently in his embrace.

“Ragini, now everything is fine. Mansi’s problem is solved.” Laksh says trying to console her. Ragini removes Laksh’s hands from her. She stands far from him and Laksh to stands looking at her.

Ragini looks at the stars in sky pale expression.

“Look at those stars Laksh. We feel they are too close to each other, but the truth is.. they are very far from each other. They look as shining stars.. but, the bitter truth is one and one is equal to a burning sun.. same as our hearts..!!”
Ragini says and Laksh looks at her confused.

Ragini is rubbing her palms looking down trying to control her tears,
“Our hearts also burn same as those stars with different feelings. But, one star never feels that heat of other one. I mean, one heart can never understand the other. Same as you…. Laksh..!”

Laksh then catches her point.

“No Ragini. I can feel your pain. I know your feelings. I don’t know about those stars.. but, I’m like your shadow in light and heart beat in dark.”

Ragini upsets,
“If you really know my feelings, you would have never betrayed me in the past Laksh..!! You have loved my sister once, kavya once and you care about mansi and mishika more than me..!!”

Laksh looks at her dumb stuck.

Ragini keeps saying,
“I never got any love from your side until I prove that I love you. Because Kavya has cheated you, you have realized my love. If she wouldn’t have??…”

Ragini looks at Laksh and Laksh is silent.

“Later, you disappeared from me and I found you fortunately. If I wouldn’t find and never knew about Nikil’s secret you would have been with Mansi forever right..!!”

Laksh tries to say something.. but, Ragini doesn’t give him a chance to speak.

“You too me granted always Laksh. You faked a proposal and I accepted it blindly in start. You said that you love me, and I believed you. Later you said you love kavya, and I moved out. Later again you came back and I accepted… I’m just a piece of feeling less object to you…”
Ragini says controlling her cry in her throat.

“Yes, I have cheated you. Ragini, I agree I was being foolish in start. But, never think I have took you for granted. Ragini, the situations in our life has happened like that. Why are you blaming only me? We both know every reason for my behaviour in different stages of our relation. Tell me what should I have done when mansi has kept a net around me showing mishika’s sentiment? How can I shatter that kid. I was tied off Ragini..!! I did it on force not intentionally.”
Laksh tries to keep his feelings before Ragini, but they have not affected her a little.
“You would have done same thing when swara or kavya was in my place.. Laksh??” Ragini asks looking blankly at him.

Laksh shouts in frustration, “Don’t take their names every while Ragini. I don’t care about past”
He clutches Ragini’s shoulders in his hands.

“I love YOU Ragini.. “You”… only you.”
Laksh says with tears falling down from his eyes.

“Why are you digging the past when it is over?? Ragini, I’m ready to be at your feet forever. I’m kneel down at you with my heart..! I will secure you in my heart… Ragini trust me, I will never do like this. You are my first.., next comes anything…”
Laksh tries to convince Ragini with his heart. But, Ragini this time remains more stubborn unlike before.

“I have excused and accepted you many times Laksh. But at last, what I got?? Again betrayal?? What was the meaning of our love Laksh??”
Ragini questions him making him blank.

“This time and next time this doesn’t happen Laksh. I think, I can never get your love all this life..”
Ragini starts stepping back.

“Ragini.. listen..”
Laksh keeps coming near her.

“our relation never works out Laksh. We can never be one.” Ragini was stepping back. She didn’t observe that she was reaching the edge of terrace.

“Ragini, I promise….” Laksh was moving towards her, even he didn’t observe where Ragini is going to step.

“Laksh, either I have to go away from you or you should go..”

“No..!! we will be together forever..!!” Laksh says loudly.

“No..!” Ragini shouts and takes one step back…

And, her step slips on the edge of terrace….

“aaahhhh” Ragini shouts…


Laksh shouts.

Laksh was holding Ragini’s hand. Ragini was about to fall from the terrace… she was looking at Laksh shocked. If, her hand slips, she is going to fall down…

Laksh pulls Ragini up with all his force, Ragini falls on Laksh with all her weight and Laksh keeps his hand around her waist. Ragini hugs Laksh suddenly with the deep fear. Her hands are around his neck.
Both can hear the rage of their heart beats and Ragini’s abnormal breath in his ears. Laksh was closing his eyes listening all.

In a second, everything might have changed if Laksh wouldn’t act in time and hold her hand.

“Ragini, have you seen? I will never leave your hand. I will always be at your side to protect you. Believe me Ragini, I love you.”
Laksh says still with his closed eyes. Ragini opens her eyes which are closed.

She removes her hands slowly around his neck. She moves back a little, Laksh’s hand still on her waist.
Laksh was looking at her silently.

Ragini pushes his hand and turns back but, Laksh holds her hand. Ragini try to free her hand, but he was holding her wrist tightly.

Ragini pushes Laksh with her other hand and he backs off.. Ragini runs from him, Laksh follows her…
Ragini runs out of the house, and all family members shock..
Laksh follows her out.

Ragini sits in an auto, it drives away… Laksh follows her in car. Traffic jam happens on the road, and Ragini gets off from it and keeps running in between vehicles…

Laksh follows her running behind her… Ragini crosses the road, but before Laksh crosses all vehicles come in between, and he lags behind.
He looks for Ragini after that… she has disappeared..


Laksh shouts.

Ragini was running, and suddenly a car hits Ragini. Ragini falls on road hitting her head to ground….

(The screen becomes blank)

(Imagine a slow music)
A scene in blur is shown where Ragini is crying near abhi to agree that he is Laksh.
*a white flash*
And, next scene, where Laksh is gifting Ragini a pair of ear rings is shown and saying.. some beautiful dialogues..
*a white falsh*
Next scene, Laksh is carrying Ragini in his arms when kavya stabs her and he is crying for her..
*a white flash*
Next scene, RagLak’s intimation during maalikin track…
*a white flash*

Laksh holds Ragini’s hand and declares to all… “I will marry Ragini. Ragin will be my wife..!!” (their 1st time marriage scene)

*white flash*

Ragini says, “your friendship..” and forwards her hand to Laksh…
Laksh smiles and gives her shakehand. The screen rotates around them… both are smiling holding the hands.

Now, the screen becomes blank..

(Ragini remembers each and every moment with Laksh and she closes her eyes)

*the screen fades away*

After 6 months..

Laksh was drinking wine in the bar. (he has become devadas)

“Love is painful..!! Love is very bad..!! Love hurts a lot..!! I hate you love.. i hate you.” Laksh talks with drink and takes a gulp.
Sanskar sighs looking at Laksh and carries him to house.
Ap feels sad looking Laksh like that.

San:: I will take Laksh with me somewhere. He needs a change. We searched Ragini, but we didn’t find her…
Ap:: nothing will change Sanskar, only Ragini has to come again to change Laksh.

Screen freezes on Laksh’s face who was sleeping hugging a pillow.

Next day,

Laksh and Sanskar were in a car. They are going to Manali. Laksh was looking pale out of the window. Sanskar looks at him once and keeps driving.
A car stops beside them, Laksh looks into the car casually and… he finds a girl who is in veil. Laksh smiles looking at her.

“Ragini, you look very beautiful” he says. He imagines Ragini everywhere since she was missed. The car crosses them and goes away.. suddenly Laksh gets a flash of that veil girl.

“Ragini..???” Laksh thinks and gets out of car.

“Laksh” Sanskar shouts.

“Ragini..!! stop..!!” Laksh shouts and runs behind the vehicle. While, Laksh is running madly behind it, a truck comes and hits Laksh. Sanskar shocks…

A little bit later,

Laksh opens his eyes touching his heavy head, and his head is suddenly touched by a smooth hand. Laksh feels as if he was in heaven as he feels that touch. Laksh looks opens his eyes properly, but his eyes falls on her waist at first. He can see a tiny mole next to her navel.

“Ragini?” Laksh smiles and looks up and he shocks..

She is looking same as Ragini.

Laksh sits on bed winching in pain. Sanskar was already looking at her in surprise.

‘Diya ji, here you go medicine” says a maid to her. That girl nods her head and turns to Laksh,
“take these medicines and rest…” before Diya could complete those words.. Laksh hugs her tightly in his embrace.

“Ragini, where were you all these days??? Do you know how I missed you???”

Diya shocks with Laksh’s action. She pushes Laksh back and looks at him in disgust. She runs away from there.

“lucky, she is not our Ragini.” Sanskar tries to say Laksh.
“No, she is Ragini herself” Laksh shouts and runs out to find her, but some guards stop Laksh.

“Our princess has helped you taking pity on you, and you..!!” fumes a maid.
“She is not your princess..!! she is my Ragini..!!” shouts Laksh on them. The guards throws Laksh out of that mahal.

“Laksh, calm down. She is the girl who looks same as Ragini. If it was Ragini, she would have recognized you.” Sanskar tries to say him.

“No..!! I believe, she is Ragini herself..!!” Laksh says stubbornly.

However, Sanskar pulls away Laksh from there.

Next day,

*Guys, a steaming scene ahead..*

Princess Diya/ Ragini comes near a water pond in her palace to have a bath. It is the closed pool in between the room. Ragini is in a blouse and petticoat up to her knees. There is no one except her there.
Ragini slowly gets into water. A pair of eyes are looking at her.
“Ragini, your radiance hasn’t diminished at all” Laksh thinks looking at her.

{Guys, don’t blast your brains how Laksh came inside? He came like that only..!}

Laksh is looking at her lovingly, Ragini was taking bath in that pond just pouring water gently on her arms and having a swim. Suddenly, Ragini feels suffocated and starts sinking in water. Laksh doesn’t understand what happened to her suddenly. There is only her in that pool.

Ragini drown inside water suddenly, Laksh shocks.. removes his hoody and jumps in water. He brings Ragini out.
She was unconscious.

“Ragini, wake..!!” Laksh pats her cheek, but no response. Laksh then hesitatingly, places his hands on her tummy and presses, Ragini spits water out. She doesn’t come into conscious still. Then, Laksh…

“Ragini, I can do anything to save you.” He says and places his mouth on hers. He blows air into her mouth. Ragini breaths a little. She opens her eyes and finds Laksh too close to her. His lips are brushing on hers. She gets perplexed for a while. Then, she takes a hand up to his nape and rubs his nape gently smooching his lips. Laksh get amazed for a second but he was not interested to think and he participates in a smooch with her.

Ragini suddenly pops opens her eyes and pushes Laksh back. She pulls towel and covers herself.
“How did you come inside???” she questions in disgust.
“Ragini..” Laksh is about to answer.. but, Ragini/Diya runs back into her room. Laksh is about to follow her.

But, a maid comes and catches Laksh. Laksh is taken before Diya’s/Ragini parents and she comes after dressing herself.

Diya’s father fumes on Laksh for entering her room.

Lak:: whom you are denying?? I’m her husband..!! Ragini, say that you belong to me.

Diya/Ragini looks at Laksh confused.

Laksh looks at Ragini sadly, “Ragini say.. say that you know me. Say that you love me.”

Diya gets irritated, “Papa, i don’t know who is he..!!”

Laksh shocks.

“Send him out of here..!!” Diya says without any expressions in her face. Laksh keeps looking at her shocked. A guard beats Laksh, but he was looking silently at her.

He receives some blows from guards but only her face was rotating in his mind. They throws Laksh out of the mahal gates. Laksh gets up from the mud looking at Diya/Ragini hollow and she was looking at him silently from the balcony.

That night,

Ragini aka Diya was sleeping in her room. She was thinking how could she kiss a strange man?
“why is he back of me?? Does he knew me??” she thinks.

Diya’s parents will be talking.

Mom:: i think, this guy is really her husband.
Dad:: maybe… but, we shouldn’t let anyone know that this girl is not our Diya.
Mom nods head in tears.

A hospital is shown where a girl who is looking same as Ragini is sleeping and she has oxygen mask. A white flash falls on her face.

Next morning,

Laksh is setting some files and pictures.

San:: laksh, listen to me. She is really princess diya. She is not our Ragini.

Lak:: if she is not Ragini, she would have slapped me when I kissed her. But, she kissed me back. That means, it’s Ragini..!!

Sanskar sighs.

Lak:: I think Ragini is intentionally acting that she is not our Ragini. She might be letting me know the pain when I denied her in name of Abhimanyu.

Laksh sighs sadly,
“And she is successful. She is really making me sad..” Laksh says and a tear falls from his eye.

Sanky looks on.

“I’m really understanding the pain of ignorance and rejection. I think, Ragini also have suffered like this” Laksh puts his face in his arm to hide his teary face. Sanky places hand on his shoulder.


Laksh, san with some police attends in kesar mahal. Laksh shows all the proofs that the girl is his wife Ragini.
Diya is sitting silently. Her father laughs,
“Inspector, what can we do if his wife looks as my daughter? See all those pictures of Diya too…” he shows her childhood pictures.

She is looking same as Ragini.

Lak:: i want to ask some questions to Diya, so that we can close this case.

He turns to Diya/Ragini.

Lak:: Princess, please tell me your childhood friend name.

Diya gets confused at once. Laksh smirks.

Lak:: you can’t say it Ragini. Because, I know you are not Diya. But, my Ragini..!!
Laksh says and Diya/Ragini silently looks at him puzzled.

Then suddenly a man comes there in a run.

“raja, rajkumari diya has got conscious”

Diya’s parents raises up in shock and happiness at same time. They both soon run to the hospital ignoring all things behind.

Laksh keeps his hand on his chest and takes breath.
“Finally, this is settled.” He looks at a smirk towards Diya named Ragini.

She was looking at the way where those old couple went away in puzzle??

Laksh comes near her,
“Ragini, you took a nice revenge on me. Now, come back. Real princess has come into conscious, now you will not have place here.”

Ragini looks at Laksh shocked. Laksh tries to hold her hand, but she soon moves back. She shouts in tears,
“Who are you??? I don’t know who are you..!!”

Laksh gets annoyed, “Ragini, enough of drama. Now, come with me..!!”

“who is making drama??? I don’t know you..!! I have never seen you..!!” Ragini shouts and Laksh gets shattered with her words.

“Ragini, I’m your Laksh. The Man you love..!!” Laksh says in tears.

“No..!! I haven’t love anyone…!!” Ragini shouts and touches her head in pain.

“Ragini” Laksh shouts and goes near her. Ragini falls unconscious in his arms.

Laksh and Sanskar takes her to hospital. There, Diya’s father says what has happned,

“many are back of Diya to kill her. A enemy of us has done accident to her and soon she went into coma. At that time, this girl was running on road and she got hit by our car. She was same as our Diya. She has forgot her past completely, so we made her believe that she is our daughter. There is no reason for doing like this, but.. we felt emotional looking at the girl who looks same as our daughter”
He says.

Laksh thanks him for taking care of Ragini all these days. Laksh goes to Ragini’s room where she was resting. He sits beside her.
“So, Ragini wasn’t acting. She has forgot the past for true..!!”
Laksh thinks.

Some alterations happen in Ragini’s mind. She was remembering something again…

She has seen Laksh first time.

*a white flash*

Laksh has cupped her face and about to kiss her…

*a white flash*

Laksh was taking care of her when kavya stabbed her…

*a white flash*

And, he was holding her hand, without falling down.

(screen becomes blank)

Now, Ragini slowly opens her eyes. She looks at Laksh.

“Laksh?” she questions amazed.

Lak:: thank god, you are back Ragini..!! I’m happy.

Rag:: what happened to me???

Lak:: it’s a big story.

Ragini remembers that she was running away from Laksh and gets hit to a car. After that, she don’t know what happened.

Ragini remains silent looking at other way. Laksh holds her hand and kisses it.

“Ragini slap me instead of being calm. Kill me instead of going far from me. Because, it is not different from death if you aren’t with me. This is true Ragini, I felt the same when I was far from you as Abhi..”
Laksh says closing his eyes which have tears. He has squeezing her hand.

“Laksh” Ragini calls, then he opens his eyes.

Ragini calls him near and Laksh goes.. she wipes his tears.

Rag:: don’t cry Laksh. It hurts me.

Laksh smiles, and she places her hand on his cheek.

“I like this” Ragini says.. and Laksh leans more into her. He places his finger on her lips..
“and, I love this” he says and places his lips on her lips.

Later, they both hugs each other and he places kisses several times on her head.

Diya and her parents look at them in a smile from door.

*After a week*

(Only for elders)

Ragini was sleeping on bed, Laksh just enters after his late work from office. He looks at his wife in a smile. He reaches her and he slowly slides his hand on her waist, Ragini gets goosebumps and holds his hand. Then, Laksh hits his lips on her neck making her weak. He was sliding his lips on her neck curve and his legs are rubbed against hers. Ragini turns to him and hugs him tightly.
Laksh wraps her in his legs and gives a tight lip lock to her. His hand shifts to light to off it.

The screen becomes dark…

(Don’t expect more than this from my side.. :-p )

The End of OS.

Holla guys,.!! How was this Os?? And, I’m being so irregular from many days and I can’t promise to be regular. I will try to give updates. I’m only lagging behind for reversed destinies. I will try to update that one, but.. plz don’t wait.
Bye guys,.. missed you all.

From Astra’s creation box.

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